Any Old God Won't Do

Look at Her! She is Perfection!

"You know this is really...REALLY beginning to piss ME OFF!"

She heard doors creak, and doors open, and then more doors open and creak. All she wanted to do was pull out her own hair and scream. She remembered this place though. Ages ago, he kept her here...She turned and her skin felt cold, every inch of her wanted to run and hide but where to she was trapped. And how will I get out of this she thought. Her stomach fluttered and she spoke quietly to herself, hoping no one but whom she spoke to heard it.

He was taller then most of the Amenthiens she knew, and just as beautiful. He circled around her slowly as cool as he pleased, examining her body. From the way the silk of her robes kissed her skin, the curve of her breasts. He licked and bit his lower lip as he continued to look over the most desired of Amenthes to how even the polish of her nails was painted with extreme care. He smiled, and rested his arm over the other.

He raised his hand to silence her voice. He knew it would piss her off even more that he had that much power over her.

At last he spoke, and gave a quick bow before going back to his position.

"My Lady Kheresket....

"Save the bullshit introduction, I know you."

The shock on his face caused her to smile inside, but on the outside she was still furious. Gods playing games really...? The soft echo of  her voice would drive mortals and some immortals insane, to the insane it was a melody of chaos as strange as that seems but to Gods her voice was annoying at times. And this little one she spoke to now hated her as most do, she after all, ruled all of Amenthes, realms some mortals only believe to be myth. But she and others are as real as the blood that flows through their veins.

"As real as the demons that plant the seeds of fear.."she said, as she step closer to the being before her forcing him with all her power to fall to his knees, she knelt down only to grab him by the throat, his flesh felt like jelly against her own. This kind of shit pissed her off to no end!. And in what felt like millions of miles away but only a floor below. She felt the waves of anger from Anomolus flow through her mind, searching for her. Yet she was still unable to answer. What kept her from answering? Who was doing this to her? "YOU!"

Her rage, and what felt like bile flooded into her throat and she slammed him into the nearest wall several times until he cried out. She cocked her head to the side and stared straight through his soul. "Not so cocky anymore are you? You know...unlike...YOU...I have a Kingdom to rebuild. I am NOT to be summoned as if I am some pathetic contractor. Or a baby demon getting it's kicks, fucking humans in their dreams; I AM BOUND TO NO ONE! I SERVE NO ONE! Do you not think the consequences for your actions will not be dire? -She tightened her grip on his throat, piercing his skin with her nails the smell of his blood made her even more angry and sick at the same time.- I, AM THE GODDESS OF AMENTHES, I AM KHERESKET, THE WIFE OF ANOMOLUS. YOU WILL NOT KEEP ME HERE!!!"

Her body just couldn't take it anymore her thoughts were all over the place. She was confused. Was Anomolus being tortured? She let go of...what was his name?!!?! She knew his name!

"You little fuck stop fucking with me!" she screamed in agony and threw herself on the floor thrashing in pain.

The Immortal just stood there smiling, he knew she was damn serious. She could end his life at any moment but this time he won. At least he thought he did.

"It's a shame Dear Kheresket, you used to be fun, but then you ran off and made that vampire a God of your realms so now your his whore you do whatever he wants, only fuck who he says fuck." He knelt next to her and twirled her dark hair.

She laid there holding her stomach, she couldn't believe this shit. Why now? She heard a door slam. Finally it clicked.

"Am...brosios." The name rolled off her tongue it was a foreign name to her so the R rolled heavily. He was a Greek Immortal but not a vampire, he was just in a class all of his own. Long ago before Anomolus had ever summoned her she served him, they fucked, he liked to do some of the craziest shit and she protected him. Humans, and Gods of all types and different pantheons would summon her or any of those powerful enough to carry out, whatever it was they wanted to be done. But she had changed. Worlds have moved on, and so did she. So what the fuck did he want now?

"Aye little Goddess you remembered"

"One more time and I'll..."

" want to kill me...kill me. But take heed...other Gods are watching you and Anomolus, this unborn cannot be Kheresket."

"Why is that any of your business, you are NOT a God, and I am in an entirely different realm."

"That's all I can say Kheresket"

"You're worthless and horrible at delivering messages!" She didn't even blink, didn't breathe but his existence was no more. Gods don't need to think to destroy.

That same surge went through her body once again. She smiled, and placed a hand onto her stomach. At the slightest touch it fluttered it away. She spoke softly and she knew this time only 3 heard. The only 3 that needed to hear. "No one will  harm you little one." And what felt like millions of miles away but only a floor below; Anomolus sat, drained of all emotion. He couldn't believe it! The first pure blood of his and his beloved! He leaned back against the wall, and just stared at the ceiling.

"This gon' be some shit right here..."

Dezire said, shaking her head as she walked away through the pantheon.

End of part 2 of 3.

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And Look!

And she continued to lay there lifeless, her breaths shallow but she was alive! Yes! They thought...but where was she, Where is the Goddess!?! they cried out.

Anomolus, stood in the lower decks of the pantheon dedicated to he and his wife. Servants walked by one by one some afraid some not, every now and then he would strike one down where they stood, which caused others to scatter. His wife laid in the halls above him in a state of unknown. Her mind unable to be reached. Where was she? Why now? Why is it always her? What the fuck is going on around here?!!? He grabbed a chalice and bashed a nearby servant in the head with it. The blood beginning to pool next to his feet. He made a sound of disgust  and kicked the body away, raising his voice so all could hear him. "YOU ALL ARE WORTHLESS LITTLE SHITS!  YOU DISGUST ME!"

Dezire, The High Priestess of Nephthys Kheresket approached him from behind, rushing the servants to clean up the remains of whoever the hell that was Anomolus decided to kill...Dezire had become quite annoyed with Anomolus and his many demands and his insane actions, but she had seen the Goddess through her many transformations AND biggest...Anomolus the Crowned Vampire, The now God of Amenthes was....IS just too much at times....

She didn't know where to begin and Anomolus turned facing her waiting ever impatiently. Kheresket even though a Chaos Goddess never called on her for Dark Magic it was surprising that he would. Immediately she thought of Yahwehotep...Her mind was scrambling..but she knew he could help her. Anomolus looked like he was about to snatch someone else up and get it in. She tried to keep herself on task but just as her lips parted and the air pushed through to allow her to speak Azrael and all his beauty.... (How is it that he is so beautiful? she thought on more to herself). And he looked alot better, less pale from his romp with (she tried not to laugh in his face) death, but his attitude was wretched. He was becoming the little prick these days...just like his father. I guess he thinks I owe him some shit too...hmmpf. They just don't know.

End of part 1 of 3

~Lady of Madira™ ©2012 F.G.E. All Respective Rights Reserved