Songs of the Daughters

"Truly I say..the dawns are heartbreaking...Every moon is atrocious and every sun bitter."- Arthur Rimbaud.

Each Amenthien dawn the songs of the daughters are heard. Kheresket sat in her usual spot as every day, she enjoyed the court yard their minions had built it was like no other place in the Pantheon. It had trees and flowers which were a rare in Amenthes but it brought a certain beauty to the largeness of the new House they constructed. By now Kheresket's pregnancy was visible to all, and thousands praised each day of the upcoming birth.

The songs were what interested Kheresket, the single voice calling out her many names. These people knew how to worship, she preferred it to sitting in House Madira guarded by it's high walls. Anomolus hated it. But once all the offerings and praising started he quickly got used to it. Kheresket laughed briefly to herself as she thought of it. Mainly it was Nephthys that did this shit all day. Now it was just her, and to her it was the way it should have been. She would allow Amenthes to stay balanced in the former's memory and that was all.

Anomolus was not here this morning for the songs, maybe it was the daughters part that made him lose interest. "Then we will have sons as well and my husband will be happy." she spoke with a smile, to no one.  "But what does this mean for me?" Anket said softly as she approached her mother. Only a few weeks had past since her mothers return and she tried everything possible to avoid her.

"Fear nothing Princesa, not even your Mother." she said in return. The tiny entity in her belly danced in agreement causing a wave of nausea to hit Kheresket. She had come to the conclusion that she did not enjoy this pregnancy but the end result was worth it...she'd hoped. There was never a such thing as this type of hybrid in these realms. Anket and Amenei not included they were always different to Kheresket experiments gone made her angry that Anket never explores her full power. The thought made her eyes glaze over and change color, but nothing like a swift kick from her unborn to bring her back to reality. "Did you just tell me no?"

"What?" Anket jumped back in surprised, that look didn't sit well with her. " there a reason that you have come to me this morning, you're tactics at avoidance are rather weak Princesa. I suppose you have forgotten who your mother is..." Kheresket finally turned her head and looked directly at Anket. It took everything in her not to turn and run but it wouldn't do anything. She heard a female laugh in her head it sounded like...."If you've just come to stand there and say nothing then you have served your purpose for the day now leave Anket. I have nothing to say to YOU." She turned her head back to stare at nothing as she was before. Anket was angry but Kheresket didn't care..what was she going to do? Fight her? What was she expecting open arms...Anket failed at her duties in her mothers absence instead she chose to run and hide. The kicks and nausea were starting to increase and she didn't know what this child was trying to say to her.

Kheresket knew that being so harsh to Anket was slightly wrong, but she was right...she did fail. "I have not forgotten mother I just don't know what to say to you. I have never known what to say. Why didn't you make Amenei the heir? Everyone loved and adored her! She got all the attention but I got sent off! Why did you create me if you don't love me?!? Was it just to make my father happy, was it just to keep him around? Tears filled Anket's eyes, and Kheresket rose from her seat the servants that were walking about stopped in their tracks and one look at Kheresket made them scatter like insects. She didn't move just turned in her daughters direction, the unborn inside of her became anxious the movement was unpleasant. With a look she sent Anket flying into the closest wall the cracks crawling up to the ceiling and into the arch that created a canopy above them.

The force from Kheresket encircled Anket's neck and held her against the wall a few feet above the floor. She walked slowly towards her staring into the soul of the child she made, but she was no longer a child. She had grown up. But still..."You ungrateful little bitch, NEVER speak to me that way, anyone who has the audacity to speak to me, the Goddess of these realms deserves their fate! I gave you LIFE! I did it for the good of these realms! I did it because I love BOTH of your fathers, I did it because I love YOU, because I love Amenei! That is not enough for you!?" The tears fell from her eyes, she was hurt. Her own child. Anket tried to shift but Kheresket wouldn't allow it. "You think you are stronger than me? I am a Goddess!!" Anket still tried to fight her grip. "I don't want to fight you, she cried. If you are so much of a Goddess then why didn't you return Amenei? You can't use Azrael's resurrection as the loss of your power forever."

In that Anket was wrong, what had happened to her daughter? Kheresket thought. It was one or the other, and the world must have death therefore the choice was obvious then. Azrael had to be brought back. But why did she say that?

"You have much to learn about life and death child. You have a long way to go before you are fit to run these realms. So should I end your life now and let you swim in the primordial waters maybe then you will learn your place..."

"Kheresket!" Sandalio rushed in towards Anket, which caught the Goddess in surprise she dropped the small field of energy that surrounded Anket causing her to fall to the floor. The Princess gasped for air, she coughed up blood holding her neck. Sandalio looked from one to the other, Khere didn't move only stared down at Anket in disgust. He didn't want to touch her she might lash out and kill him if this is what pregnancy does to her sheesh he hopes this is the last one. Khere's eyes met his with tears, it startled him. "If you would have heard what your precious daughter said to me then you would have let me kill her." Sandalio moved closer to Kheresket now HE was pissed. "You would take her from me Kheresket?" he said. "That's right my lover make me the villain, after all I am the devil. She will do and say as she pleases with no consequences. She will make false claims against her mother. But it does not matter. Anket you will remain your Father's daughter but you are no longer mine. I no longer see you. It pains me. There does that prove to you that I'm not as selfish as you think Anket?" Kheresket did not look at Anket after that, was all this because of someone not even born?

There was a sudden crack of thunder which none of them liked the sound of. "Does anything not happen around here?" Sandalio said...he was heartbroken himself. It just didn't matter how much he reassured Anket these days she still thought other shit and now she was trying to force Khere to kill her. There has got to be something in the water around here. If there was a way to bring Amenei back...he wondered. Would it fix certain issues in these realms. Never knew us to have much weather either...the more time he spent here the more stranger it got. He watched Kheresket who seemed to have gotten weak..."I'll be glad when this is over."

Anket looked up into the sky and down into the waters behind them, something was not right. She watched Kheresket double over in pain, she wanted to...she didn't know. She didn't mean to say those things. The air changed and she knew Anomolus was near by there was no way she was in the mood for his shit. As Sandalio tended to Kheresket she shifted into her wolf form and ran off as quickly as possible. Sandalio saw her run into the deeper parts of the Pantheon, he spoke to her through his mind. There was definitely gonna be a talk about this shit later.

Kheresket leaned forward in pain screaming, this was worst than being trapped in that Gods awful room. Sandalio leaned back and stared. "So I take it your in labor and we get a thunder and lightning show to go with it?" Kheresket grabbed him by the collar of his shirt she looked horrible. "What the fuck do you think! You have to go Sandalio..." she didn't even know what the hell she meant by that last part. "And leave you here, bullshit Khere you look like you're about to split apart." "GO!" she spat, her voice sounded demonic, low, guttural. Maybe that was a good idea....that was a face he did not want to see. Just as he got up to leave Anomolus sped into the room and threw him out with such force it almost broke him in half, He shifted to protect himself from the impact. Those two got on his nerves sometimes but he loved them. Yeah....Anomolus too.

Everyone else seemed to come out of no where but the area was blocked, when anyone got close they were knocked back. Sandalio in his wolf form sat there watching. No one not even Dezire were allowed in, he figured it was because Kheresket had to change into whatever the hell she changes into in order to give birth, since she didn't know what exactly she was giving birth to. Dezire sat next to Sandalio and scratched him behind his ears, he lifted his head and nodded appearing to smile. "No one can see her true face but him. You didn't get to see the popcorn show before you broke it up. Anket said some messed up shit to Khere. Might be what triggered her labor, my guess is that hybrid she's giving birth too is pissed and is ready to slam some heads together." Dezire leaned back against the wall and folded her hands into her lap. She wasn't done. " Anket mentioned if Khere was so much of a Goddess why didn't she return Amenei. That Azrael's resurrection can't be used as the reason for her loosing all her powers." Sandalio cocked his head to the side and looked at Dezire. "That's what I'm saying...she continued, Anket was dead ass wrong for that shit...but...she had somewhat of a point. AND there's a way to bring Amenei back..." The wolf sat up, Dez knew what he was thinking. "You know...being a priestess of Nephthys had some perks...even more perks with Kheresket. Ever heard of Nu and Naunet?" he shook his head.

"Well...these two old Gods and I do mean OLD were considered the father and mother of the Gods...when you interrupted. Khere told Anket she could end her life and send her to the Primordial Waters...there Anket would learn about life and death. She would also find her sister. interrupted." Sandalio shifted back into his human form. "Woman you expect me to let her kill my daughter? are you fucking crazy?" Dezire looked at him up and down..."You damn right I'm fuckin' crazy, 1. It would have taught the brat a lesson. 2. She would have learned the truth...that Khere isn't exactly what everyone thinks she is. That yeah she's the Goddess of Chaos but she's still a mother that lost a child. She had to make a fuckin' choice here man...Azrael HAD to be brought back. Amenei just went for a swim. It was just made to believe she was dead. To appease whoever the fuck likes to go around killing and fuckin' with us all the time. And I know as well as YOU know who the hell that is! And Yahwehotep is a fine ass God, but you got some extra chocolateness going on you might want to put on some clothes or start thinking about your surroundings when you shift."

Dezire walked off...she was hot and bothered at the sight of all that. She needed to find  Yahweh, make some babies or some shit. Sandalio hollered after her. "Well what the fuck Dez...if Amenei is alive how come no one is going to where ever the hell this Nun and Naunet are?" Dezire was half way down the hall before she turned and said.

"Because dear friend, Sakhmet and her little boyfriend have to pay for their crimes against the realms before they let her go." He watched her disappear down the hall to Kheresket's screams. He picked up his clothes near by and put them on. Continuing to stand guard near Anomolus and Kheresket. He stared at the door in disbelief...he understood some things, there were reasons for all of Kheresket's actions. Whether good or bad....

The song of Minnaloushe has been sung.

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