Harendotes, I bind thee...

Hear the words of prudence, give heed unto her counsels, and store them in thine heart; her maxims are universal, and all the virtues lean upon her; she is the guide and the Mistress of human life.-Akhenaton

"Protect her..."

 Said Thoth, during a lengthy conversation with Harendotes. He maintained the universe that Amenthes rested in, and often found himself in the middle of every Godly dispute there was. He sometimes didn't agree with Kheresket's actions but it was time to put an end to this continued torture. Apparently those on her side could not do much. Considering he had not heard from any of them. Whomever Ambrosios was allying with was powerful enough to silence an entire Kingdom. Either way enough was enough. At least allow the woman to fight back.

He had heard Anomolus was tearing House Madira to pieces, and who could blame him really? He almost felt pity for the little God, and his little troubles. But...there is a child involved, one that could probably be more destructive than it's own mother and father combined. His thought's led him to drift way off course on the what if's and what not's. He had completely forgot Harendotes was standing in the room.

"Go to her cell" He demanded " I don't care how you get in, what tricks you need to use but get her out and get her back to her own goddamned body before her husband destroys what's left of this underworld. But be aware Haren, you will be bound to her, make her understand. Anomolus will not. He will have jealousy issues because you are male. Considering how you are bound to those you serve it might not go over to well. Of course I am here should you need assistance in that matter...." he rolled his eyes and breathed heavily; of course he would, Anomolus was a damned fool. It was always the same with these newer Gods.

Harendotes, didn't speak a word only nodded and exited Thoth's temple. Apart of him didn't want to go through with this, but he was the only one that could. He stood in a lush entrance way of the temple contemplating his next moves. Getting into her cell would be extremely easy. They didn't think that out to well, when binding her to the room. It surprised him that she didn't figure that out. Given the situation of Amenthes it was understandable why she didn't.

Extending his hand a small globe materialized, floating silently and magically. He peered into and there stood the two ancients tall and pale the woman slightly taller with her hair black as coal and his the same. They were extremely beautiful. No wonder they caused so much grief to everyone and to themselves. The man seemed proud of her, as if she was his most prized possession. It truly was a sight to behold. Their love was very apparent and deep. In this one image he could see the 5000 years of their love.

This would be a hard task for him he knew. He put away the globe with a slight motion of his hand and looked into the sky the sun was bright and in his favor. This would be his last time seeing it. Where he was going there was no sun. He took a deep breathe and transformed into a falcon, his wings golden and bright in the sun. To an onlooker it would seem as if a phoenix had just been set on fire. He took flight and flew across the vast desert of a place unknown. Eventually crossing into a realm unlike the Amenthes we all know. It was a plane of existence that held Kheresket in a prison and in the distance he could hear her screams. Her thrashing against invisible walls that would not let her escape...

She screamed for Anomolus, in her mind and in her heart but the louder she screamed the closer the walls drew in. Kheresket feared no one. But finally, her fear took over her power did nothing anymore. She starved, she begged. she bled. Had Anomolus gave up on her? She laid on the floor and stared and what she figured was the ceiling, it was constant darkness. She rub her hands against her body and over her belly the tiny little being inside of her somehow still grew each day. Kheresket could only cry harder. She had never known what it was like to feel a being living inside of her growing, thriving, needing her. And not trying to kill her. She wondered had her body died and was this her fate? HER true death?

Her belly fluttered slightly alerting her to another's presence, she didn't have anymore strength to fight. There was sudden commotion, there wasn't enough energy to lift her head to even care. Some glass breaking,  cursing..."By the Gods they're fighting over how to finish me off." What she figured was the actual door to the room slammed open and she felt hot liquid dripping onto her skin. "They're gonna burn my skin! my beautiful skin!" She thought to herself. "No Mistress..." it spoke.

"Wha..what? just kill me already, I can't take it anymore. I give up...I guess whatever I did was bad enough where I need to die a thousand times of a true death..just ki.." it cut her off her last word which made her slightly angered but who cared she was ready to die. She hoped that Anomolus knew she truly loved him,and him only. "I'm not here to kill you, Mistress I'm here to save you" it spoke again.

"Well whatever you are would you mind NOT burning my skin? What are you doing to me?" She felt the strangest sensation. It seemed sexual, and something else she couldn't place it. She kind of liked it. Her belly did flips in agreement, she was afraid to speak to it, apparently that thing heard her thoughts before. It might hear them this time.

"I would Mistress" ..."By the Gods..STOP IT! I CAN'T SEE YOU, BUT YOU SEEM TO ENJOY INVADING MY THOUGHTS!" ...She felt him retreat, what the hell was he doing to her? It was still pitch black she made a point to think he couldn't do nothing about that. And at last for the first time in what felt like days a small flame danced by her eyes. It stung but not too bad. She was still laying on her back but was able to tilt her head downward and finally notice the figure slumped next to her. She could make out the form of some wings that looked too big for the room, so the room did get smaller she thought. Or is he just that freakin' huge! Her skin still felt like it was boiling. Still she kept tracing out his large wings he still hadn't said another word since the light display.

"Well, plan on explaining or are you just going to sit there?" She still had no strength to raise her hand because she knew the first word to come out of his mouth was Mistress. Of course it was like he already knew....

"Goddess Kheresket, it spoke Thoth sent me to help you. I am Harendotes." He seemed relieved to get that off his chest. Kheresket was not at all happy at either name. She knew full well who and what Harendotes was now. And now she knew what the hell he was doing to her. He was binding himself to her, he served her by saving her. He has no choice. This was not going to go over well with Anomolus.

It's male for one, and this shit felt sexual to her. She liked it. So Thoth finally decided to include her in some of the God perks. This would have been fabulous 15,000 years ago. More so before she had ever met Anomolus.

"I'm sorry to interrupt your thoughts Mistress but you must really return to your body. You have not fed, and your child is in danger of dying. Your entire Kingdom is in danger of dying at the hands of Anomolus if you don't return and soon. There is no Nephthys to maintain the balance of the underworld, whether other Gods of other Pantheons want you dead or not you and that child must live. Or there will be no Amenthes. Anomolus has already destroyed majority of it.

 Your Priestess cannot control him, your daughter Anket is not strong enough. No One is Mistress but you. You and Anomolus share a bond that I have never seen before. And when one of you is not there, the other will destroy. You carry his child Kheresket, his real flesh and blood. That means more to him than the Sandalius. Until you he was not able to do that. It's not possible for a Vampire, You made him a God you gave him that chance. And now it is being taken away....I must honor my vow and bind myself to you Mistress there is no changing that. He will just have to understand the laws of the Gods."

With that Kheresket couldn't even speak no one just flat out says those things to her..but he was right. She and Anomolus take each other for granted. Harendotes continued to speak but this time words familiar to her,  words she had spoke thousands of years ago when she knelt before Anomolus her chosen Master. She understood what it meant to honor a vow, the same vows she upheld. But Harendotes was a whole different type of servant one that...he took her hand and just as she before stared deeply into her eyes, taking a small blade from his belt he pierced the skin above his heart.

Kheresket's belly fluttered and the tiny being inside felt as if it danced. She didn't know what to make of that. She stared at the blood as it oozed from the cut. And like Anomolus all those thousands of years ago Kheresket did not hesitate and took him into her weak arms pressing her lips against his chest the taste of his blood was sweet, and put her instantly into a daze. She sunk her teeth deep into his flesh. Her body felt alive and his moans were driving her insane..but it felt like a good insanity to her. She held him tighter and sucked at the wound harder and let go just before his last drop of blood. She spoke the words that would bind him to her forever as her guardian he would serve her and no other, would love her and no other. He would give his life for hers.

And as she spoke she extended her arm and Harendotes transformed into her familiar the sacred phoenix, and attached himself to her body she held her head back at the sudden invasion but once he was there, he stayed just as quiet as her child. At the small of her back a tattoo formed of the golden phoenix. And when she called he would come.

...."I Kheresket the Great, bind thee to my soul."

End of part 3 of 3

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