Stranger of Feelings...

And all of Amenthes cried out and rejoiced, yet still she remained....

"So I guess you've heard" Sandalio said as he entered Anket's main chamber. He sat next to his child who had grown into a beautiful woman just as her mother. She didn't move an inch or even acknowledge his presence something that she was not known for. Anket loved and respected her father to the highest degree, but her heart was heavy and he knew it. She still mourned her only sister her twin in fact, so maybe apart of Anket died as well he figured. He rested his hand onto hers smiling softly but his attention felt unwelcome. He withdrew and without another word got up to leave.

It felt as if the air lifted and walked by him and closed the large chamber doors before he could get to it, and her soft voice echoed from behind him. She turned her head and her body slightly around but wouldn't look. Kheresket used to do little tricks like that and at one time it annoyed him. She would trap him in all sorts of places...she is quite the devil he thought. "Yes" Anket said as if she was answering his thought but more so his original question. She never read his mind without permission. "Will she destroy me?" her question came so innocent and childlike Sandalio was quite surprised. "An...I've never known you in your entire lifespan to ask a stupid question but that was just....well that one was stupid. Do you always think things like this about your mother? No... so why do you ask?"

"Well...she hesitated...she has done it before, and times before that...and..." Sandalio held up his hand motioning for her to stop. Amenthes had a way for words to travel, and when words begin to travel dumb shit happens. He saw an unfamiliar look of uncertainty and fear in her eyes, she was really worried about this. He hoped after all these years he knew what was truly in Kheresket's heart.

"Anket, you were raised in Order, your mother is of Chaos but you must understand she is and as often repeated throughout histories is Nephthys. She may destroy, but she always gives. And she will never destroy what she loves....despite what you may have heard. She created you and she created Amenei because she wanted you both. Anomolus wanted you both. Neither of them would destroy you. You are mine as well, I'll be damned if that will ever happen." He prayed to all Gods holy and unholy that he had said the right thing. The tiny smile on her face was enough for him, he quickly stepped forward and took his daughter into his arms and hugged her tightly, placing a kiss on her forehead before he made his exit.

Anket moved over to the tall arched windows that overlooked the river that they call Styxx. She pushed back the sheer white drapes and stared down into the bloody waters where souls occasionally floated by. Her and Amenei  used to  run up and down the rivers edges. Azrael would cross them over to different realms, and alternate earths that mortals would never know of. They might not ever know what happened to their sister. She let go of the drapes allowing them to fall back into place. A surge of anger spread through her body. There was really no need for it. It was time to find that little prick of her cousin Khai...see what he was up to.

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