Anywhere Out of The World

  He supposed getting out of here was also left up to him as well. Aken and the Meseket was long gone from here. He still had business to attend to with his clan. First he needed to find out what and why those closest to him were hiding things. He left the table leaning against a wall. That bloodwine felt strange as it flowed through his veins, he recalled Kheresket's last words as she left. "Things are not always what they appear." Was that everything...this place with it's high gold and silver walls with carvings in them that he could not read. Anomolus hung on to the wall as he tried to follow out the same way Amenei, and Minnaloushe went. As he made it to the Queens throne, he remembered a woman there. A beautiful woman, something about her story. Was she still there? Everything became hazy to him, something he hadn't felt before. He knelt onto the floor feeling as if he would vomit at any second. "Am I drugged, what have they done to me". He heard footsteps behind him, and a warm soothing hand on his back. "No not drugged, but she did say...things aren't always what they appear didn't she?" Anomolus managed to turn over onto his back and finally got a good look at her face, every inch was Kheresket, except her hair and eyes.

  "Are you going to help me or not?" Anomolus felt like he was dying, a feeling he hadn't felt in thousands of years. The woman stood over him towering in all her beautiful glory. "No, I do not serve in fact seeing you suffer brings me immense joy, it's almost...almost, sexual, orgasmic even. She was annoying but he had to let that go for the moment, even her words although they sounded like Nephthys, they came across devilish like Kheresket's. As he laid there, he thought of her, how she used to play with her victims he enjoyed watching her. It was sexual and orgasmic. Wait...What the fuck. "What are you doing to me?" "Me?"

  She laughed, her voice was like a melody that filled the throne room bouncing off it's golden walls and came back to her. "I'm doing nothing to you Anomolus!" her voice began to rise...this woman was insane. "You brought this on your self!" The last thing he remembered was her foot knocking him out cold. Naunet bent down and caressed his face, "He is a remarkable thing, I see why she followed him for so long." She spoke to her servants that rushed up to move his body. They seemed to appear from anywhere and nowhere. "I do believe My are not the right Master for my daughter, But she loves you. Shame you can't hear me." She nodded towards her servants to take him away. She turned around to see Nephthys standing behind her.

  "So I suppose, you will be leaving as well then?" Nephthys stood a few inches taller than Naunet, her hair had now turned white no one knew exactly why. "Only for awhile, Amenei really wants to go home. She doesn't belong here Mother you know that." Naunet nodded in agreement. "Yes, but I expect Anket in her place. Anomolus needs to stop wandering around being a God who knows nothing about his own house." Naunet grabbed Nephthys' hand holding it close to her heart. "I know, this will hurt the one you love most and he will never understand, but this is how our world must function Nephthys, if he truly loves you he will understand." She looked up to wipe a tear that began to fall from Nephthys' eyes. Naunet was heaven and hell.

  It was later in what he thought was evening, and Anomolus had finally awakened with a screaming headache, his head hammered and felt like knives were being driven into his skull all at once. He needed to find Kheresket and Minnaloushe and get the hell out of here, this place was starting to get to him. He heard not far from him what sounded like a brush on a canvas sweeping back and forth. He opened his eyes to see yet another room drenched in the same silver and gold but a bedroom with everything to his liking. He was not about to touch that wine but instead stared into it. "Don't worry that one is drinkable" came a voice from a balcony not far from him. Anomolus still wasn't taking the chance and grabbed the a robe that laid across the bed, and headed towards the voice. "So I was drugged, figures anything is possible with Kheresket involved." "Ah do not blame the wife, she was not involved mine was though." The man kept brushing the canvas. "And who are you?" Anomolus was getting more impatient with this place. "I am Nu and my wife, that woman whom you've now grown to hate is Naunet. Have a seat you don't look too good. Even for a vampire." Anomolus looked at a nearby bench. "I'm fine" Nu stopped painting and laughed a bit. "So be it, you don't like it here that's understandable. A lot of information has been thrown at you, but as all Gods Anomolus you have to suck it up and deal with it." "So what the hell makes this place so damn special besides my daughter being here, and Khere being born here."

  Nu stopped painting again and dropped his brush, "Anomolus I am shocked, years you have searched, you risked everything and summoned the most powerful demoness to be at your side. You have grown to love her she has given you Godhood, the ability to father children, she has brought you to the place you have searched for the primordial waters of chaos! Have you forgotten your path that quickly? Has your anger clouded everything? I beginning to think you are not the one at all. My wife thinks so. I would rather prove her wrong." Anomolus gave him a blank stare. "Well...were you lied to? This is not some little every day run of the mill lie either."

  "She didn't lie, she just didn't tell you. Entirely a different thing." Anomolus stood up ready to knock him off the balcony but that would do no good. "Of course take the demon bitches side and let me guess you are her father." Although the tension was growing Nu kept his cool, which only made Anomolus even more angry. Which was something he knew he had to learn. These Gods in Amenthes and out of Amenthes don't operate on anger, even Kheresket is strangely cool about things. Nu stepped closer to Anomolus which felt like a challenge to him but he dared not take it, this was the place they went to die. "Yes Lord Anomolus, I did create the demon bitch. And everything she does is for a purpose, she was created to obey has she EVER disobeyed you? At night when you yearn for her, when your body calls for her, when you hunger and it is only her you feed from she runs to you yes? She KNEELS to you yes. She only screams YOUR name even when she desires the wolf yes? When you punish her for such she thanks and continues to love and devote her entire non existent life to YOU yes? She has given you children, and WILL give you more yes?  This is what she was created for Anomolus! She is a Demonic Goddess made to rule and breed until her body is worn and you banish her to the abyss stop complaining and wondering, and thinking and rule over her!  He leaned in even closer to Anomolus. WHOM does she call Master?"

  Nu picked up his brush and continued to paint his picture; "I believe we are done here Anomolus it was a pleasure meeting you." Anomolus stared with his mouth open, what the hell was that about. He bowed his head and left the balcony without saying a word. Nu was right, hell how could he be wrong.

   He found his way back into the throne room, his journey back was interesting the temple was magnificent. He wanted to stay actually, but there were things that needed to be done and soon. He sat down attempting to rest, he wasn't tired he just wanted to feel tired. Remnants of festivities were scattered about. "Guess I slept through it." He picked up a chalice of wine and held it between his hands. He still didn't bother to drink just stare at the endless swirl. He heard footsteps behind him but was to drained to look up. " Why are you here?"

Naunet approached him she was a beautiful woman he didn't want to look at her. Kheresket was so much like her. Except Naunet had brown curly hair that framed her face, and her smile was sweet and motherly. She was the complete opposite to his wife. He wanted nothing but to rip her lovely throat out.

"And if you did all of Amenthes would fall upon you, you don't have to look at me." she said as she sauntered over to him.

"You still haven't answered my question."

"Well....for one Anomolus, you don't rule here I do. 2nd this is my home. So now you have to listen to me."

Anomolus looked up but not at her and placed the chalice onto the table.

"Fine get it over with Naunet."

She could sense the pain he was in, his heart cried out in agony although his big mouth said different.

 "  Anomolus, we exist in an evil place, our job...your job is to sentence the damned, damn the sinners, guide some into their afterlife, judge the dead." She hesitated before she laid a hand on his back, he stiffened but she managed to ignore it . "But through so much evil we still love, and we loose our way sometimes. Do you know how long she searched for the perfect Master?  An entity as unique as her will not kneel to anyone Anomolus. Many summoned her and they died trying to control her." Naunet stroked his face which was cold and hardened and froze even more from her touch. "Until you Anomolus. She felt you were worthy to receive her gift of submission her devotion. And look at you now! she has made you a God! This has caused you to have enemies my son, enemies in your own family! and SHE must die! Because I will not have it! and neither will You!. Your clan will ask for Minna, but you cannot let them have her, you will let Kheresket kill them, you will let her take down the Brujah and you will love her until you die! She never wants you to suffer and you will not do the same to her" Tears began to stream down Naunets face as she choked up on her last few words.

Anomolus finally looked at her, even in tears she was beautiful. He was in Amenthes too long. He was ready to go. He got up from the table leaving Naunet behind her innocence was disturbing to him.

Naunet wiped away her tears, and picked up the chalice he left behind there was no point in wasting good wine so she drunk the rest of it and slammed the cup on the table. Kheresket appeared from the hallway at the other end from where Anomolus left. She was dressed in human street clothes of modern day, which consisted of skin tight jeans, a black tank, leather jacket and of course spike heels.

Naunet glanced back. "Take Minna, and summon Azrael when you get there. I don't care if he is loyal to Anomolus. He is bound to you by blood, and adores you, he'll do it. Kill every single one of those pieces of shit you come across, even their elders. Go into their shitty little churches if you have to. Bring them to Amenthes, Kheresket. I want them to suffer, and I want that bitch of a sister of his to die. When Minna is strong enough, kill her and her clan as well.

Kheresket stood there for a moment thinking things over, calculating, communicating. "They have no souls for me to take, but they will get here either way....but...this goes against my binding Mother, Anomolus might have removed the collar but we are still bound, I cannot disobey commands, you can't create me to obey and make me disobey a Master." There was growing fear in Kheresket's voice.


"I've already lied, and hidden things like a common demon. Now you want me to disobey like one. What if I'm banished to that Gods aweful abyss again? I guess that's how they found out I don't like being trapped. My former Master who by the way...when were you going to tell me he was fucking Sakhmet?"


"Fuck it...I'll do it. But when Alphas start jumping out the wood work asking why the hell is Amenthes filling up so damn fast you better be prepared to start goddamned talking cause I'm not saying shit! Not excuse me I have legions of fucking vampires to kill."

 Kheresket stormed back out into the halls, the doorways that led to every sublevel of Amenthes and to one in particular the surface of earth. Hell was about to break loose.

End of Part 2

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The Garden of Nu and Naunet

"You don't trust me" she said looking straight ahead at nothing.  "Of course I do Khere, but you are first and foremost a demon, and you are an untrustworthy lot."

  Kheresket grinned, but it quickly faded. "So I've disappointed you?" she whispered. Anomolus slightly hesitated to answer in a way she did, but how would he explain that? "Not at all My love" she leaned her head back and looked directly at him but Anomolus kept his position. "Then why the hesitation Anomolus? Thousands of years I have been at your side, not once have you hesitated." "Kheresket, he said after another long pause it is when you take me to places and not tell me where. You've been hiding something which is not you, do I have to force you to tell me?"

  Minnaloushe watched them from the other side of the boat, this trip was extremely long the more they stayed on this strange thing the more agitated her parents got, the more they argued and things flew across the boat. Her mother was never giving up information on their location. At times she often wondered did they forget she was there, in the shadows watching. Did they notice she had grown? Did they even care? She caught stray thoughts from her father, he regretted ever knowing her mother. Why? Minna thought. Kheresket was so beautiful, the most misunderstood being in all of Amenthes. Sad thing is....Minna knew where they were going.

Old Acquaintances and Other Strangers:

  Naunet watched as her servants lit the candles in the entry chambers, she was so excited to have guests she oversaw every little detail. She was most interested in meeting Anomolus face to face, she had heard many stories about this strange being in the upper realms and it was about damned time Kheresket bought him here. And of course finally look upon that child's face her... "Still excited I see my love" Nu approached her from behind and kissed her neck. "I know we don't get visitors often but this is a bit much don't you think?" Naunet laughed "Never"...she stopped to think about it for a moment. "Nope never, not when it is Kheresket the Great, and all those other thousands of titles she bears. She's an old one the other half of the fifth. And this is home."

  Nu nodded in agreement. "True, true...let's just hope she doesn't kill him in the process of getting here. I've heard things have been getting ugly. He wants to know where she's taking him of course she won't tell so he's doing what any other Master would do. Punishing her." Naunet frowned and looked down at the floor which suddenly turned to a viewing glass beneath their feet she knew she shouldn't have looked Kheresket was in pain and she felt every bit of it. Nu laid his hand onto her shoulder to calm her. "My dear, Masters..especially Vampire Masters can often be quite cruel, even for our standards." "And where is Minnaloushe?" Naunet asked. "Terrified." Nu said before walking away.

  The Meseket came to a full stop, Minna was excited they had finally come to the end of this long journey, which had seemed to have taken them months. Kheresket was tired, and at this point was thankful she could get this over with. Whatever the end result didn't matter much anymore. The waters had become dark, and they no longer heard the cries of spirits lost, and the souls of the forgotten. This place was quiet...eerie. Anomolus stood and scanned the entire area...nothing. It all seemed devoid of life. "What is this Kheresket?" She just looked at him not saying a word her eyes were in pain. She still was not going to answer him. He stepped towards her but she moved quickly towards the small ramp Aken had set out for them to exit.  The light fog that had descended as they approached parted and encircled her wrists as if welcoming her. Anomolus thought it as strange. As he got closer to her the fog attempted to keep its distance. He looked up and out to see large columns of marble leading them to a walkway.

  Minna was in awe she loved every second of it. To finally see this place, her mother whispered stories about it as she laid swimming inside her womb of darkness. She reached her hand out to touch one of the columns and the light fog happily encircled her arm. As it cleared monstrous statues were lined against what appeared to be a temple bathed in some form of light. Anomolus as he walked, stared at each of the statues, they all looked like his wife. Even down to her menacing grin. He quickly turned to face her. "What the hell is going on here? Will you ever fucking explain this to me Kheresket? I will NOT beg you!" Kheresket moved closer to Anomolus fearing what else he might do to her. Tears streaming down her face, she had lied, betrayed and caused her Master, her Lover, her Husband to hate her. To...mistrust her. She was a common demon and she should be treated like one. But there was no other way to explain this. "Maes..." he cut off her words by grabbing her by the throat. "I tire of your weakness Kheresket" His words were calm and more calculated then his usual heated. How ironic Khere die here of all places, a shrine built for her eons ago. Her home, the place where Gods had to die to get to. The place where she was created, the place where she was born...

  "Father don't..." came a familiar voice, Anomolus had not heard in so long his heart broke the instant he heard it. He pushed Kheresket away, who checked her neck making sure it was still in place. He stood in shock staring at the girl whom the voice belonged to, but she was no longer a girl. She was a grown woman, her red long hair cascaded down her shoulders. She was his favorite, the one most like him, in every possible way. She stood there like a porcelain doll. "Amenei...?"  she stepped forward and took his hand, Anomolus looked down at it, blinded by the tears in his eyes. "Why?" he choked on the word. He looked broken, inside and out. Kheresket was scared to death but she had to start talking and fast. "Anomolus....a long time ago..." she paused, and stepped back. Anomolus raised his head and glared at her. As she began to speak again the temple doors opened, Kheresket couldn't think of a more inappropriate time for her to show up. Just make it worse for me she thought.

The doors opened to a grand room of gold, and silver tables lining each side, and it's heavy large gold thrones sat in the back. Anomolus wondered if he would ever get his explanation or more interruptions.  The creature that opened the doors gave him another shock, she looked exactly like Kheresket. Could this place get anymore strange. Would she sound like her as well? "No I sound and act like the other one. child...begin your troubled story, and then..I will tell mine." The woman walked back to one of the thrones and promptly sat down straightening out her robes. Then she acted as if she wasn't even there. Waiting for Khere to either start..or finish. whichever.

"Kheresket just tell me, this is tiring." Anomolus was worn down at this point. He sat down at the nearest table, the chair was so comfortable he could fall asleep, he was so tired. Amenei, and Minna took seats near him as well as Kheresket. Finally she began again..."Anomolus a long time ago, a bargain was made, when Azrael died, Amenthes could not function without death. I had to not only give up some of my power but I had to give a life in order to keep death. Amenei agreed to it. She wasn't going to be here alone. Nephthys is here as well." "So you not only lied to me you lied to Sandalio too? Not that I give a shit about him and his feelings but still...Neph left without a word, Amenei is his child to. You took her from all of us Kheresket that is unacceptable." a servant came by and filled the chalice in front of Anomolus with bloodwine, strangely it had Khere's blood in it when he tasted it. At that point he didn't want to know. "What would you have me do leave Amenthes to ruin? You act as if I didn't loose anything."

  Anomolus looked at her and laughed. "You silly bitch, you didn't loose anything, you knew she was here all the goddamned time!" Kheresket rose from her seat "I'd be careful of my words if I were you Anomolus, your power means nothing here, your words mean nothing here, and I will no longer tolerate this abuse. You have the fucking answers you've been dying for. Open your little eyes and look around you "My love" things are not always what they appear. I did it to protect this family." Kheresket stormed off, she had had enough of this. Anomolus took a drink. "Your mother is deranged." Amenei leaned back in her chair. "So I guess no one plans on telling me where the hell we are? So you died but not really..." Amenei stayed silent, she had been this way since she first spoke when they came off the Meseket, she eyed an empty chalice in front of her and watched it instantly fill with a regular dark colored wine, she lifted the chalice and swirled it around. Pausing before spoke. Minna watched both of them. Her father was a mess and her new sister was a interesting creature she wanted to know more about.

"She's not deranged Father...after all you love her wouldn't that make you slightly deranged as well?" Amenei took a drink from the chalice and smiled.  "I didn't die, I was traded. It was my decision and mine alone. I care about Azrael too much. This where they come to when they...or shall I say...WE die. It's the Primordial Waters of Chaos, it's where mother was created. I figured you would have known that when you got know with all the calmness and not actual chaos. But I suppose you were too busy beating information out of my mother."


"It's OK Father you're a Master I get it. I'm not angry, someday I'll be on that conquest for the perfect Master just like my mother. Now that I know I can leave here.

Anomolus was confused.

"I never wanted that for you, you are a princess, and heir to your mothers throne."

"Yes but Father...I'd have to kill to get that...something I'd be happy to do since dear old sis isn't doing her job. Which by the way, how is it that she is still alive with her recent disrespect to Kheresket? Or did that slip by you as well? You and the wolf need to sit and have a chat." Amenei turned her attention to Minnaloushe her new little sister was so beautiful the perfect combination of both her parents she ran her fingers through Minna's hair. Minna smiled. "Minna come let me show you around this beautiful place, it will be the only time you will ever get to see it in your lifetime. Let us allow our father to wallow in his sadness." Minna thought her sister was extremely bold at her choice of words, and she loved it. They both got up and exited through a hall by the Queens throne. Anomolus, listened to them as they chatted and laughed down the hallway his daughters. But then he thought...what the hell was going on around him? Everyone spoke in code, no one came right out and said anything. He had to find out just what exactly it was that everyone was hiding. Maybe that's what it was they wanted him to do....

Stay put for part two coming up...

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The Intentions of Secrets

Some secrets are never intended...But in all secrets there is a kind of guilt, however joyful or beautiful they may be, or for what good end they may be set to serve. Secrecy means evasion, and evasion means a problem to the moral mind. -Gilbert Parker

   "We are not dealing with individuals with morals my love, we are dealing with chaotic beings who are hell bent on destroying each other and a deranged Demoness at the helm. Who... let us not forget...has given power and Godhood to a Vampire. But you see my love we aren't here to judge only to consult and guide them in the right direction. To handle all their little squabbles and make sure the crazy bitch doesn't die..that is if she even can die."

    Thoth was growing impatient and Ma'at his wife wasn't helping the situation. They sat in their Sanctum far from the confines of the Madira Pantheon watching the events unfold. Minnaloushe had been born. To most of the Gods and Goddesses of Amenthes this was a good thing. To others it was the final straw, but they were only minor in the grand scheme of things. 

   There were reports that vampire clans of Anomolus and Sakhmet has caught wind of Minna's birth and have begged for an audience with the new God of the Realms, they still wanted his favor even though they were self-consumed with their own. This meant that Anomolus would have to leave Amenthes for a short time if such an audience would be granted. No known mortal or immortal other than those that are either born or serve have ever entered the realms only the select few. Unless of died.

   Ma'at would never understand her husbands dislike for Kheresket a Kingdom was a Kingdom and they were all ran differently even though the Demon's happen to be a bit unorthodox.

   "Thoth...we all die stop being dramatic. The key is finding how and her tormentor has found how. Be at least a little happy for them, the only "help" you gave was binding Harendotes to her.  The rest is all fate. And that my dear will be fun to watch. Wait until her beloved finds out her secret. How she's kept Amenei hidden from him is amazing. This man had her bound for thousands of years but didn't know something was just a tad wrong with her?" Ma'at fell into a deep laughter that filled the halls. Thoth even with his always hard approach couldn't help but to find that amusing himself.

   "Well..." Thoth began again and stood up, "Naunet cloaks the abyss quite well, but one has to wonder...there are several upon several beings around Anomolus his senses should be more refined than ever before how does he not know?"

   Ma'at flashed behind him and rested her arms onto his shoulders she twirled the long strands of his hair between her fingers gently. It seemed they were standing before a wall or a window that didn't look out into anything but Amenthes itself. That could see into every room of every Pantheon at any time. There were only 2 rooms like this that existed in Amenthes one belonged to Thoth and the other Nephthys. Ma'at smiled and laughed again this time more softly.

   "With Renenet appearing out of no where he knows something is up. He loves her, but how long will he allow her to keep secrets. Strangely though...that wolf they keep around Sandalio... he loves her still as well. I don't understand why. Oh if only he knew the biggest secret of them all."

  Kheresket walked with Minnaloushe by her side, in a week since her birth she could function just as a human 3yr old would. This development amazed everyone, but her parents. Anomolus was not far behind them, as expected they were on their way to the mortal realms apparently his old clan the Lasombra wanted an audience with him. Whatever they wanted it would be no. Khere and Minna were only along because they weren't leaving his sight. Since Minna was born something was up with Kheresket but he tried to let it go. It was rare they left Amenthes, maybe it was what they needed. Hopefully though. Anket wouldn't let the entire House fall to pieces in their absence.

  As they exited the Pantheon they came across the bridge and the waters that used to surround the old House Madira. Minna skipped along between her father and mother not a care in the world. Not a word was spoke between the three. As they approached the edge an odd looking ferry boat came up to shore there sat a being with the head of a ram. His name was Aken and the boat was Meseket. Minna stopped and looked up at her mother pulling at the length of her robes. Anomolus took his daughter up into his arms kissing her forehead. "There's nothing to be afraid of little one." Aken steadied the ferry so they could board, and without a word fell to his knees crossing his chest with his right arm as a salute to the God and Goddess.

  Minna looked at him questioningly. He looked strange yes but no matter food is food. Kheresket tapped her on the shoulder and shook her finger, whispering "NO". Minna appeared to sulk, but quietly. Her language had not yet properly formed so she still spoke demonic which Anomolus had problems understanding sometimes. Why she spoke demonic no one knew. Before she even asked, Khere looked at her pleadingly. "English, Minna...please...English. at least try English." of course she knew what she was saying, she was just wanting it in English for the sake of Anomolus' nerves. 

  To Minna it's a game, who can stand her the longest. When it comes to languages it's Mother, Father...not so much. She sat in her father's lap contemplating, she was extremely hungry she was always hungry...Sometimes even father looked tasty. "Minna your thoughts are disturbing" Anomolus said as he looked down at her. She was caught. "Next week can we teach me that mind read thing you do papa?" she asked. "Absolutely..although I would have thought you already knew how to do such things little one." he looked over at Kheresket but she appeared to be as blank as ever. What was she doing now? That blankness meant communicating. Khere sensed what he was doing. " I'm fine Anomolus, and to answer the question you never asked Minna this is Aken the ferrymen and this ferry is Meseket. He lives to serve and that is all." She nodded towards Aken who had started the ferry once again. 

  As they traveled through the Duat that would eventually bring them to the upper levels and more importantly to the surface. Anomolus wondered why in the hell were they on this boat. They actually didn't NEED to be on this boat. Or did they? What was Kheresket doing now?

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Picture with me a place like no other. A place where the skies stay in there constant red the clouds swirl with ones thoughts. Thousands upon thousands gathering to the central spot they now call the pantheon. The golden and silver melted together that create high walls and canopies. The spectacular views of Amenthes...this was their home. All they wanted was to hear the cry of the true born. To know that it lived and breathed within the walls. That it will bring forth vengeance to those that have wronged the Goddess and her realms.

Gods from other parts of the realms and it's upper levels gathered for this occasion this was certainly an unusual child...none like it.

"I love having your children Anomolus but this thing is clawing me from the inside out." Kheresket said, she was in complete agony. "This child happens to be growing as it is coming out my body, I can't do this." Anomolus was just as confused as she was he had no words for it himself. "You know I have no clue about any of this whatsoever Mi Khere. I've never even seen a human child born before." Kheresket even in her true form could not cope with her labor, she didn't know what to do. The pain came in huge waves that lasted what seemed days to her. As a matter of fact it had been days. "What day is it?" she asked. "How the hell should I know Khere, you dislike enclosed spaces yet look where we are my love."  Kheresket looked up at him with her sad little eyes and bit him in defiance. Anomolus looked at his hand watching the wound heal itself. "You know..." His words were interrupted by a crash at the door where a black mist had formed He stood up instantly no one was allowed in here. "It's ok Anomolus" Kheresket said.

"Yesssss, put back the hostility Anomolus you aren't the only one that can see her." Renenet hissed, she was the Egyptian Cobra Goddess, responsible for the nurturing and raising of children she also gave them their names. "I've had enough of these Gods coming and going as they please in my house!" Kheresket laughed softly to herself there was so much he didn't know these days. There were Gods all over the place around here. "Oh Misssstress Kheressket he is beautiful." Renenet slithered over to Anomolus and encircled one of his legs. He tried to shake her off but it was to no avail. "Aww he doesssn't like to play, that'ssss to bad." He had had enough, but Kheresket stopped him, she was still laughing. "My her no mind please." she pleaded, the pain was beginning to increase again. "I have zero tolerance for this shit Kheresket you know this!" "Sssuch an unhappy God, Anomolusssss" Renenet continued to tease. "No worry, Masssster, baby Minnaloussshe will be born."

"Minna what?"

Renenet sighed no one else had problems understanding her...

"Minnaloushe...I give your child her name, I protect your child from any curssses. She will grow very rapidly but will be healthy and ssstrong. She will defeat your enemy the one who tried to destroy Kheresssket." While they continued to talk, Kheresket couldn't take it anymore and shifted her body this child had to go. It invaded too long. "You were great company and all but I do not like to share my body...issues and all." The child felt as if it were hanging on but Kheresket forced it, she would heal it didn't matter. If they had more she'd hope the next ones weren't this attached. Anomolus with Renenet slithering behind him went over to her. He knelt down behind her which gave her some comfort. The more she pushed the more it felt like the child dug it's nails in. "Ssstrange birth" Renenet said "I've never ssseen one like thisss before."

Renenet slithered close to Kheresket and rubbed her body against hers, Kheresket laid her head back against Anomolus the pain eased up, she did know it was almost over. Her mind for a second thought of that night in the desert where she raised Azrael. She'd lost too much power. She was not gonna be able to do anything beyond this either couldn't, she didn't want to. She had drifted to far off and she heard her name being screamed, that sounds like Anomolus she thought. But the voices changed and it sounded like more than just Anomolus and Renenet, that's right Renenet was there she thought...where did she go she wondered. Why is she always the one drifting off somewhere. There's another...

Kheresket jumped wide awake that odd burning sensation came to her again...not again...but it wasn't what she thought. She was still not used to Harendotes when he attached himself to her body. But at least he detached from time to time. She looked down only to see a pool of blood all over the floor. She heard no cries. "Gods..what did I do?" "What do you mean Khere" Anomolus was still sitting behind her he pressed his head against hers, she closed her eyes, his touch did this to her every time.

"Where's the baby? I did have it right? I don't feel...her? it's a her?" Kheresket feared for the worse. "Yes my love, Renenet has her but she's not far. I wasn't leaving your side, and there seemed to be no other way to wake you up so you're little friend Harendotes did whatever the hell he does." Anomolus was still not exactly happy about that arrangement but in Dezire's terms "It is what it is" what ever kept his wife and now his child safe is what mattered to him most. As he held Kheresket, he wondered who this "enemy" everyone kept speaking of. It seemed as if everyone knew who it was but him. He wondered if his sister Sakhmet knew anything about it, but he didn't want to risk going to limbo. Sometimes that trick didn't work...he'd send Azrael. For now, his focus was on his wife and his new daughter.

"What did Renenet name her?" Kheresket asked. "Minnaloushe" he answered. Kheresket beamed "I love it" she focused on the blood on the floor and cleared it away, a large softer pillow appeared beneath them both. While the walls that surrounded them receded and they were once again in an outside area of the pantheon. Once Kheresket was done she shifted back into a more normal look, and pulled Anomolus' arms around her. She really liked the name... Renenet now in a less snake like appearance came back into the room holding Minnaloushe, she handed her to Kheresket who gladly took her into her arms. She moved back the blanket that covered her face to examine her she couldn't help but smile, the child's skin was flawless, her hair was thick and jet black. And her eyes which shocked Khere were already open. They were a blueish color with a white swirl. "Strange little thing" Minnaloushe appeared to smile back at Kheresket. Which made Anomolus laugh.

Renenet shifted back into her snake form and made her goodbyes, brushing up against Anomolus and Kheresket. "Praise the Goddess, you both have succeeded in the creation of the first Vampire-Demon hybrid in the Realms of Amenthes all the Godsss are watching you little Minna. I'll be back for your next yesss?" She slithered away and in a puff of smoke was gone.

Anomolus asked Kheresket..."Is this more of a big deal then we thought it was?" She answered..."My love apparently so." Minnaloushe in only a few hours after birth laughed. She knew what was in store.

Songs of the Daughters

"Truly I say..the dawns are heartbreaking...Every moon is atrocious and every sun bitter."- Arthur Rimbaud.

Each Amenthien dawn the songs of the daughters are heard. Kheresket sat in her usual spot as every day, she enjoyed the court yard their minions had built it was like no other place in the Pantheon. It had trees and flowers which were a rare in Amenthes but it brought a certain beauty to the largeness of the new House they constructed. By now Kheresket's pregnancy was visible to all, and thousands praised each day of the upcoming birth.

The songs were what interested Kheresket, the single voice calling out her many names. These people knew how to worship, she preferred it to sitting in House Madira guarded by it's high walls. Anomolus hated it. But once all the offerings and praising started he quickly got used to it. Kheresket laughed briefly to herself as she thought of it. Mainly it was Nephthys that did this shit all day. Now it was just her, and to her it was the way it should have been. She would allow Amenthes to stay balanced in the former's memory and that was all.

Anomolus was not here this morning for the songs, maybe it was the daughters part that made him lose interest. "Then we will have sons as well and my husband will be happy." she spoke with a smile, to no one.  "But what does this mean for me?" Anket said softly as she approached her mother. Only a few weeks had past since her mothers return and she tried everything possible to avoid her.

"Fear nothing Princesa, not even your Mother." she said in return. The tiny entity in her belly danced in agreement causing a wave of nausea to hit Kheresket. She had come to the conclusion that she did not enjoy this pregnancy but the end result was worth it...she'd hoped. There was never a such thing as this type of hybrid in these realms. Anket and Amenei not included they were always different to Kheresket experiments gone made her angry that Anket never explores her full power. The thought made her eyes glaze over and change color, but nothing like a swift kick from her unborn to bring her back to reality. "Did you just tell me no?"

"What?" Anket jumped back in surprised, that look didn't sit well with her. " there a reason that you have come to me this morning, you're tactics at avoidance are rather weak Princesa. I suppose you have forgotten who your mother is..." Kheresket finally turned her head and looked directly at Anket. It took everything in her not to turn and run but it wouldn't do anything. She heard a female laugh in her head it sounded like...."If you've just come to stand there and say nothing then you have served your purpose for the day now leave Anket. I have nothing to say to YOU." She turned her head back to stare at nothing as she was before. Anket was angry but Kheresket didn't care..what was she going to do? Fight her? What was she expecting open arms...Anket failed at her duties in her mothers absence instead she chose to run and hide. The kicks and nausea were starting to increase and she didn't know what this child was trying to say to her.

Kheresket knew that being so harsh to Anket was slightly wrong, but she was right...she did fail. "I have not forgotten mother I just don't know what to say to you. I have never known what to say. Why didn't you make Amenei the heir? Everyone loved and adored her! She got all the attention but I got sent off! Why did you create me if you don't love me?!? Was it just to make my father happy, was it just to keep him around? Tears filled Anket's eyes, and Kheresket rose from her seat the servants that were walking about stopped in their tracks and one look at Kheresket made them scatter like insects. She didn't move just turned in her daughters direction, the unborn inside of her became anxious the movement was unpleasant. With a look she sent Anket flying into the closest wall the cracks crawling up to the ceiling and into the arch that created a canopy above them.

The force from Kheresket encircled Anket's neck and held her against the wall a few feet above the floor. She walked slowly towards her staring into the soul of the child she made, but she was no longer a child. She had grown up. But still..."You ungrateful little bitch, NEVER speak to me that way, anyone who has the audacity to speak to me, the Goddess of these realms deserves their fate! I gave you LIFE! I did it for the good of these realms! I did it because I love BOTH of your fathers, I did it because I love YOU, because I love Amenei! That is not enough for you!?" The tears fell from her eyes, she was hurt. Her own child. Anket tried to shift but Kheresket wouldn't allow it. "You think you are stronger than me? I am a Goddess!!" Anket still tried to fight her grip. "I don't want to fight you, she cried. If you are so much of a Goddess then why didn't you return Amenei? You can't use Azrael's resurrection as the loss of your power forever."

In that Anket was wrong, what had happened to her daughter? Kheresket thought. It was one or the other, and the world must have death therefore the choice was obvious then. Azrael had to be brought back. But why did she say that?

"You have much to learn about life and death child. You have a long way to go before you are fit to run these realms. So should I end your life now and let you swim in the primordial waters maybe then you will learn your place..."

"Kheresket!" Sandalio rushed in towards Anket, which caught the Goddess in surprise she dropped the small field of energy that surrounded Anket causing her to fall to the floor. The Princess gasped for air, she coughed up blood holding her neck. Sandalio looked from one to the other, Khere didn't move only stared down at Anket in disgust. He didn't want to touch her she might lash out and kill him if this is what pregnancy does to her sheesh he hopes this is the last one. Khere's eyes met his with tears, it startled him. "If you would have heard what your precious daughter said to me then you would have let me kill her." Sandalio moved closer to Kheresket now HE was pissed. "You would take her from me Kheresket?" he said. "That's right my lover make me the villain, after all I am the devil. She will do and say as she pleases with no consequences. She will make false claims against her mother. But it does not matter. Anket you will remain your Father's daughter but you are no longer mine. I no longer see you. It pains me. There does that prove to you that I'm not as selfish as you think Anket?" Kheresket did not look at Anket after that, was all this because of someone not even born?

There was a sudden crack of thunder which none of them liked the sound of. "Does anything not happen around here?" Sandalio said...he was heartbroken himself. It just didn't matter how much he reassured Anket these days she still thought other shit and now she was trying to force Khere to kill her. There has got to be something in the water around here. If there was a way to bring Amenei back...he wondered. Would it fix certain issues in these realms. Never knew us to have much weather either...the more time he spent here the more stranger it got. He watched Kheresket who seemed to have gotten weak..."I'll be glad when this is over."

Anket looked up into the sky and down into the waters behind them, something was not right. She watched Kheresket double over in pain, she wanted to...she didn't know. She didn't mean to say those things. The air changed and she knew Anomolus was near by there was no way she was in the mood for his shit. As Sandalio tended to Kheresket she shifted into her wolf form and ran off as quickly as possible. Sandalio saw her run into the deeper parts of the Pantheon, he spoke to her through his mind. There was definitely gonna be a talk about this shit later.

Kheresket leaned forward in pain screaming, this was worst than being trapped in that Gods awful room. Sandalio leaned back and stared. "So I take it your in labor and we get a thunder and lightning show to go with it?" Kheresket grabbed him by the collar of his shirt she looked horrible. "What the fuck do you think! You have to go Sandalio..." she didn't even know what the hell she meant by that last part. "And leave you here, bullshit Khere you look like you're about to split apart." "GO!" she spat, her voice sounded demonic, low, guttural. Maybe that was a good idea....that was a face he did not want to see. Just as he got up to leave Anomolus sped into the room and threw him out with such force it almost broke him in half, He shifted to protect himself from the impact. Those two got on his nerves sometimes but he loved them. Yeah....Anomolus too.

Everyone else seemed to come out of no where but the area was blocked, when anyone got close they were knocked back. Sandalio in his wolf form sat there watching. No one not even Dezire were allowed in, he figured it was because Kheresket had to change into whatever the hell she changes into in order to give birth, since she didn't know what exactly she was giving birth to. Dezire sat next to Sandalio and scratched him behind his ears, he lifted his head and nodded appearing to smile. "No one can see her true face but him. You didn't get to see the popcorn show before you broke it up. Anket said some messed up shit to Khere. Might be what triggered her labor, my guess is that hybrid she's giving birth too is pissed and is ready to slam some heads together." Dezire leaned back against the wall and folded her hands into her lap. She wasn't done. " Anket mentioned if Khere was so much of a Goddess why didn't she return Amenei. That Azrael's resurrection can't be used as the reason for her loosing all her powers." Sandalio cocked his head to the side and looked at Dezire. "That's what I'm saying...she continued, Anket was dead ass wrong for that shit...but...she had somewhat of a point. AND there's a way to bring Amenei back..." The wolf sat up, Dez knew what he was thinking. "You know...being a priestess of Nephthys had some perks...even more perks with Kheresket. Ever heard of Nu and Naunet?" he shook his head.

"Well...these two old Gods and I do mean OLD were considered the father and mother of the Gods...when you interrupted. Khere told Anket she could end her life and send her to the Primordial Waters...there Anket would learn about life and death. She would also find her sister. interrupted." Sandalio shifted back into his human form. "Woman you expect me to let her kill my daughter? are you fucking crazy?" Dezire looked at him up and down..."You damn right I'm fuckin' crazy, 1. It would have taught the brat a lesson. 2. She would have learned the truth...that Khere isn't exactly what everyone thinks she is. That yeah she's the Goddess of Chaos but she's still a mother that lost a child. She had to make a fuckin' choice here man...Azrael HAD to be brought back. Amenei just went for a swim. It was just made to believe she was dead. To appease whoever the fuck likes to go around killing and fuckin' with us all the time. And I know as well as YOU know who the hell that is! And Yahwehotep is a fine ass God, but you got some extra chocolateness going on you might want to put on some clothes or start thinking about your surroundings when you shift."

Dezire walked off...she was hot and bothered at the sight of all that. She needed to find  Yahweh, make some babies or some shit. Sandalio hollered after her. "Well what the fuck Dez...if Amenei is alive how come no one is going to where ever the hell this Nun and Naunet are?" Dezire was half way down the hall before she turned and said.

"Because dear friend, Sakhmet and her little boyfriend have to pay for their crimes against the realms before they let her go." He watched her disappear down the hall to Kheresket's screams. He picked up his clothes near by and put them on. Continuing to stand guard near Anomolus and Kheresket. He stared at the door in disbelief...he understood some things, there were reasons for all of Kheresket's actions. Whether good or bad....

The song of Minnaloushe has been sung.

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The Arrival and The Reunion

When virtue and modesty enlighten her charms, the lustre of a beautiful woman is brighter than the stars of heaven, and the influence of her power it is in vain to resist.-Akhenaton

Amenthes was quiet today, as if in wait. Anomolus tired and haggard sat slumped against a wall staring blankly into the red sky. He was in the house alone, having either killed everyone in it or destroyed everything to it's foundation. The ones that did live took refuge in the Pantheon where his wife's body was kept. He couldn't stand to look at her any longer. The life completely gone from her face. He no longer heard her voice...nothing. Tears filled his eyes and he welcomed them gladly. It was a relief...

In the halls of the Madira Pantheon, Dezire having once again reunited with her love Yahwehotep discussed the future of Amenthes, and the House as a whole. They figured it was time to let chaos win once and for all, take Prince Khai and get as far away from Anomolus as possible. He caused enough damage to their lives. Leave him be. The only one that wouldn't give up was Azrael. He had sworn his allegiance to Anomolus and he planned to see it through. Anket on the other hand still worried she would suffer the fate of her sister and begged Sandalio to take her away...

"You all give up so easily..." Harendotes said as he entered the main hall. Azrael being the first to speak looked over to him. "Pardon me, who the hell are you.?" There was something rather strange about this man. Azrael didn't know what to make of it. He Anomolus, even sounded like him but it wasn't him. By then everyone was staring but the man just stood there with a smug look on his face. "Oh...he said glancing up at the ceiling he smiled. You will know sure enough."

Just as Azrael stepped forward, one of the hand maidens that attended to Kheresket ran down the large stair case on the side of the room. She looked scared, happy, and he didn't know what all at the same time. "Speak you idiot!" Azrael demanded, but the girl couldn't catch her breath long enough to speak. Dezire walked over to them and placed a hand on the girls shoulder attempting to calm her down and giving a disapproving look at Azrael. "I swear you get more like Anomolus by the minute....."

Just above them, Kheresket laid there the air slowly filling her lungs causing her to choke. Immediately she opened her eyes and shot straight up knocking over several bowls, and jewels about the room. She tried to stand but couldn't get her balance. She felt dizzy and weak, leaning over to vomit into a nearby basin. Still she tried to get out of the room, the incense was making her more ill than she already was. Upon finally making it to the door she somehow snagged the hem of her dress onto a table. "Do they have enough shit in here!" She could hear a commotion below her. She was tired of being locked in rooms. "Enough of this already!" With the flick of her wrist the door to her chamber flew open. She bumped and staggered down the hall and moved slowly down the long curved staircase. "All that destroying he should've took this place with him."

Dezire, Azrael, and Yahwehotep looked up to see Kheresket stumbling down the stairs. They were too much in shock to even move. Dezire fell to her knees and instantly began calling on the Great Goddess. Kherekset's eyes fell upon Harendotes, and nodded her head towards him and smiled. She didn't speak but he heard her say. "Nice look." He crossed his chest with his right arm and bowed and said silently back to her thank you Mistress, I take on the forms that pleases you most and since that seems to be your husband...." "It's alright" She said. Azrael looked back from one to the other, witness to the silent communication. "Would someone care to explain what is going on here?"

"No time for that...where is Anomolus? Kheresket said with a cry in her voice. She masked her thoughts so Anomolus wouldn't know she was awake and searched for him instead of waiting for an answer. Before Azrael could answer she held up her hand and walked towards what used to be House Madira.

There he sat, just as she knew to the place that she had first brought him to after his decent to the realms. She leaned her head to the side and stared at him for a few mins before she approached. She missed him deeply. His scent, his smile. The way he laughed....she saw sides of him no one had never known. She once again remembered those thousands of years ago when she searched for her One. From the moment she finally heard his summon to when she knelt down and handed him the silver collar. She reached up and touched her neck and smiled she could still feel where it used to be. They no longer needed something so material for her to love him forever. Her guard had dropped as she allowed her thoughts to seep in and Anomolus turned around. Finally after days, and months he was able to look upon her face to see her breathe once again. Kheresket moved forward and dropped to her knees, she lifted his hand and held it to her face and kissed it softly with her lips. "Mi Maestro" she spoke softly as tears streamed down her face.

Anomolus was in so much shock he didn't know how to respond anymore. He pulled her to him and held her in his arms. The warmth of her body, the sound of her heart made him cry with her. He kissed her neck, and every inch of her face kissing all of her tears, and kissed her lips softly. Bringing her into his arms once again for a longer embrace, he could hear the heartbeat of their unborn and it's life, it gave him even greater joy. "Never leave me again Mi Khere" he said finally. "Never my love." she promised back to him....

It is only her and the child that he doesn't matter how she came back. ~Lady Madira

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Harendotes, I bind thee...

Hear the words of prudence, give heed unto her counsels, and store them in thine heart; her maxims are universal, and all the virtues lean upon her; she is the guide and the Mistress of human life.-Akhenaton

"Protect her..."

 Said Thoth, during a lengthy conversation with Harendotes. He maintained the universe that Amenthes rested in, and often found himself in the middle of every Godly dispute there was. He sometimes didn't agree with Kheresket's actions but it was time to put an end to this continued torture. Apparently those on her side could not do much. Considering he had not heard from any of them. Whomever Ambrosios was allying with was powerful enough to silence an entire Kingdom. Either way enough was enough. At least allow the woman to fight back.

He had heard Anomolus was tearing House Madira to pieces, and who could blame him really? He almost felt pity for the little God, and his little troubles. But...there is a child involved, one that could probably be more destructive than it's own mother and father combined. His thought's led him to drift way off course on the what if's and what not's. He had completely forgot Harendotes was standing in the room.

"Go to her cell" He demanded " I don't care how you get in, what tricks you need to use but get her out and get her back to her own goddamned body before her husband destroys what's left of this underworld. But be aware Haren, you will be bound to her, make her understand. Anomolus will not. He will have jealousy issues because you are male. Considering how you are bound to those you serve it might not go over to well. Of course I am here should you need assistance in that matter...." he rolled his eyes and breathed heavily; of course he would, Anomolus was a damned fool. It was always the same with these newer Gods.

Harendotes, didn't speak a word only nodded and exited Thoth's temple. Apart of him didn't want to go through with this, but he was the only one that could. He stood in a lush entrance way of the temple contemplating his next moves. Getting into her cell would be extremely easy. They didn't think that out to well, when binding her to the room. It surprised him that she didn't figure that out. Given the situation of Amenthes it was understandable why she didn't.

Extending his hand a small globe materialized, floating silently and magically. He peered into and there stood the two ancients tall and pale the woman slightly taller with her hair black as coal and his the same. They were extremely beautiful. No wonder they caused so much grief to everyone and to themselves. The man seemed proud of her, as if she was his most prized possession. It truly was a sight to behold. Their love was very apparent and deep. In this one image he could see the 5000 years of their love.

This would be a hard task for him he knew. He put away the globe with a slight motion of his hand and looked into the sky the sun was bright and in his favor. This would be his last time seeing it. Where he was going there was no sun. He took a deep breathe and transformed into a falcon, his wings golden and bright in the sun. To an onlooker it would seem as if a phoenix had just been set on fire. He took flight and flew across the vast desert of a place unknown. Eventually crossing into a realm unlike the Amenthes we all know. It was a plane of existence that held Kheresket in a prison and in the distance he could hear her screams. Her thrashing against invisible walls that would not let her escape...

She screamed for Anomolus, in her mind and in her heart but the louder she screamed the closer the walls drew in. Kheresket feared no one. But finally, her fear took over her power did nothing anymore. She starved, she begged. she bled. Had Anomolus gave up on her? She laid on the floor and stared and what she figured was the ceiling, it was constant darkness. She rub her hands against her body and over her belly the tiny little being inside of her somehow still grew each day. Kheresket could only cry harder. She had never known what it was like to feel a being living inside of her growing, thriving, needing her. And not trying to kill her. She wondered had her body died and was this her fate? HER true death?

Her belly fluttered slightly alerting her to another's presence, she didn't have anymore strength to fight. There was sudden commotion, there wasn't enough energy to lift her head to even care. Some glass breaking,  cursing..."By the Gods they're fighting over how to finish me off." What she figured was the actual door to the room slammed open and she felt hot liquid dripping onto her skin. "They're gonna burn my skin! my beautiful skin!" She thought to herself. "No Mistress..." it spoke.

"Wha..what? just kill me already, I can't take it anymore. I give up...I guess whatever I did was bad enough where I need to die a thousand times of a true death..just ki.." it cut her off her last word which made her slightly angered but who cared she was ready to die. She hoped that Anomolus knew she truly loved him,and him only. "I'm not here to kill you, Mistress I'm here to save you" it spoke again.

"Well whatever you are would you mind NOT burning my skin? What are you doing to me?" She felt the strangest sensation. It seemed sexual, and something else she couldn't place it. She kind of liked it. Her belly did flips in agreement, she was afraid to speak to it, apparently that thing heard her thoughts before. It might hear them this time.

"I would Mistress" ..."By the Gods..STOP IT! I CAN'T SEE YOU, BUT YOU SEEM TO ENJOY INVADING MY THOUGHTS!" ...She felt him retreat, what the hell was he doing to her? It was still pitch black she made a point to think he couldn't do nothing about that. And at last for the first time in what felt like days a small flame danced by her eyes. It stung but not too bad. She was still laying on her back but was able to tilt her head downward and finally notice the figure slumped next to her. She could make out the form of some wings that looked too big for the room, so the room did get smaller she thought. Or is he just that freakin' huge! Her skin still felt like it was boiling. Still she kept tracing out his large wings he still hadn't said another word since the light display.

"Well, plan on explaining or are you just going to sit there?" She still had no strength to raise her hand because she knew the first word to come out of his mouth was Mistress. Of course it was like he already knew....

"Goddess Kheresket, it spoke Thoth sent me to help you. I am Harendotes." He seemed relieved to get that off his chest. Kheresket was not at all happy at either name. She knew full well who and what Harendotes was now. And now she knew what the hell he was doing to her. He was binding himself to her, he served her by saving her. He has no choice. This was not going to go over well with Anomolus.

It's male for one, and this shit felt sexual to her. She liked it. So Thoth finally decided to include her in some of the God perks. This would have been fabulous 15,000 years ago. More so before she had ever met Anomolus.

"I'm sorry to interrupt your thoughts Mistress but you must really return to your body. You have not fed, and your child is in danger of dying. Your entire Kingdom is in danger of dying at the hands of Anomolus if you don't return and soon. There is no Nephthys to maintain the balance of the underworld, whether other Gods of other Pantheons want you dead or not you and that child must live. Or there will be no Amenthes. Anomolus has already destroyed majority of it.

 Your Priestess cannot control him, your daughter Anket is not strong enough. No One is Mistress but you. You and Anomolus share a bond that I have never seen before. And when one of you is not there, the other will destroy. You carry his child Kheresket, his real flesh and blood. That means more to him than the Sandalius. Until you he was not able to do that. It's not possible for a Vampire, You made him a God you gave him that chance. And now it is being taken away....I must honor my vow and bind myself to you Mistress there is no changing that. He will just have to understand the laws of the Gods."

With that Kheresket couldn't even speak no one just flat out says those things to her..but he was right. She and Anomolus take each other for granted. Harendotes continued to speak but this time words familiar to her,  words she had spoke thousands of years ago when she knelt before Anomolus her chosen Master. She understood what it meant to honor a vow, the same vows she upheld. But Harendotes was a whole different type of servant one that...he took her hand and just as she before stared deeply into her eyes, taking a small blade from his belt he pierced the skin above his heart.

Kheresket's belly fluttered and the tiny being inside felt as if it danced. She didn't know what to make of that. She stared at the blood as it oozed from the cut. And like Anomolus all those thousands of years ago Kheresket did not hesitate and took him into her weak arms pressing her lips against his chest the taste of his blood was sweet, and put her instantly into a daze. She sunk her teeth deep into his flesh. Her body felt alive and his moans were driving her insane..but it felt like a good insanity to her. She held him tighter and sucked at the wound harder and let go just before his last drop of blood. She spoke the words that would bind him to her forever as her guardian he would serve her and no other, would love her and no other. He would give his life for hers.

And as she spoke she extended her arm and Harendotes transformed into her familiar the sacred phoenix, and attached himself to her body she held her head back at the sudden invasion but once he was there, he stayed just as quiet as her child. At the small of her back a tattoo formed of the golden phoenix. And when she called he would come.

...."I Kheresket the Great, bind thee to my soul."

End of part 3 of 3

~Lady of Madira™ ©2012 F.G.E. All Respective Rights Reserved

Stranger of Feelings...

And all of Amenthes cried out and rejoiced, yet still she remained....

"So I guess you've heard" Sandalio said as he entered Anket's main chamber. He sat next to his child who had grown into a beautiful woman just as her mother. She didn't move an inch or even acknowledge his presence something that she was not known for. Anket loved and respected her father to the highest degree, but her heart was heavy and he knew it. She still mourned her only sister her twin in fact, so maybe apart of Anket died as well he figured. He rested his hand onto hers smiling softly but his attention felt unwelcome. He withdrew and without another word got up to leave.

It felt as if the air lifted and walked by him and closed the large chamber doors before he could get to it, and her soft voice echoed from behind him. She turned her head and her body slightly around but wouldn't look. Kheresket used to do little tricks like that and at one time it annoyed him. She would trap him in all sorts of places...she is quite the devil he thought. "Yes" Anket said as if she was answering his thought but more so his original question. She never read his mind without permission. "Will she destroy me?" her question came so innocent and childlike Sandalio was quite surprised. "An...I've never known you in your entire lifespan to ask a stupid question but that was just....well that one was stupid. Do you always think things like this about your mother? No... so why do you ask?"

"Well...she hesitated...she has done it before, and times before that...and..." Sandalio held up his hand motioning for her to stop. Amenthes had a way for words to travel, and when words begin to travel dumb shit happens. He saw an unfamiliar look of uncertainty and fear in her eyes, she was really worried about this. He hoped after all these years he knew what was truly in Kheresket's heart.

"Anket, you were raised in Order, your mother is of Chaos but you must understand she is and as often repeated throughout histories is Nephthys. She may destroy, but she always gives. And she will never destroy what she loves....despite what you may have heard. She created you and she created Amenei because she wanted you both. Anomolus wanted you both. Neither of them would destroy you. You are mine as well, I'll be damned if that will ever happen." He prayed to all Gods holy and unholy that he had said the right thing. The tiny smile on her face was enough for him, he quickly stepped forward and took his daughter into his arms and hugged her tightly, placing a kiss on her forehead before he made his exit.

Anket moved over to the tall arched windows that overlooked the river that they call Styxx. She pushed back the sheer white drapes and stared down into the bloody waters where souls occasionally floated by. Her and Amenei  used to  run up and down the rivers edges. Azrael would cross them over to different realms, and alternate earths that mortals would never know of. They might not ever know what happened to their sister. She let go of the drapes allowing them to fall back into place. A surge of anger spread through her body. There was really no need for it. It was time to find that little prick of her cousin Khai...see what he was up to.

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Any Old God Won't Do

Look at Her! She is Perfection!

"You know this is really...REALLY beginning to piss ME OFF!"

She heard doors creak, and doors open, and then more doors open and creak. All she wanted to do was pull out her own hair and scream. She remembered this place though. Ages ago, he kept her here...She turned and her skin felt cold, every inch of her wanted to run and hide but where to she was trapped. And how will I get out of this she thought. Her stomach fluttered and she spoke quietly to herself, hoping no one but whom she spoke to heard it.

He was taller then most of the Amenthiens she knew, and just as beautiful. He circled around her slowly as cool as he pleased, examining her body. From the way the silk of her robes kissed her skin, the curve of her breasts. He licked and bit his lower lip as he continued to look over the most desired of Amenthes to how even the polish of her nails was painted with extreme care. He smiled, and rested his arm over the other.

He raised his hand to silence her voice. He knew it would piss her off even more that he had that much power over her.

At last he spoke, and gave a quick bow before going back to his position.

"My Lady Kheresket....

"Save the bullshit introduction, I know you."

The shock on his face caused her to smile inside, but on the outside she was still furious. Gods playing games really...? The soft echo of  her voice would drive mortals and some immortals insane, to the insane it was a melody of chaos as strange as that seems but to Gods her voice was annoying at times. And this little one she spoke to now hated her as most do, she after all, ruled all of Amenthes, realms some mortals only believe to be myth. But she and others are as real as the blood that flows through their veins.

"As real as the demons that plant the seeds of fear.."she said, as she step closer to the being before her forcing him with all her power to fall to his knees, she knelt down only to grab him by the throat, his flesh felt like jelly against her own. This kind of shit pissed her off to no end!. And in what felt like millions of miles away but only a floor below. She felt the waves of anger from Anomolus flow through her mind, searching for her. Yet she was still unable to answer. What kept her from answering? Who was doing this to her? "YOU!"

Her rage, and what felt like bile flooded into her throat and she slammed him into the nearest wall several times until he cried out. She cocked her head to the side and stared straight through his soul. "Not so cocky anymore are you? You know...unlike...YOU...I have a Kingdom to rebuild. I am NOT to be summoned as if I am some pathetic contractor. Or a baby demon getting it's kicks, fucking humans in their dreams; I AM BOUND TO NO ONE! I SERVE NO ONE! Do you not think the consequences for your actions will not be dire? -She tightened her grip on his throat, piercing his skin with her nails the smell of his blood made her even more angry and sick at the same time.- I, AM THE GODDESS OF AMENTHES, I AM KHERESKET, THE WIFE OF ANOMOLUS. YOU WILL NOT KEEP ME HERE!!!"

Her body just couldn't take it anymore her thoughts were all over the place. She was confused. Was Anomolus being tortured? She let go of...what was his name?!!?! She knew his name!

"You little fuck stop fucking with me!" she screamed in agony and threw herself on the floor thrashing in pain.

The Immortal just stood there smiling, he knew she was damn serious. She could end his life at any moment but this time he won. At least he thought he did.

"It's a shame Dear Kheresket, you used to be fun, but then you ran off and made that vampire a God of your realms so now your his whore you do whatever he wants, only fuck who he says fuck." He knelt next to her and twirled her dark hair.

She laid there holding her stomach, she couldn't believe this shit. Why now? She heard a door slam. Finally it clicked.

"Am...brosios." The name rolled off her tongue it was a foreign name to her so the R rolled heavily. He was a Greek Immortal but not a vampire, he was just in a class all of his own. Long ago before Anomolus had ever summoned her she served him, they fucked, he liked to do some of the craziest shit and she protected him. Humans, and Gods of all types and different pantheons would summon her or any of those powerful enough to carry out, whatever it was they wanted to be done. But she had changed. Worlds have moved on, and so did she. So what the fuck did he want now?

"Aye little Goddess you remembered"

"One more time and I'll..."

" want to kill me...kill me. But take heed...other Gods are watching you and Anomolus, this unborn cannot be Kheresket."

"Why is that any of your business, you are NOT a God, and I am in an entirely different realm."

"That's all I can say Kheresket"

"You're worthless and horrible at delivering messages!" She didn't even blink, didn't breathe but his existence was no more. Gods don't need to think to destroy.

That same surge went through her body once again. She smiled, and placed a hand onto her stomach. At the slightest touch it fluttered it away. She spoke softly and she knew this time only 3 heard. The only 3 that needed to hear. "No one will  harm you little one." And what felt like millions of miles away but only a floor below; Anomolus sat, drained of all emotion. He couldn't believe it! The first pure blood of his and his beloved! He leaned back against the wall, and just stared at the ceiling.

"This gon' be some shit right here..."

Dezire said, shaking her head as she walked away through the pantheon.

End of part 2 of 3.

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And Look!

And she continued to lay there lifeless, her breaths shallow but she was alive! Yes! They thought...but where was she, Where is the Goddess!?! they cried out.

Anomolus, stood in the lower decks of the pantheon dedicated to he and his wife. Servants walked by one by one some afraid some not, every now and then he would strike one down where they stood, which caused others to scatter. His wife laid in the halls above him in a state of unknown. Her mind unable to be reached. Where was she? Why now? Why is it always her? What the fuck is going on around here?!!? He grabbed a chalice and bashed a nearby servant in the head with it. The blood beginning to pool next to his feet. He made a sound of disgust  and kicked the body away, raising his voice so all could hear him. "YOU ALL ARE WORTHLESS LITTLE SHITS!  YOU DISGUST ME!"

Dezire, The High Priestess of Nephthys Kheresket approached him from behind, rushing the servants to clean up the remains of whoever the hell that was Anomolus decided to kill...Dezire had become quite annoyed with Anomolus and his many demands and his insane actions, but she had seen the Goddess through her many transformations AND biggest...Anomolus the Crowned Vampire, The now God of Amenthes was....IS just too much at times....

She didn't know where to begin and Anomolus turned facing her waiting ever impatiently. Kheresket even though a Chaos Goddess never called on her for Dark Magic it was surprising that he would. Immediately she thought of Yahwehotep...Her mind was scrambling..but she knew he could help her. Anomolus looked like he was about to snatch someone else up and get it in. She tried to keep herself on task but just as her lips parted and the air pushed through to allow her to speak Azrael and all his beauty.... (How is it that he is so beautiful? she thought on more to herself). And he looked alot better, less pale from his romp with (she tried not to laugh in his face) death, but his attitude was wretched. He was becoming the little prick these days...just like his father. I guess he thinks I owe him some shit too...hmmpf. They just don't know.

End of part 1 of 3

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The Seed

And as she bled, all of Amenthes cried out....

She held him in her arms, his skin pale with death...."never again will they take you from me" She whispered softly and the one they call Azrael opened his eyes. He stared blankly up at her not knowing exactly what had transpired. "What happened?" he managed to ask, his voice cracked and dry.

"The inevitable, but never again My Azrael."

She ran a hand through his thick black hair, the wind carrying the soft strands. He looked uncomfortable...One would...Death himself had died.

And what of the others he wondered...She saw the look in his eyes, "They as well, Only Anomolus, Anket, The Sandalio, and the Priestess remain". She felt his pain, and his anger...just what had taken his favorite of the Amenthiens...The Twin Sandalius Amenei...

Kheresket for the first time began to cry, and with her the clouds bled.

Azrael never in his former life ever witnessed her pain, only felt it like the other Amenthiens. There was no sign of Nephthys in her...what will happen to Amenthes? There were so many questions left unanswered. Azrael stood and held out his hand to the Goddess, the Queen of the Realms, and she took it gladly, they walked the long stretch of the desert together the great walls surrounding House Madira standing tall casting it's shadow.

Kheresket paused, weakened by the blood raise the dead and the undead took alot of her strength and her power. As they approached the gates Anomolus appeared from behind them catching the Lady as she fell. He lifted her into his arms, and wiped away the remainder of her tears, and brushed his lips against hers. "Will she be ok?" Azrael asked his Father..."That My son..I am not sure of."

To be continued still....

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I bind thee...

The winds calmed to simple whispers, as she walked across the vast desert of Amenthes. She was furious, but smiled all the same. As she approached the central circle, the clouds of the sky began to swirl. Kheresket kneeled to the ground digging with her hands. She held her hand up and looked into the sand, whispering in the ancient Amenthien tongue, words long forgotten. She held up her hand allowing the wind to carry the sand away from her as she continued to speak.

And at that moment it was as if the sky began to converse with it's thunderous cries, she continued to speak the words just as the calls from the Sandalio wailed in the distance. Over and over she spoke softly, and all of Amenthes groaned in it's wake.

Taking a small knife from the belt of her robes, she pierced the skin of her hands, the blood dripping onto the ground...again she spoke the words.

"Azrael, My Azrael with the blood of my wounds, I bind thee...."