The Garden of Nu and Naunet

"You don't trust me" she said looking straight ahead at nothing.  "Of course I do Khere, but you are first and foremost a demon, and you are an untrustworthy lot."

  Kheresket grinned, but it quickly faded. "So I've disappointed you?" she whispered. Anomolus slightly hesitated to answer in a way she did, but how would he explain that? "Not at all My love" she leaned her head back and looked directly at him but Anomolus kept his position. "Then why the hesitation Anomolus? Thousands of years I have been at your side, not once have you hesitated." "Kheresket, he said after another long pause it is when you take me to places and not tell me where. You've been hiding something which is not you, do I have to force you to tell me?"

  Minnaloushe watched them from the other side of the boat, this trip was extremely long the more they stayed on this strange thing the more agitated her parents got, the more they argued and things flew across the boat. Her mother was never giving up information on their location. At times she often wondered did they forget she was there, in the shadows watching. Did they notice she had grown? Did they even care? She caught stray thoughts from her father, he regretted ever knowing her mother. Why? Minna thought. Kheresket was so beautiful, the most misunderstood being in all of Amenthes. Sad thing is....Minna knew where they were going.

Old Acquaintances and Other Strangers:

  Naunet watched as her servants lit the candles in the entry chambers, she was so excited to have guests she oversaw every little detail. She was most interested in meeting Anomolus face to face, she had heard many stories about this strange being in the upper realms and it was about damned time Kheresket bought him here. And of course finally look upon that child's face her... "Still excited I see my love" Nu approached her from behind and kissed her neck. "I know we don't get visitors often but this is a bit much don't you think?" Naunet laughed "Never"...she stopped to think about it for a moment. "Nope never, not when it is Kheresket the Great, and all those other thousands of titles she bears. She's an old one the other half of the fifth. And this is home."

  Nu nodded in agreement. "True, true...let's just hope she doesn't kill him in the process of getting here. I've heard things have been getting ugly. He wants to know where she's taking him of course she won't tell so he's doing what any other Master would do. Punishing her." Naunet frowned and looked down at the floor which suddenly turned to a viewing glass beneath their feet she knew she shouldn't have looked Kheresket was in pain and she felt every bit of it. Nu laid his hand onto her shoulder to calm her. "My dear, Masters..especially Vampire Masters can often be quite cruel, even for our standards." "And where is Minnaloushe?" Naunet asked. "Terrified." Nu said before walking away.

  The Meseket came to a full stop, Minna was excited they had finally come to the end of this long journey, which had seemed to have taken them months. Kheresket was tired, and at this point was thankful she could get this over with. Whatever the end result didn't matter much anymore. The waters had become dark, and they no longer heard the cries of spirits lost, and the souls of the forgotten. This place was quiet...eerie. Anomolus stood and scanned the entire area...nothing. It all seemed devoid of life. "What is this Kheresket?" She just looked at him not saying a word her eyes were in pain. She still was not going to answer him. He stepped towards her but she moved quickly towards the small ramp Aken had set out for them to exit.  The light fog that had descended as they approached parted and encircled her wrists as if welcoming her. Anomolus thought it as strange. As he got closer to her the fog attempted to keep its distance. He looked up and out to see large columns of marble leading them to a walkway.

  Minna was in awe she loved every second of it. To finally see this place, her mother whispered stories about it as she laid swimming inside her womb of darkness. She reached her hand out to touch one of the columns and the light fog happily encircled her arm. As it cleared monstrous statues were lined against what appeared to be a temple bathed in some form of light. Anomolus as he walked, stared at each of the statues, they all looked like his wife. Even down to her menacing grin. He quickly turned to face her. "What the hell is going on here? Will you ever fucking explain this to me Kheresket? I will NOT beg you!" Kheresket moved closer to Anomolus fearing what else he might do to her. Tears streaming down her face, she had lied, betrayed and caused her Master, her Lover, her Husband to hate her. To...mistrust her. She was a common demon and she should be treated like one. But there was no other way to explain this. "Maes..." he cut off her words by grabbing her by the throat. "I tire of your weakness Kheresket" His words were calm and more calculated then his usual heated. How ironic Khere die here of all places, a shrine built for her eons ago. Her home, the place where Gods had to die to get to. The place where she was created, the place where she was born...

  "Father don't..." came a familiar voice, Anomolus had not heard in so long his heart broke the instant he heard it. He pushed Kheresket away, who checked her neck making sure it was still in place. He stood in shock staring at the girl whom the voice belonged to, but she was no longer a girl. She was a grown woman, her red long hair cascaded down her shoulders. She was his favorite, the one most like him, in every possible way. She stood there like a porcelain doll. "Amenei...?"  she stepped forward and took his hand, Anomolus looked down at it, blinded by the tears in his eyes. "Why?" he choked on the word. He looked broken, inside and out. Kheresket was scared to death but she had to start talking and fast. "Anomolus....a long time ago..." she paused, and stepped back. Anomolus raised his head and glared at her. As she began to speak again the temple doors opened, Kheresket couldn't think of a more inappropriate time for her to show up. Just make it worse for me she thought.

The doors opened to a grand room of gold, and silver tables lining each side, and it's heavy large gold thrones sat in the back. Anomolus wondered if he would ever get his explanation or more interruptions.  The creature that opened the doors gave him another shock, she looked exactly like Kheresket. Could this place get anymore strange. Would she sound like her as well? "No I sound and act like the other one. child...begin your troubled story, and then..I will tell mine." The woman walked back to one of the thrones and promptly sat down straightening out her robes. Then she acted as if she wasn't even there. Waiting for Khere to either start..or finish. whichever.

"Kheresket just tell me, this is tiring." Anomolus was worn down at this point. He sat down at the nearest table, the chair was so comfortable he could fall asleep, he was so tired. Amenei, and Minna took seats near him as well as Kheresket. Finally she began again..."Anomolus a long time ago, a bargain was made, when Azrael died, Amenthes could not function without death. I had to not only give up some of my power but I had to give a life in order to keep death. Amenei agreed to it. She wasn't going to be here alone. Nephthys is here as well." "So you not only lied to me you lied to Sandalio too? Not that I give a shit about him and his feelings but still...Neph left without a word, Amenei is his child to. You took her from all of us Kheresket that is unacceptable." a servant came by and filled the chalice in front of Anomolus with bloodwine, strangely it had Khere's blood in it when he tasted it. At that point he didn't want to know. "What would you have me do leave Amenthes to ruin? You act as if I didn't loose anything."

  Anomolus looked at her and laughed. "You silly bitch, you didn't loose anything, you knew she was here all the goddamned time!" Kheresket rose from her seat "I'd be careful of my words if I were you Anomolus, your power means nothing here, your words mean nothing here, and I will no longer tolerate this abuse. You have the fucking answers you've been dying for. Open your little eyes and look around you "My love" things are not always what they appear. I did it to protect this family." Kheresket stormed off, she had had enough of this. Anomolus took a drink. "Your mother is deranged." Amenei leaned back in her chair. "So I guess no one plans on telling me where the hell we are? So you died but not really..." Amenei stayed silent, she had been this way since she first spoke when they came off the Meseket, she eyed an empty chalice in front of her and watched it instantly fill with a regular dark colored wine, she lifted the chalice and swirled it around. Pausing before spoke. Minna watched both of them. Her father was a mess and her new sister was a interesting creature she wanted to know more about.

"She's not deranged Father...after all you love her wouldn't that make you slightly deranged as well?" Amenei took a drink from the chalice and smiled.  "I didn't die, I was traded. It was my decision and mine alone. I care about Azrael too much. This where they come to when they...or shall I say...WE die. It's the Primordial Waters of Chaos, it's where mother was created. I figured you would have known that when you got know with all the calmness and not actual chaos. But I suppose you were too busy beating information out of my mother."


"It's OK Father you're a Master I get it. I'm not angry, someday I'll be on that conquest for the perfect Master just like my mother. Now that I know I can leave here.

Anomolus was confused.

"I never wanted that for you, you are a princess, and heir to your mothers throne."

"Yes but Father...I'd have to kill to get that...something I'd be happy to do since dear old sis isn't doing her job. Which by the way, how is it that she is still alive with her recent disrespect to Kheresket? Or did that slip by you as well? You and the wolf need to sit and have a chat." Amenei turned her attention to Minnaloushe her new little sister was so beautiful the perfect combination of both her parents she ran her fingers through Minna's hair. Minna smiled. "Minna come let me show you around this beautiful place, it will be the only time you will ever get to see it in your lifetime. Let us allow our father to wallow in his sadness." Minna thought her sister was extremely bold at her choice of words, and she loved it. They both got up and exited through a hall by the Queens throne. Anomolus, listened to them as they chatted and laughed down the hallway his daughters. But then he thought...what the hell was going on around him? Everyone spoke in code, no one came right out and said anything. He had to find out just what exactly it was that everyone was hiding. Maybe that's what it was they wanted him to do....

Stay put for part two coming up...

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