Anywhere Out of The World

  He supposed getting out of here was also left up to him as well. Aken and the Meseket was long gone from here. He still had business to attend to with his clan. First he needed to find out what and why those closest to him were hiding things. He left the table leaning against a wall. That bloodwine felt strange as it flowed through his veins, he recalled Kheresket's last words as she left. "Things are not always what they appear." Was that everything...this place with it's high gold and silver walls with carvings in them that he could not read. Anomolus hung on to the wall as he tried to follow out the same way Amenei, and Minnaloushe went. As he made it to the Queens throne, he remembered a woman there. A beautiful woman, something about her story. Was she still there? Everything became hazy to him, something he hadn't felt before. He knelt onto the floor feeling as if he would vomit at any second. "Am I drugged, what have they done to me". He heard footsteps behind him, and a warm soothing hand on his back. "No not drugged, but she did say...things aren't always what they appear didn't she?" Anomolus managed to turn over onto his back and finally got a good look at her face, every inch was Kheresket, except her hair and eyes.

  "Are you going to help me or not?" Anomolus felt like he was dying, a feeling he hadn't felt in thousands of years. The woman stood over him towering in all her beautiful glory. "No, I do not serve in fact seeing you suffer brings me immense joy, it's almost...almost, sexual, orgasmic even. She was annoying but he had to let that go for the moment, even her words although they sounded like Nephthys, they came across devilish like Kheresket's. As he laid there, he thought of her, how she used to play with her victims he enjoyed watching her. It was sexual and orgasmic. Wait...What the fuck. "What are you doing to me?" "Me?"

  She laughed, her voice was like a melody that filled the throne room bouncing off it's golden walls and came back to her. "I'm doing nothing to you Anomolus!" her voice began to rise...this woman was insane. "You brought this on your self!" The last thing he remembered was her foot knocking him out cold. Naunet bent down and caressed his face, "He is a remarkable thing, I see why she followed him for so long." She spoke to her servants that rushed up to move his body. They seemed to appear from anywhere and nowhere. "I do believe My are not the right Master for my daughter, But she loves you. Shame you can't hear me." She nodded towards her servants to take him away. She turned around to see Nephthys standing behind her.

  "So I suppose, you will be leaving as well then?" Nephthys stood a few inches taller than Naunet, her hair had now turned white no one knew exactly why. "Only for awhile, Amenei really wants to go home. She doesn't belong here Mother you know that." Naunet nodded in agreement. "Yes, but I expect Anket in her place. Anomolus needs to stop wandering around being a God who knows nothing about his own house." Naunet grabbed Nephthys' hand holding it close to her heart. "I know, this will hurt the one you love most and he will never understand, but this is how our world must function Nephthys, if he truly loves you he will understand." She looked up to wipe a tear that began to fall from Nephthys' eyes. Naunet was heaven and hell.

  It was later in what he thought was evening, and Anomolus had finally awakened with a screaming headache, his head hammered and felt like knives were being driven into his skull all at once. He needed to find Kheresket and Minnaloushe and get the hell out of here, this place was starting to get to him. He heard not far from him what sounded like a brush on a canvas sweeping back and forth. He opened his eyes to see yet another room drenched in the same silver and gold but a bedroom with everything to his liking. He was not about to touch that wine but instead stared into it. "Don't worry that one is drinkable" came a voice from a balcony not far from him. Anomolus still wasn't taking the chance and grabbed the a robe that laid across the bed, and headed towards the voice. "So I was drugged, figures anything is possible with Kheresket involved." "Ah do not blame the wife, she was not involved mine was though." The man kept brushing the canvas. "And who are you?" Anomolus was getting more impatient with this place. "I am Nu and my wife, that woman whom you've now grown to hate is Naunet. Have a seat you don't look too good. Even for a vampire." Anomolus looked at a nearby bench. "I'm fine" Nu stopped painting and laughed a bit. "So be it, you don't like it here that's understandable. A lot of information has been thrown at you, but as all Gods Anomolus you have to suck it up and deal with it." "So what the hell makes this place so damn special besides my daughter being here, and Khere being born here."

  Nu stopped painting again and dropped his brush, "Anomolus I am shocked, years you have searched, you risked everything and summoned the most powerful demoness to be at your side. You have grown to love her she has given you Godhood, the ability to father children, she has brought you to the place you have searched for the primordial waters of chaos! Have you forgotten your path that quickly? Has your anger clouded everything? I beginning to think you are not the one at all. My wife thinks so. I would rather prove her wrong." Anomolus gave him a blank stare. "Well...were you lied to? This is not some little every day run of the mill lie either."

  "She didn't lie, she just didn't tell you. Entirely a different thing." Anomolus stood up ready to knock him off the balcony but that would do no good. "Of course take the demon bitches side and let me guess you are her father." Although the tension was growing Nu kept his cool, which only made Anomolus even more angry. Which was something he knew he had to learn. These Gods in Amenthes and out of Amenthes don't operate on anger, even Kheresket is strangely cool about things. Nu stepped closer to Anomolus which felt like a challenge to him but he dared not take it, this was the place they went to die. "Yes Lord Anomolus, I did create the demon bitch. And everything she does is for a purpose, she was created to obey has she EVER disobeyed you? At night when you yearn for her, when your body calls for her, when you hunger and it is only her you feed from she runs to you yes? She KNEELS to you yes. She only screams YOUR name even when she desires the wolf yes? When you punish her for such she thanks and continues to love and devote her entire non existent life to YOU yes? She has given you children, and WILL give you more yes?  This is what she was created for Anomolus! She is a Demonic Goddess made to rule and breed until her body is worn and you banish her to the abyss stop complaining and wondering, and thinking and rule over her!  He leaned in even closer to Anomolus. WHOM does she call Master?"

  Nu picked up his brush and continued to paint his picture; "I believe we are done here Anomolus it was a pleasure meeting you." Anomolus stared with his mouth open, what the hell was that about. He bowed his head and left the balcony without saying a word. Nu was right, hell how could he be wrong.

   He found his way back into the throne room, his journey back was interesting the temple was magnificent. He wanted to stay actually, but there were things that needed to be done and soon. He sat down attempting to rest, he wasn't tired he just wanted to feel tired. Remnants of festivities were scattered about. "Guess I slept through it." He picked up a chalice of wine and held it between his hands. He still didn't bother to drink just stare at the endless swirl. He heard footsteps behind him but was to drained to look up. " Why are you here?"

Naunet approached him she was a beautiful woman he didn't want to look at her. Kheresket was so much like her. Except Naunet had brown curly hair that framed her face, and her smile was sweet and motherly. She was the complete opposite to his wife. He wanted nothing but to rip her lovely throat out.

"And if you did all of Amenthes would fall upon you, you don't have to look at me." she said as she sauntered over to him.

"You still haven't answered my question."

"Well....for one Anomolus, you don't rule here I do. 2nd this is my home. So now you have to listen to me."

Anomolus looked up but not at her and placed the chalice onto the table.

"Fine get it over with Naunet."

She could sense the pain he was in, his heart cried out in agony although his big mouth said different.

 "  Anomolus, we exist in an evil place, our job...your job is to sentence the damned, damn the sinners, guide some into their afterlife, judge the dead." She hesitated before she laid a hand on his back, he stiffened but she managed to ignore it . "But through so much evil we still love, and we loose our way sometimes. Do you know how long she searched for the perfect Master?  An entity as unique as her will not kneel to anyone Anomolus. Many summoned her and they died trying to control her." Naunet stroked his face which was cold and hardened and froze even more from her touch. "Until you Anomolus. She felt you were worthy to receive her gift of submission her devotion. And look at you now! she has made you a God! This has caused you to have enemies my son, enemies in your own family! and SHE must die! Because I will not have it! and neither will You!. Your clan will ask for Minna, but you cannot let them have her, you will let Kheresket kill them, you will let her take down the Brujah and you will love her until you die! She never wants you to suffer and you will not do the same to her" Tears began to stream down Naunets face as she choked up on her last few words.

Anomolus finally looked at her, even in tears she was beautiful. He was in Amenthes too long. He was ready to go. He got up from the table leaving Naunet behind her innocence was disturbing to him.

Naunet wiped away her tears, and picked up the chalice he left behind there was no point in wasting good wine so she drunk the rest of it and slammed the cup on the table. Kheresket appeared from the hallway at the other end from where Anomolus left. She was dressed in human street clothes of modern day, which consisted of skin tight jeans, a black tank, leather jacket and of course spike heels.

Naunet glanced back. "Take Minna, and summon Azrael when you get there. I don't care if he is loyal to Anomolus. He is bound to you by blood, and adores you, he'll do it. Kill every single one of those pieces of shit you come across, even their elders. Go into their shitty little churches if you have to. Bring them to Amenthes, Kheresket. I want them to suffer, and I want that bitch of a sister of his to die. When Minna is strong enough, kill her and her clan as well.

Kheresket stood there for a moment thinking things over, calculating, communicating. "They have no souls for me to take, but they will get here either way....but...this goes against my binding Mother, Anomolus might have removed the collar but we are still bound, I cannot disobey commands, you can't create me to obey and make me disobey a Master." There was growing fear in Kheresket's voice.


"I've already lied, and hidden things like a common demon. Now you want me to disobey like one. What if I'm banished to that Gods aweful abyss again? I guess that's how they found out I don't like being trapped. My former Master who by the way...when were you going to tell me he was fucking Sakhmet?"


"Fuck it...I'll do it. But when Alphas start jumping out the wood work asking why the hell is Amenthes filling up so damn fast you better be prepared to start goddamned talking cause I'm not saying shit! Not excuse me I have legions of fucking vampires to kill."

 Kheresket stormed back out into the halls, the doorways that led to every sublevel of Amenthes and to one in particular the surface of earth. Hell was about to break loose.

End of Part 2

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