The Arrival and The Reunion

When virtue and modesty enlighten her charms, the lustre of a beautiful woman is brighter than the stars of heaven, and the influence of her power it is in vain to resist.-Akhenaton

Amenthes was quiet today, as if in wait. Anomolus tired and haggard sat slumped against a wall staring blankly into the red sky. He was in the house alone, having either killed everyone in it or destroyed everything to it's foundation. The ones that did live took refuge in the Pantheon where his wife's body was kept. He couldn't stand to look at her any longer. The life completely gone from her face. He no longer heard her voice...nothing. Tears filled his eyes and he welcomed them gladly. It was a relief...

In the halls of the Madira Pantheon, Dezire having once again reunited with her love Yahwehotep discussed the future of Amenthes, and the House as a whole. They figured it was time to let chaos win once and for all, take Prince Khai and get as far away from Anomolus as possible. He caused enough damage to their lives. Leave him be. The only one that wouldn't give up was Azrael. He had sworn his allegiance to Anomolus and he planned to see it through. Anket on the other hand still worried she would suffer the fate of her sister and begged Sandalio to take her away...

"You all give up so easily..." Harendotes said as he entered the main hall. Azrael being the first to speak looked over to him. "Pardon me, who the hell are you.?" There was something rather strange about this man. Azrael didn't know what to make of it. He Anomolus, even sounded like him but it wasn't him. By then everyone was staring but the man just stood there with a smug look on his face. "Oh...he said glancing up at the ceiling he smiled. You will know sure enough."

Just as Azrael stepped forward, one of the hand maidens that attended to Kheresket ran down the large stair case on the side of the room. She looked scared, happy, and he didn't know what all at the same time. "Speak you idiot!" Azrael demanded, but the girl couldn't catch her breath long enough to speak. Dezire walked over to them and placed a hand on the girls shoulder attempting to calm her down and giving a disapproving look at Azrael. "I swear you get more like Anomolus by the minute....."

Just above them, Kheresket laid there the air slowly filling her lungs causing her to choke. Immediately she opened her eyes and shot straight up knocking over several bowls, and jewels about the room. She tried to stand but couldn't get her balance. She felt dizzy and weak, leaning over to vomit into a nearby basin. Still she tried to get out of the room, the incense was making her more ill than she already was. Upon finally making it to the door she somehow snagged the hem of her dress onto a table. "Do they have enough shit in here!" She could hear a commotion below her. She was tired of being locked in rooms. "Enough of this already!" With the flick of her wrist the door to her chamber flew open. She bumped and staggered down the hall and moved slowly down the long curved staircase. "All that destroying he should've took this place with him."

Dezire, Azrael, and Yahwehotep looked up to see Kheresket stumbling down the stairs. They were too much in shock to even move. Dezire fell to her knees and instantly began calling on the Great Goddess. Kherekset's eyes fell upon Harendotes, and nodded her head towards him and smiled. She didn't speak but he heard her say. "Nice look." He crossed his chest with his right arm and bowed and said silently back to her thank you Mistress, I take on the forms that pleases you most and since that seems to be your husband...." "It's alright" She said. Azrael looked back from one to the other, witness to the silent communication. "Would someone care to explain what is going on here?"

"No time for that...where is Anomolus? Kheresket said with a cry in her voice. She masked her thoughts so Anomolus wouldn't know she was awake and searched for him instead of waiting for an answer. Before Azrael could answer she held up her hand and walked towards what used to be House Madira.

There he sat, just as she knew to the place that she had first brought him to after his decent to the realms. She leaned her head to the side and stared at him for a few mins before she approached. She missed him deeply. His scent, his smile. The way he laughed....she saw sides of him no one had never known. She once again remembered those thousands of years ago when she searched for her One. From the moment she finally heard his summon to when she knelt down and handed him the silver collar. She reached up and touched her neck and smiled she could still feel where it used to be. They no longer needed something so material for her to love him forever. Her guard had dropped as she allowed her thoughts to seep in and Anomolus turned around. Finally after days, and months he was able to look upon her face to see her breathe once again. Kheresket moved forward and dropped to her knees, she lifted his hand and held it to her face and kissed it softly with her lips. "Mi Maestro" she spoke softly as tears streamed down her face.

Anomolus was in so much shock he didn't know how to respond anymore. He pulled her to him and held her in his arms. The warmth of her body, the sound of her heart made him cry with her. He kissed her neck, and every inch of her face kissing all of her tears, and kissed her lips softly. Bringing her into his arms once again for a longer embrace, he could hear the heartbeat of their unborn and it's life, it gave him even greater joy. "Never leave me again Mi Khere" he said finally. "Never my love." she promised back to him....

It is only her and the child that he doesn't matter how she came back. ~Lady Madira

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