And Look!

And she continued to lay there lifeless, her breaths shallow but she was alive! Yes! They thought...but where was she, Where is the Goddess!?! they cried out.

Anomolus, stood in the lower decks of the pantheon dedicated to he and his wife. Servants walked by one by one some afraid some not, every now and then he would strike one down where they stood, which caused others to scatter. His wife laid in the halls above him in a state of unknown. Her mind unable to be reached. Where was she? Why now? Why is it always her? What the fuck is going on around here?!!? He grabbed a chalice and bashed a nearby servant in the head with it. The blood beginning to pool next to his feet. He made a sound of disgust  and kicked the body away, raising his voice so all could hear him. "YOU ALL ARE WORTHLESS LITTLE SHITS!  YOU DISGUST ME!"

Dezire, The High Priestess of Nephthys Kheresket approached him from behind, rushing the servants to clean up the remains of whoever the hell that was Anomolus decided to kill...Dezire had become quite annoyed with Anomolus and his many demands and his insane actions, but she had seen the Goddess through her many transformations AND biggest...Anomolus the Crowned Vampire, The now God of Amenthes was....IS just too much at times....

She didn't know where to begin and Anomolus turned facing her waiting ever impatiently. Kheresket even though a Chaos Goddess never called on her for Dark Magic it was surprising that he would. Immediately she thought of Yahwehotep...Her mind was scrambling..but she knew he could help her. Anomolus looked like he was about to snatch someone else up and get it in. She tried to keep herself on task but just as her lips parted and the air pushed through to allow her to speak Azrael and all his beauty.... (How is it that he is so beautiful? she thought on more to herself). And he looked alot better, less pale from his romp with (she tried not to laugh in his face) death, but his attitude was wretched. He was becoming the little prick these days...just like his father. I guess he thinks I owe him some shit too...hmmpf. They just don't know.

End of part 1 of 3

~Lady of Madira™ ©2012 F.G.E. All Respective Rights Reserved


Elemental Senses said...

so where is she... omg, I want to know

Lady Kheresket Madira said...

It's being written as I type this. Still collecting some info.

Elemental Senses said...

ok all done wow fascinating .. tumbler where are u.. going to find the rest lol

Lady Kheresket Madira said...

Thank you! Glad you have enjoy them all!

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