The Intentions of Secrets

Some secrets are never intended...But in all secrets there is a kind of guilt, however joyful or beautiful they may be, or for what good end they may be set to serve. Secrecy means evasion, and evasion means a problem to the moral mind. -Gilbert Parker

   "We are not dealing with individuals with morals my love, we are dealing with chaotic beings who are hell bent on destroying each other and a deranged Demoness at the helm. Who... let us not forget...has given power and Godhood to a Vampire. But you see my love we aren't here to judge only to consult and guide them in the right direction. To handle all their little squabbles and make sure the crazy bitch doesn't die..that is if she even can die."

    Thoth was growing impatient and Ma'at his wife wasn't helping the situation. They sat in their Sanctum far from the confines of the Madira Pantheon watching the events unfold. Minnaloushe had been born. To most of the Gods and Goddesses of Amenthes this was a good thing. To others it was the final straw, but they were only minor in the grand scheme of things. 

   There were reports that vampire clans of Anomolus and Sakhmet has caught wind of Minna's birth and have begged for an audience with the new God of the Realms, they still wanted his favor even though they were self-consumed with their own. This meant that Anomolus would have to leave Amenthes for a short time if such an audience would be granted. No known mortal or immortal other than those that are either born or serve have ever entered the realms only the select few. Unless of died.

   Ma'at would never understand her husbands dislike for Kheresket a Kingdom was a Kingdom and they were all ran differently even though the Demon's happen to be a bit unorthodox.

   "Thoth...we all die stop being dramatic. The key is finding how and her tormentor has found how. Be at least a little happy for them, the only "help" you gave was binding Harendotes to her.  The rest is all fate. And that my dear will be fun to watch. Wait until her beloved finds out her secret. How she's kept Amenei hidden from him is amazing. This man had her bound for thousands of years but didn't know something was just a tad wrong with her?" Ma'at fell into a deep laughter that filled the halls. Thoth even with his always hard approach couldn't help but to find that amusing himself.

   "Well..." Thoth began again and stood up, "Naunet cloaks the abyss quite well, but one has to wonder...there are several upon several beings around Anomolus his senses should be more refined than ever before how does he not know?"

   Ma'at flashed behind him and rested her arms onto his shoulders she twirled the long strands of his hair between her fingers gently. It seemed they were standing before a wall or a window that didn't look out into anything but Amenthes itself. That could see into every room of every Pantheon at any time. There were only 2 rooms like this that existed in Amenthes one belonged to Thoth and the other Nephthys. Ma'at smiled and laughed again this time more softly.

   "With Renenet appearing out of no where he knows something is up. He loves her, but how long will he allow her to keep secrets. Strangely though...that wolf they keep around Sandalio... he loves her still as well. I don't understand why. Oh if only he knew the biggest secret of them all."

  Kheresket walked with Minnaloushe by her side, in a week since her birth she could function just as a human 3yr old would. This development amazed everyone, but her parents. Anomolus was not far behind them, as expected they were on their way to the mortal realms apparently his old clan the Lasombra wanted an audience with him. Whatever they wanted it would be no. Khere and Minna were only along because they weren't leaving his sight. Since Minna was born something was up with Kheresket but he tried to let it go. It was rare they left Amenthes, maybe it was what they needed. Hopefully though. Anket wouldn't let the entire House fall to pieces in their absence.

  As they exited the Pantheon they came across the bridge and the waters that used to surround the old House Madira. Minna skipped along between her father and mother not a care in the world. Not a word was spoke between the three. As they approached the edge an odd looking ferry boat came up to shore there sat a being with the head of a ram. His name was Aken and the boat was Meseket. Minna stopped and looked up at her mother pulling at the length of her robes. Anomolus took his daughter up into his arms kissing her forehead. "There's nothing to be afraid of little one." Aken steadied the ferry so they could board, and without a word fell to his knees crossing his chest with his right arm as a salute to the God and Goddess.

  Minna looked at him questioningly. He looked strange yes but no matter food is food. Kheresket tapped her on the shoulder and shook her finger, whispering "NO". Minna appeared to sulk, but quietly. Her language had not yet properly formed so she still spoke demonic which Anomolus had problems understanding sometimes. Why she spoke demonic no one knew. Before she even asked, Khere looked at her pleadingly. "English, Minna...please...English. at least try English." of course she knew what she was saying, she was just wanting it in English for the sake of Anomolus' nerves. 

  To Minna it's a game, who can stand her the longest. When it comes to languages it's Mother, Father...not so much. She sat in her father's lap contemplating, she was extremely hungry she was always hungry...Sometimes even father looked tasty. "Minna your thoughts are disturbing" Anomolus said as he looked down at her. She was caught. "Next week can we teach me that mind read thing you do papa?" she asked. "Absolutely..although I would have thought you already knew how to do such things little one." he looked over at Kheresket but she appeared to be as blank as ever. What was she doing now? That blankness meant communicating. Khere sensed what he was doing. " I'm fine Anomolus, and to answer the question you never asked Minna this is Aken the ferrymen and this ferry is Meseket. He lives to serve and that is all." She nodded towards Aken who had started the ferry once again. 

  As they traveled through the Duat that would eventually bring them to the upper levels and more importantly to the surface. Anomolus wondered why in the hell were they on this boat. They actually didn't NEED to be on this boat. Or did they? What was Kheresket doing now?

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