I bind thee...

The winds calmed to simple whispers, as she walked across the vast desert of Amenthes. She was furious, but smiled all the same. As she approached the central circle, the clouds of the sky began to swirl. Kheresket kneeled to the ground digging with her hands. She held her hand up and looked into the sand, whispering in the ancient Amenthien tongue, words long forgotten. She held up her hand allowing the wind to carry the sand away from her as she continued to speak.

And at that moment it was as if the sky began to converse with it's thunderous cries, she continued to speak the words just as the calls from the Sandalio wailed in the distance. Over and over she spoke softly, and all of Amenthes groaned in it's wake.

Taking a small knife from the belt of her robes, she pierced the skin of her hands, the blood dripping onto the ground...again she spoke the words.

"Azrael, My Azrael with the blood of my wounds, I bind thee...."


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