Picture with me a place like no other. A place where the skies stay in there constant red the clouds swirl with ones thoughts. Thousands upon thousands gathering to the central spot they now call the pantheon. The golden and silver melted together that create high walls and canopies. The spectacular views of Amenthes...this was their home. All they wanted was to hear the cry of the true born. To know that it lived and breathed within the walls. That it will bring forth vengeance to those that have wronged the Goddess and her realms.

Gods from other parts of the realms and it's upper levels gathered for this occasion this was certainly an unusual child...none like it.

"I love having your children Anomolus but this thing is clawing me from the inside out." Kheresket said, she was in complete agony. "This child happens to be growing as it is coming out my body, I can't do this." Anomolus was just as confused as she was he had no words for it himself. "You know I have no clue about any of this whatsoever Mi Khere. I've never even seen a human child born before." Kheresket even in her true form could not cope with her labor, she didn't know what to do. The pain came in huge waves that lasted what seemed days to her. As a matter of fact it had been days. "What day is it?" she asked. "How the hell should I know Khere, you dislike enclosed spaces yet look where we are my love."  Kheresket looked up at him with her sad little eyes and bit him in defiance. Anomolus looked at his hand watching the wound heal itself. "You know..." His words were interrupted by a crash at the door where a black mist had formed He stood up instantly no one was allowed in here. "It's ok Anomolus" Kheresket said.

"Yesssss, put back the hostility Anomolus you aren't the only one that can see her." Renenet hissed, she was the Egyptian Cobra Goddess, responsible for the nurturing and raising of children she also gave them their names. "I've had enough of these Gods coming and going as they please in my house!" Kheresket laughed softly to herself there was so much he didn't know these days. There were Gods all over the place around here. "Oh Misssstress Kheressket he is beautiful." Renenet slithered over to Anomolus and encircled one of his legs. He tried to shake her off but it was to no avail. "Aww he doesssn't like to play, that'ssss to bad." He had had enough, but Kheresket stopped him, she was still laughing. "My love...pay her no mind please." she pleaded, the pain was beginning to increase again. "I have zero tolerance for this shit Kheresket you know this!" "Sssuch an unhappy God, Anomolusssss" Renenet continued to tease. "No worry, Masssster, baby Minnaloussshe will be born."

"Minna what?"

Renenet sighed no one else had problems understanding her...

"Minnaloushe...I give your child her name, I protect your child from any curssses. She will grow very rapidly but will be healthy and ssstrong. She will defeat your enemy the one who tried to destroy Kheresssket." While they continued to talk, Kheresket couldn't take it anymore and shifted her body this child had to go. It invaded too long. "You were great company and all but I do not like to share my body...issues and all." The child felt as if it were hanging on but Kheresket forced it, she would heal it didn't matter. If they had more she'd hope the next ones weren't this attached. Anomolus with Renenet slithering behind him went over to her. He knelt down behind her which gave her some comfort. The more she pushed the more it felt like the child dug it's nails in. "Ssstrange birth" Renenet said "I've never ssseen one like thisss before."

Renenet slithered close to Kheresket and rubbed her body against hers, Kheresket laid her head back against Anomolus the pain eased up, she did know it was almost over. Her mind for a second thought of that night in the desert where she raised Azrael. She'd lost too much power. She was not gonna be able to do anything beyond this either without...no....she couldn't, she didn't want to. She had drifted to far off and she heard her name being screamed, that sounds like Anomolus she thought. But the voices changed and it sounded like more than just Anomolus and Renenet, that's right Renenet was there she thought...where did she go she wondered. Why is she always the one drifting off somewhere. There's another...

Kheresket jumped wide awake that odd burning sensation came to her again...not again...but it wasn't what she thought. She was still not used to Harendotes when he attached himself to her body. But at least he detached from time to time. She looked down only to see a pool of blood all over the floor. She heard no cries. "Gods..what did I do?" "What do you mean Khere" Anomolus was still sitting behind her he pressed his head against hers, she closed her eyes, his touch did this to her every time.

"Where's the baby? I did have it right? I don't feel...her? it's a her?" Kheresket feared for the worse. "Yes my love, Renenet has her but she's not far. I wasn't leaving your side, and there seemed to be no other way to wake you up so you're little friend Harendotes did whatever the hell he does." Anomolus was still not exactly happy about that arrangement but in Dezire's terms "It is what it is" what ever kept his wife and now his child safe is what mattered to him most. As he held Kheresket, he wondered who this "enemy" everyone kept speaking of. It seemed as if everyone knew who it was but him. He wondered if his sister Sakhmet knew anything about it, but he didn't want to risk going to limbo. Sometimes that trick didn't work...he'd send Azrael. For now, his focus was on his wife and his new daughter.

"What did Renenet name her?" Kheresket asked. "Minnaloushe" he answered. Kheresket beamed "I love it" she focused on the blood on the floor and cleared it away, a large softer pillow appeared beneath them both. While the walls that surrounded them receded and they were once again in an outside area of the pantheon. Once Kheresket was done she shifted back into a more normal look, and pulled Anomolus' arms around her. She really liked the name... Renenet now in a less snake like appearance came back into the room holding Minnaloushe, she handed her to Kheresket who gladly took her into her arms. She moved back the blanket that covered her face to examine her she couldn't help but smile, the child's skin was flawless, her hair was thick and jet black. And her eyes which shocked Khere were already open. They were a blueish color with a white swirl. "Strange little thing" Minnaloushe appeared to smile back at Kheresket. Which made Anomolus laugh.

Renenet shifted back into her snake form and made her goodbyes, brushing up against Anomolus and Kheresket. "Praise the Goddess, you both have succeeded in the creation of the first Vampire-Demon hybrid in the Realms of Amenthes all the Godsss are watching you little Minna. I'll be back for your next yesss?" She slithered away and in a puff of smoke was gone.

Anomolus asked Kheresket..."Is this more of a big deal then we thought it was?" She answered..."My love apparently so." Minnaloushe in only a few hours after birth laughed. She knew what was in store.


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