Hallowed (Oblivion-Reign of The Agathodemon)

To the bride and Grim...

  "Azrael..." Amenei spoke softly into the shadows. "I know you're here."

  "I am..." He stepped closer to Amenei, appearing at a breadths distance from her. "Where's Minna?" He asked. Azrael suspected her absence was due to Amenei or her brothers involvement coupled with their father's. Amenei looked up at him smiling briefly but gave nothing away. "Love I don't know what you are talking about."

  Azrael's eyes began to change, Amenei could tell he was becoming angry with her, she looked down at her hands and saw them greying, aging like an old human woman.

  "Azrael stop!" she exclaimed, her body leaning closer towards death. "Then tell me what I want to know Amenei." The Queen of the Realms growled at the Archangel her teeth bared. Swiftly taking a blade that was hidden in her belt. She jammed it into his side, she knew it wouldn't hurt him but at least it would cause a distraction. Azrael stood there unflinching. "Azrael...STOP!" she wailed as she felt herself decompose from the inside out.

  "You know something Amenei..."

  "I know nothing! You don't trust me?!? As far as I know Minna is below the Pantheon getting what she deserves..." Azrael released her from his grip his voice changing to deep concern which annoyed Amenei somewhat. She sighed heavily checking herself. "Why do you say that?" Azrael asked her.

  "It's not that I hate my sister Azrael, I don't. She doesn't understand just because she's who she is, doesn't mean shit in this realm. You serve or die. She feels she doesn't have to, her punishment is just. The Agathodemon are right in what they do."

   Azrael was taken aback by his beloved's comment. "So if they kill her you don't care?" Amenei straightened her body, making note to pull the blade from Azrael's side since he hadn't noticed it. She stared at it for a moment 'no blood' she thought. "I've made my peace with it, just as My father's death. I don't need either one of them. They mean nothing...they are nothing." She could feel Azrael becoming torn inside, she looked into his silver eyes. He was saddened by her words but she continued on. "If there are only but two of us Madira left in this Pantheon then so be it. They all got what was coming to them. Sandalio...Dezire...all of them. My mother on the other hand...she belongs with Naberus. See it Azrael and accept it. Accept the alignment."

  Amenei stood slightly on her toes to kiss Azrael before saying goodbye. She smiled at the thought, that his deadly kiss never harms her. Her voice became haunting like her mothers. "Don't look so down my angel." she whispered as she caressed his face. "It's only just begun."

Blurs are a Mystery...

  Amenei turned from Azrael and in the blink of a cats eye she was gone. She reappeared further down the halls, walking past several mirrors that hung on the walls with nothing. Her image was not alone as she walked by. "You just gave him all the information he needed." The blurry image that formed on the other side spoke to her. Amenei kept walking. "How about you shut the fuck up, and let me handle this...isn't it Queen Amenei?" The blur had become frustrated and tried to break through the glass at Amenei. She stopped and turned in it's direction placing a hand to the large mirror.

  Amenei's long vampiric fangs began to grow. "I wouldn't underestimate me, I used my time in the primordial abyss very wisely." The image on the other side remained quiet, and after a few moments left entirely. Amenei grinned allowing her fangs to recede. "That's what I thought."

  Azrael knew something was wrong with Amenei, he now realized that Kheresket's daughters were only manifestations of the Demoness. Copies and repeats. It was Minna who broke the cycle.

  Where was Minna?

Without a home...

  I could hear the laughing, feasting on mortals above me, around me the sound was driving me into insanity. They would come to me arms wrapped around each other like lovers, carve into my skin and feed upon me. Taunt me...they hate me. I cannot see their faces, only hear their voices, and I know not their names. 

 There's no need to call to any of the Gods, or my mother. I am without a home. What has my father done to me...

  I've opened my eyes, to the blackness of the four walls that contain me. A man has come to me kneeling, touching my skin it disgusts and sickens me. "A lot for you..." he said. I will never know what that meant. His voice was grave, like Naberus' but I knew it wasn't him. As much as I despised the demon lord, he knew how to touch. My eyes began to burn, as he got closer the smell of his breath all over me. I would remember his scent forever.

  I stayed there unmoving until he touched my leg, rubbing it gently in the dark. I couldn't stand it anymore and although this was not my body, and I was severely weakened I lunged at his throat, catching him by surprise. "A lot for me..." I whispered back. His blood felt black, thick and nasty. I tore at his limbs, and ripped his head from his body. The hours churned by and nothing happened, no one else came. So I laid back down in darkness. Without my home...waiting.

We never agree... (Old Visions)

  "He showed me something once."

  Kheresket looked up to Naberus confused, he still held her by the back of the neck. His temper was boiling over. He ordered Kasdeyae to continue her torture of the false Minnaloushe. Kas was all to happy to oblige. Her brother Asmodeus joined in stripping the being naked, they tore at her flesh, the screams filled the halls and could be heard throughout the pantheon.

  Kheresket felt Naberus hardened as he stood behind her. His nails piercing the skin of her throat. She turned her head to speak, causing a small scratch. "Who?" she said finally.

  "You will know...your priestess and I must have a chat."

  "Naberus, do not hurt her." Kheresket began to show signs that she was not pleased where this was headed, but not Naberus brushed it off. He couldn't shake information out of Anomolus could he. Naberus had let go of Kheresket. She turned to see that the smile on his face said that hurting Dezire is exactly what he planned to do.


  "You know full well Kheresket. I am not bound to any of your silly laws, I want information. Your little priestess has it. She walks around all day and night undetected. You feed her information, you don't think I know? There's nothing and no one to protect her anymore. Your house is dead. I rule Amenthes, and I rule YOU. Has your memory slipped you yet again?"

  Kheresket had to think quickly and silently, Naberus could read her thoughts and her body. This time she would suffer for her priestess.

  "I will not allow you to harm one of my priestesses Naberus."

  She could feel his anger wash over her like a wave, Kheresket stepped closer to Naberus looking up into his severe green eyes. "Punish me as you see fit, you will never harm what is mine.  I am still the Goddess of this Realm." 

  Deep within Naberus he knew he couldn't, but that didn't stop Kasdeyae. "You have me all wrong my Goddess" he mocked. "Kasdeyae and Agaliarept have wonderful social skills." Naberus smiled. Kheresket glanced to the window to see Kas and Asmodeus the first of the two brothers still in the cell with 'Minna'.

  Her eyes widened when she realized what happened, and she tried to flee. Naberus caught her by the length of her black hair pulling her to a stop. Naberus made a sucking sound with his teeth, as he brought Kheresket back to him.

  "No no my Goddess...you were saying?"

  Kheresket grabbed Naberus by the arm and flung him into the wall. The stone shook, vines began to spread throughout the foundation from his weight. Naberus spit up blood from the impact, small drops of blood trickled from the corner of his mouth. He wiped it away and looked at his hand and then turned his eyes to Kheresket who said nothing.

  "Looks like we can't seem to agree...you will pay for that no less." he stated as he moved from the wall and straightened his suit. "Naberus..." He held up his hand to stop her from speaking. "I have no time for this Kheresket." He stood next to her facing the other direction looking down at her, his jaw clenched tight and pushed her as hard as he could through the wall. The pantheon groaned and shook at the force of the Goddess making a perfect hole through it's foundation. "How does that feel Khere, Get up!"

  Kheresket laid there for a moment, she knew it was coming but not that hard. She shook her head at how silly this was. She wondered if he remembered that they did fight like this for eons. Kheresket raised her head to see his hand extended to her, she looked into his eyes unafraid. There was never a reason to be afraid of Naberus or a reason to mistrust his odd judgement. She took his hand and allowed him to help her up. They walked away from the lower dungeons of the pantheon. With the understanding that...they would never agree on anything. Not even who actually ruled Amenthes.

"Kill the priestess if you must, but she will tell you everything she knows." Kheresket said as she walked ahead of Naberus, the ever setting Amenthien sun made her skin glow as she emerged from the dungeons. Naberus took a cigarette from his newly acquired case, lit it and inhaled deeply. "I thought you'd see it my way."

"The council won't be too happy with you Naberus."

"It's chaos, and what is this realm without chaos. My love?"


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Welcome Oblivion (Flowers of The Storm # 3)

You...No Longer.

  Kheresket had found herself near Anomolus' cell, as she and the group traveled along the dank underbelly of the Pantheon. Kasdeyae and her brother's dragged Minnaloushe's struggling body down the halls. Kas' chains had slid down from her armor and wrapped themselves around Minna's head covering her eyes, and her mouth. Her senses were being taken away from her one by one. Kheresket could hear Anomolus struggle as she got closer. Naberus turned to her, staring into her speaking to her so no one could hear.

  "End this now Kheresket." she nodded averting her eyes from his hard gaze. Naberus moved closer to her, extending his hand to caress her soft neck, making sure Anomolus could see this as he leaned in and traced her long neck with his lips. Anomolus continued to fight against the chains that bound him, but could do nothing. Kheresket was lost to him. Naberus with his other hand snatched Kheresket by the back of her hair and pulled, she didn't flinch or make a sound just obeyed as Naberus continued to kiss along her neck and down to her breast. He let go of her hair and held her face in his hands. Who knew what lay between them, was it love? There certainly was hate. He knew SHE would obey. His mate would never question him.

  Too much time had passed that he had to sit and wait, watching her. "Make it quick." he said as he bent his tall frame slightly to her, and kissed her lips. Kheresket nodded there were no words she could speak. It was much more sadness and hatred in Kheresket. No one knew if that was entirely a good thing. She watched Naberus as he walked away, how his body moved so fluidly.

  "You don't have to do this Khere..."

  Anomolus' words broke her out of her trance. Kheresket turned her head in his direction. "Oh..?" She said, turning slowly to walk into the small cell that contained him. The spells that kept him in shaped around her body as she entered and bounced back. Her clothes had changed to her usual red flowing robes of silk. It hugged her body and left nothing to the imagination.

  "I don't you say...as I recall you broke my spine for disobeying." She knelt down and leaned in close, he could smell Naberus' scent all over her, it sickened him and she knew it. "What do you think he would do to me for not getting rid of you hmm?

  Kheresket pulled at the thick chains that bound Anomolus exposing his chest. "Kheresket..." She backhanded him hard across the face sending his blood flying across the room. "There is nothing you can say Anomolus it is over." She knew what he was about to say and before he could say anymore she clawed at his cold flesh, his screams fulfilled her lust.

  She wanted him to feel every tear at his body. Once at his heart Kheresket ripped it from him, immediately casting her spell to steady it's rhythm. Blood pooled at Anomolus' mouth but he was still alive. "Oh my love do not worry, you will still live on as per contract your darling children signed. I have to say my mate and Master is very pleased about that." She grinned at the last words.

  At the cells entrance two guards from Naberus' legion appeared crossing their arms over their chest and bowed to the Demoness. Kheresket gave her approval and spoke to them, "A temporary lift has been put on limbo so that you may return take him there and leave his body to rot." The sons did as they were told and dragged Anomolus' lifeless body from his cell. Kheresket still holding his heart summoned a small box and placed it inside. Wrapping a smaller chain around it with a lock and spell inscription.

  She took the box to an area near her private chamber and sealed it into the wall where it could not be found or disturbed. It's inscription held the end of Anomolus' life.

My Wake...

  I can't describe my fear, or my pain, I don't know what they will do to me, I no longer feel the strength of my father. The time of the Madira has passed. At one time I wanted to give in...What's happening to me? What will they do to me?

When She'll Stop...

  Kasdeyae grabbed Minna by the arm and spun her around. The demon spoke with a grave voice like her father Naberus but with a feminine touch. The chains that wrapped around her body and armor slid themselves onto Minna. Minna instantly felt cold and her body shivered. "Don't be too afraid." Kasdeyae said as she walked around the room the chains appearing as tendrils from her body.

 "You want to start talking, or should I make you?" she swiftly moved closer to Minna her breath steamed against Minna's skin. "Let me make you...sister." She whispered to her. Minna felt disgusted and pushed against Kasdeyae knocking her back. She wrapped the chains around her arms several times, to pull Kas closer once more and kicked her in the chest.

  Naberus, Kheresket and Kasdeyae's brothers watched from a distance where Minna could not sense them. Kheresket had only just arrived moments before, which thankfully distracted Naberus. He was done playing games with Minna. "Is it done?" He asked looking down at Kheresket. She nodded slightly, and kissed his shoulder. Kheresket watched as her daughter was beaten and dragged all over the room for information. Her blood ran down the walls like a steady rain, but still Minna held on.

 Kheresket walked closer so Minna would sense her presence, their eyes made connection through the thin veil of the magical glass but they could not see each other.

 "Naberus...it was Anomolus."

  Kheresket stepped back from the glass, her fear took over her, she herself wanted to bolt. Naberus walked up behind  her, he ran his hand up her back sending a chill through her spine and held her by the back of the neck.

  "You will not run, what do you mean it was Anomolus?" She began to pant, tears were streaming down her face.

"That's not Minnaloushe..."

  Naberus looked up from Kheresket to the glass, she could feel his anger pulsing through his body.

Welcome to Oblivion (The Reign of the Agathodemon)...

 "He switched her."

  "What the fuck how?" Dezire was in total shock they had heard everything through Kheresket.

  "I've no clue Dezire...but I really don't think we should be around, I just don't know how we're getting away."

 "Well aren't you death?"

Azrael rolled his eyes. "It doesn't work like that Dezire, I figured you would know this by now."

"I'm just sayin'..."

"So is that Anomolus? Minna's dead?" Dezire for the first time was really not sure about anything in this realm. Azrael had his own questions, how did it all slip by him? He still sensed someone's death...Whatever this meant he didn't like it. "I need to find Dionisio."

  Azrael got up, searching the area they were in he knew that he could leave but Dezire couldn't. Using his own shadows he escaped whatever bound them to the area. He didn't want to leave her but as Kheresket's priestess she was always safe. Dezire watched Azrael disappear and suddenly felt alone like she had been so long ago while she was trapped in limbo. She hoped being a priestess was a good thing in this realm.

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Severance ( An Interlude )

Undo the chains that bonds us...

 " Don't you think I know that you're watching me?"

  Naberus stood on a balcony outside of the massive pantheon that is House Madira. He leaned his tall slender frame against a railing allowing the wind to catch his betraying hair. Renenet slithered her way up behind him, slowly transforming into a suitable human form.

  She sauntered over to him, her body glistened as the constant setting sun of Amenthes glowed against her body. She gave a twisted smile to the Demon Lord but it wasn't returned, he kept his eyes on her legs for some reason. "It wasssss worth a shot brother." she hissed.

  Naberus picked up an apple from a nearby tray, eying it suspiciously. "Does his royal highness ever get tired of those heavy S's...?" Ren smiled again and placed her hand onto his shoulder, she circled around him as they often do each other to tease. "Never...and...I don't recall you ever complaining either."

  Naberus bit into the apple and said nothing. He thought on it for a few moments, she's quite good. "So who are you stalling for? Can't be Kheresket, shes...resting." Renenet giggled. "Sssso hard to fool Lord Naberussss. But can't a friend say hello?"


  "Let's see 3,000 years ago you..."

  Before he could finish he felt a sharp pain in his back, and the sudden rush of his own blood spew from his mouth. He couldn't move or feel his body, he heard a scream from somewhere other than the room they were in and Ren apologizing several times. What the fuck? is all he could think to himself. He knew his body had hit the floor but he couldn't feel a thing. He just kept hearing screams, though of course it wasn't... Naberus, he took pain quite well. It was Kheresket.

  A figure came close to him and stood there hovering. "Nice move Minnaloushe you and your father have a knack for spines, but I will not release you." Minna tilted her head to the side the cool look on her face was somewhat disturbing considering what she had just done...but not to him. "Oh really? You sorry sack of shit! I rip out your spine and you still want to play?" She was indeed pissed but Naberus just didn't give a damn at this point or at any other point. She tossed his bloody spine on top of him and walked to a chair and sat, the anger circled around her like fumes. If only Naberus could shake his head he would.

  Kheresket was on the other side of the door kicking and screaming the sounds filled the entire pantheon, and all of Amenthes. With her power she could not get through, and he could not command her through. Naberus' eyes landed back to Renenet who moved near the door, but dared not touch it. He was used to her betrayals and expected them, it's what they do. "You know Minna, he said as his eyes traveled back to the hybrid. 'when your mother gets through that door..." Minna shot up from the chair and slammed the spike of her heel to his face. "Shut the fuck up!" Naberus' blood splattered across the wall. Kheresket's rage could be felt throughout Amenthes as she struck him.

  "You may want to eassse up there Princessss." Renenet said. "Your freedom isn't exactly worth the entire realms fall. We won't see the primordial watersss, we'll be destroyed he'll command her to do that. Think." Naberus could feel himself loosing consciousness. Minna didn't care anymore she wanted out of his game, she kicked him repeatedly. "Stay awake asshole. release me!"

  He mouthed "No", and closed his eyes. Minna began to charge for him once more but at last the door burst open. Kheresket stood there looking disheveled as if she ran a marathon. She was accompanied by her priestess Dezire, it was apparent the door had some sort of magic Kheresket could not cross.


  Kheresket backed Minna against a wall, Dezire managed to slip into the room and couldn't believe what Minna had done to Naberus...her feelings towards him had to be set aside for a few. "I just want to be free, why won't you give me that?!?! Minna tried to make her case, Kheresket shook her head in disgust. "I cannot believe that I gave birth to something so pathetic!

  Dezire could feel Azrael's presence moving up the halls, "Khere you may want to hurry." She couldn't tell if Naberus was even awake, he had said nothing since Kheresket came into the room. Kheresket had ignored her warning, and continued her abuse and throw threats toward Minnaloushe.

  "I should kill you where you stand."

  "Naberus is dying Kheresket..." Dezire spoke softly.

  Kheresket turned to look at Dezire, her eyes were souless black. Minna began to inch past her but Kheresket caught her while still looking at Dezire. Her hand was wrapped tightly around Minna's throat as she slammed her into the stone wall.

 "HE cannot die!" she roared as she stared down Dezire. Naberus opened his eyes and watched Kheresket and Minna. He had no clue if he was going to heal from this shit if she ever stopped talking that is, but her and her child's relationship was broken. Kheresket hated Minna more than anything and it was his fault. he couldn't understand why she didn't blame him.

  Hell is wrong with Kheresket's brain? He thought as he searched.


  She stopped immediately and turned to Naberus, finally realizing what Minna had done. "How long are you going to let me die here?" She started to walk over to him but Minna tried to interfere, Naberus at full strength would be dangerous for her, bad enough Kheresket. Kheresket had picked up Minna, and snapped her neck. Azrael walked in just as it happened and sat on the railing of the balcony. "That should shut you up for awhile." Kheresket was disgusted, and preferred to do more than that.

  Renenet looked to Azrael, he sat calmly on the railing. "He's not dying, he said. I was just bored."

  Dezire shook her head in Azrael's direction. "Damn..."

  Kheresket knelt down to Naberus and looked him over. "You've been in worse shape." "Yes...I was about to mention it to Renenet until she well betrayed me again. Kheresket looked towards her sons lover. Ren looked down towards the floor. "Forgive me Mistresss you know my love hate thing with Lord Naberusss."

  "I do."

  Kheresket leaned closer to him as if to place a kiss on his lips. She took both his hands and held them against her face. The thin streams of her life force flowed into him, healing him. Once again he had feeling in his body. Naberus kissed Kheresket allowing her to stop. Dezire watched what transpired, and couldn't believe it. It answered all of her questions though.

 They were interrupted by three individuals that appeared at the door ones Dezire had never seen. They were Amenthiens, real Amenthiens stunningly gorgeous beings. Azrael came back in and seated himself next to Dezire. "You know who they are? He asked her. "No but by the looks I can tell you they are Naberus and Kheresket's sons...do you get the feeling that we aren't really in the room anymore?" "We're not Renenet answered. Naberus shut us out the moment his sons entered. When it comes to his "legion" no outsiders." They watched as the sons kneeled before Kheresket but gave no address as her being their mother. Naberus shook his head at Kheresket telling her no. Dezire sort of understood what it meant.

  None of his legion are to ever acknowledge Kheresket as their mother or be destroyed. Kneeling was all she would get. They were worried about Naberus and they spoke in Amenthien a language that is not written in books. Kheresket fed this information to Dezire since she could not hear it. She even got snippets of their dead language which was beautiful and hard to pronounce, it was even lost to Kheresket.

  Minna had awoken eventually and was not happy to find three towering demons above her, ready to strike her down. Plus Naberus and Kheresket. Renenet had to make her leave as she was summoned away by a different house, she winked at Naberus and transformed back to her cobra form and slithered off. Naberus already had plans to get her back.

  Azrael continued to watch just as Dezire did there was nothing they could do. She continued to watch the sons closely it was hard to be in their presence. One in particular looked back at her with it's gold eyes and smiled at Dezire it's sharp fangs flashed against the ever present sun in the distance. "Azrael..." she leaned to the side and said. Azrael looked in Dezire's direction....something didn't seem right. "I figured all of his legion were male but I guess I was wrong." "Oh?" "That one in the middle the slightly taller one... that's a woman and I've seen her..."

  "Is there something you aren't telling me Dezire? because death is close and I'm not sure who it is...."

  Dezire couldn't speak she felt her throat close, the woman turned once again but stood in place. Azrael looked directly at her for the first time and stood up. Kheresket, Naberus, and the other two that held Minnaloushe were behind the woman. He knew her as well, very well.



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Endless Reverie (Flowers of The Storm #2)

We've got a secret...

  "To whom is it your loyalties lie, it is that poor excuse for a God who thinks killing her is the way to information. Or the Goddess that gave him that power?"

  Azrael was not at all amused at this situation. Everyone enjoyed throwing threats around and now they were aimed at him. He looked at Naberus who was furious when he learned of Kheresket's location and state the past 2 months since he and Minnaloushe's return.

  "My loyalty should not be in question Naberus, what I'd like to know is why are you so angry about Kheresket? Someone you claim to hate." He posed a good question, one Naberus was in no mood of answering. "I'd like to know that myself." They both turned to see Minna standing not far behind listening in. Naberus rolled his eyes in frustration. "Fine you both want answers, Anomolus wants answers. Take me to Limbo to get her and maybe just maybe those answers will restore Kheresket to the Goddess she was before Anomolus came along."

  Azrael knew there was more to this than just answers, but he agreed and took Naberus to the dungeon like limbo. Naberus had asked Minna to meet them in the throne room, which she angrily replied. "This is annoying."

  Limbo much like the City of Dis cranked along with it's screams,and moans. Azrael with his infamous scythe pointed in the direction Naberus needed to go to find Kheresket, while he himself looked for Harendotes. "You know Thoth is not going to be too thrilled that his prized gift to Kheresket was banished here. What we do is pretty tame compared to this place." Naberus said as he stood looking over the bridge. Azrael nodded in agreement the house was in shambles, Dionisio had made an order for Anomolus to be confined until Kheresket be returned, but Anomolus wouldn't agree. For two months it went on until Dionisio had had enough, surfaced and killed Sakhmet himself only to get Naberus to return to the realms. Apparently he knew this secret no one else knew. It worked and now everyone had to deal with Naberus' wrath and didn't know why.

  It didn't take long to figure out which cell contained the Demoness, once he was inside the many layers of the large building. The energy that bound her was impressive he had to admit, the barrier even kept him out. She was there pacing back and forth with several chains, one cuff linked around her neck with two chains stretching  to both walls. Her wrists were also shackled with the same chain combination as well as her ankles there was very little give and Naberus could tell that for two months, she stood in this one spot. He could see the open wound in her chest that never healed. Her entire body was a mess.

   "Enjoying yourself?" her voice was cracked and dry, not her own it had the guttural demonic undertones. "Ah I'm the last one you want to see, yes I am enjoying this actually. You chained up..." he smiled. Kheresket pulled at the chains with  the little give that they had. "There's that Amenthien fire, all you need is a little push and the right person to do it...you see you could have released yourself a long time ago." "I'm in no mood for your games Naberus!"

  He kept his smile but this time waited for her gaze to fall onto his. "Kheresket break your bonds, and this barrier that separates us so that I may step through." Without question she broke every chain that bound her to the room and dropped the barrier. She was confused by the action even more confused by Naberus, or was this Anomolus playing games. Naberus stepped through straightening his suit jacket, the closer he got the more she knew it wasn't Anomolus.

  Naberus extended his hand sliding back the thin material that covered her breast. He shook his head with disappointment. "Anomolus did quite a number on you." She brushed his hand away. "What is going on?" "Still haven't figured it out Goddess?" he said as he looked down at the disheveled Demoness.

  Kheresket looked up at him, as he stood there waiting for her to do what she needed to do. She forced him against the wall  her face pressed against his, this felt right and wrong. Naberus lifted his hand to caress the side of her face, her lips parted softly but not to kiss him, she wanted the very essence that animated Naberus, it's what healed her.

  Azrael stood and watched as the two did this transference. He had now understood Naberus' anger, and urgency. The question he wanted to know now was did Kheresket know this?

  Kheresket exited the cell looking better than she had before. "Forget you even saw that." she said to Azrael. Naberus followed behind and patted him on the shoulder smiling.

I'm just a pawn...

  As the trio made their way back to House Madira, Azrael had made them come to a complete stop. There was no way he was going to continue with what he had just seen in his head. "No more, what the hell was that back there?" He was becoming angry which was not at all wise when dealing with the aspect of death. Naberus turned and stared directly at Azrael's scythe. "I suppose I do owe you, we may however want to let the others in on it. Especially Minna, she won't like what she is about to hear but at this point I do not care." Kheresket was growing more irritated. "What is so damned important that everyone must know?" "Since you have yet to put two and two together Goddess, that information is supposed to come from your mouth and your brain."

  Naberus and his gifts suddenly put them directly in House Madira's main hall, he was only planning on having this told one time. He had made sure all of her family was in that room. He had Minna ask Dionisio to have Anomolus there. Surprisingly he was, and Naberus grinned at the sight of the little God wrapped in chains, and enough spells to put the entire realm down. This was not going to be a good moment for Khere he thought. Naberus stood next to Kheresket in front of the thrones where her son and daughter Amenei sat.

  "Kheresket you and I go back a very long ways...sadly you only remember half of it." He grabbed her by the arm and spun her around his gaze falling once again onto hers. "Kheresket I want you to remember, remember everything done to you, everything done to me. Remember your Master." Dionisio stepped down from his throne. He knew from his mothers dreams, but he remained silent. Anomolus watched Kheresket, he realized that all those years he never had a hold on her. That's why she ran. Kheresket stood there, she broke Naberus' gaze with pools of tears filling her eyes. "You're legion isn't just...they're my..." "You mean ours Kheresket.

  We were forced to create them, pawns in Nu and Naunet's game. Anomolus thinks torturing you into submission for this information was going to get him somewhere. We are more powerful than a vampire, and I am sure he wouldn't enjoy 19 legions of demons...of your children tormenting his ass for eternity." He looked to Dionisio and Amenei. "Would you two like to make a contract on that?" Dionisio smiled, while Amenei was sick with horror at all she had just heard. Renenet who decided to stay for awhile longer due to Kheresket's absence from Dionisio, Stood next to the King in her human form. "Take the contract." She whispered. Dionisio loved her viciousness. Later on Azrael would mention to Amenei that he was surprised that she didn't immediately jump for that. Maybe it was the fact she was the only one in the room who still liked her father.

  "We'll see Naberus, apparently my sister needs some time." Naberus nodded and let go of Kheresket leaving her alone. Minna followed after him waiting until no one else could hear. "And what about me, since I was just a pawn in your game?" Naberus was starting to feel tired. "You would be what they call collateral damage Minna, this also teaches you a lesson. Never trust a demon, especially one with an agenda....No I will not release you." he leaned in close to her pressing her against the wall. "I am no where near done with you. I wanted you, I got you and you are mine, Deal with it!" Minna shoved him away from her and stormed off.  "Oh I'll deal with it alright." Naberus straightened his jacket and tie. "I just love feisty women."

Legionary Contracts...

 Kheresket stepped closer to Dionisio, this was the first she had ever laid eyes upon her own son. Anomolus had taken him from her. "Renenet gave you a good name." she said as they stood face to face, she felt cheated and glared at Anomolus as he sat in the chair not far from her. She never said a word to him. She noticed that things weren't exactly mother and son between Ren and Dionisio, it didn't matter. Ren although quite dangerous was an excellent Goddess to have in the fold. It was just surprising she didn't turn Anomolus to stone, or better yet set him ablaze while the entire Household roasted marshmallows on him. He should be grateful no less. Kheresket grabbed and embraced her son, a single tear fell from her eyes. She was at last happy for this moment. "You knew all this?" she asked. "I read it in your memories, and dreams, Naberus commanded you to forget but he was commanded to remember. You two were created to be one, something my father cannot control.

  Naberus knows them all by name all 19 legions and they him. They know you mother, and they know not to ever utter the words mother to you or be destroyed. Naberus is willing to give their command to me as their brother." Amenei's mouth fell open. "You have got to be kidding me little brother, you really want to acknowledge these...." He cut her off and swiftly made the two steps back towards her. "WHAT'S THAT SISTER?" Amenei smiled and stood up. "If you really want to challenge me let's take this outside." Kheresket thought the banter was cute but now was not the time. Plus she was curious as to what Dionisio actually was in the first place. He didn't move like Minna.

  She also didn't have to ask what the other end of that contract was, apparently the Gods of Amenthes have had enough of Vampires in their midst. Her children tormenting Anomolus was only the beginning. "If you two wouldn't mind..." Amenei stopped and looked towards her mother. "Forgive me mother, he takes some getting used to." Dionisio put his attention back onto Kheresket. "I'm sure you don't need time to think about this m.." Kheresket held up her hand to silence him. She had her full memory and had heard enough. "You want a contract My son, then make one with me." Anomolus knew this was not going to be good. He had hurt her in ways no one could imagine and he was about to pay for it. He could not even protest.

  Kheresket summoned a small blade that hung on the wall and cut deep into her wrist. A parchment appeared beneath as the blood flowed. "The 19 Legions by the Command of Naberus"...she looked over to Anomolus. "My Master...by the command of King Dionisio, My son, Queen Amenei My Daughter, and Demoness Kheresket the Great. Shall forevermore torment the usurper Lord Anomolus Madira, until the end of his days, if he dies raise him. He will know every pain he has inflicted, he will be damned to the confines of the City of Limbo for an eternity. Where he will guard the soulless wraiths, that lament for their loved ones. This contract is sealed with blood of Kheresket herself."

  Kheresket licked her wound closed and sealed the contract handing it to Dionisio. "Sign it with each of your own blood to make it bind. I'm sure Naberus will be all too happy to oblige. If this contract is ever broken all three of you will be destroyed. So choose wisely. My contracts are much worse than Naberus'." The thought sadden her but Anomolus hurt her beyond repair. She was happy never knowing she was forced to give birth to almost 200,000 demons. Now she understood what Renenet meant.

 She'll make you weep...

  She was disgusted with her family and made her exit from the main hall, heading towards to private bed chambers. There waiting for her was a bath which she couldn't wait to get into. She studied the room as the door closed behind her. Her heart fluttered beneath her chest, she traced the spot where Anomolus tried to rip her heart out. No matter his tactics she would have never been able to tell him about Naberus. She undressed and got into the tub which was set into the floor. She wasn't alone long before the heavy chamber door crept open and closed with a lock. These doors don't lock she thought. Kheresket turned her head to see it was Naberus, she stood from the circular bath and watched him as he leaned against the wall.

  Naberus eyed her naked body, from the shape of her breasts, the easy curves of her waist and hips to the shape of her thighs. He wasn't smiling this time. Just looking at her wet body. No other but Anomolus had been in her private chambers not even Sandalio. Kheresket stepped out and walked over to Naberus their mutual hatred seemed to have passed. He traced the curve of her breast, his touch hovering above her skin was agonizing. Naberus lifted Kheresket into his arms and pressed his lips against hers kissing her deeply. She wrapped herself around him, pulling at his clothes, ripping every piece to shreds. He carried her over to her bed and laid her down gently, kissing every part of her body. Biting her inner thigh causing her to moan loudly from the pain and pleasure. Kheresket remember the games they  played the more they did the more came back.

  As Naberus entered Kheresket slowly and deeply Kheresket sunk her teeth into his throat. He clawed at her to stop but she persisted. He pulled her head away from him, his blood trickling from the sides of her mouth. The guttural growls they both emitted shook the bed and the walls. Kheresket sat up only to wrap her legs around him they embraced each other. Silently feeding. In this room nothing else existed as it had all those thousands and thousands of years ago. Kheresket pulled away from Naberus and charged towards him. "Enough!" he circled her breathing heavily. "If you want to be angry, be angry at Anomolus." he paused. "I was fine being the realms guardian Kheresket, I was fine never EVER touching you again. Until you had Minnaloushe. Ambrosios is who told Anomolus about your Master that you just so happen to still belong to." Kheresket turned to face him. "But you made me forget!" Naberus slapped her, and looked down at his hand. He had never hit Kheresket, and wasn't trying to start. That Goddamn Minna...Kheresket knew it. "I had no choice...take issue with Nu and that twisted wife of his. We're Demons Kheresket we don't understand love. Banish him from this Realm and be done with this."

  Kheresket cut her eyes at him "And what about my daughter?" Naberus had a thought to kill Minna just so everyone would quit asking. He began to pace back and forth. Kheresket watched his naked body. "I make a contract, I do this for you, if you give me X in return. My end of the contract is now fulfilled job done. Now you want to break said contract by not giving me my payment. THAT'S NOT HOW THIS SHIT WORKS KHERESKET! Am I the only demon with a functioning brain around here who understands contracts? He stood with his back facing her, he was done explaining. He was thinking about leaving, Hades sounds nice. Kheresket laughed which caused him to turn around she touched his lips with her fingers before he started another rant and shook her head. Naberus pulled her close and hugged her resting his head onto hers. Kheresket had no idea what was to happen next.

This ends part 2 of Flowers of The Storm

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Flowers of The Storm

Left Unsaid- The Wolf (The past)

"Tell me Sandalio, one day when we are written about in books. What do you want it to say about you hmm...?"

"Khere for once stop playing games."

  The Goddess turned around to face him, her face was blank of emotion. "I am dead serious, go on." "I don't know Khere." The realm had been unusually quiet as it prepared for the birth of Anomolus and Kheresket's son. Renenet the Cobra Goddess in her excitement rushed to Khere's side. There was still awhile yet but Ren enjoyed the company of House Madira. Especially Anomolus and his strange ways, Kheresket...chose to pester Sandalio.

  This was the first she had seen of him since Anket died there was no explaining why she chose to stay away from him, but he was going to explain his feelings, that's what intrigued her after all. As he talked she stared off into the distance, remnants of her conversation with Naberus entering her mind. She needed to get to Minnaloushe but it was risky.

  The child inside of her fluttered. "You're not even listening to me.." "What?" "I said I want to know why you ordered such a thing why did you allow that to happen?" She could tell he was angry, damn what all did he say? she really wasn't listening she wasn't feeling too well. She leaned forward and rested her hands on her knees feeling as if she would vomit. Sandalio was making her angry with his accusations.

  "Technically my love it was Nephthys. It was Nephthys who compelled you to linger in your bed chamber, while your daughter slaughtered your pack on the steps of Madira. It was Nephthys who slowed you down. It was only your and my offspring that drove the blade into Anket's chest. Deep in your heart Sandalio you still call to me, you cannot deny it. You may leave at any time no one is stopping you. But please do not silently blame me for you child's death. Do you want her back? I suppose that is a silly question of course you do."

   He couldn't believe those words had come from Kheresket, but then again he did. These days she could say anything. She had hurt him, Nephthys had hurt him it was beginning to seem that neither mattered, and to know now that he was not bound to this place. His only thoughts were of his daughter.

  "Would you do that for me Kheresket?"

  She looked upon him non smiling. "I love you Sandalio, I will not. Anket deserved her fate...I would not allow her disrespectful ways back in my presence, I will not go out of my way to avoid her in my own House. She will not plot against me in my House. Be grateful My love she was only sent to the primordial waters. Perhaps another House would have her, you must make a deal with Nu and Naunet, I'll send for Aken the ferrymen for you." Kheresket stood, her tall frame hovering slightly above him. She kissed his lips softly; "Good luck to you my love." If he had anything else to say or to protest it didn't matter she wasn't in the mood to listen. Maybe...Naunet would keep him there. There was no bargaining with that woman. As Kheresket walked away there was a devious smile etched across her face.

 Bonds of the heart- The Vampire

  Kheresket, followed silently and invisibly by Renenet and Harendotes made their way back into the confines of the House. The more she had moved, the sicker she felt the walls couldn't even give her comfort. "Ren, why is this one worse than Minnaloushe?" Renenet became visible only for a moment and slithered by Kheresket's side wrapping her textured body around Kheresket's to ease the pain. "After awhile bodiesss wear out Mistresss. she said." Kheresket looked confused, what did she mean by that? This realm held some deep secret she needed to be let in on. They had at last come to a larger room where Kheresket had sensed Anomolus. He had made it into his study the high walls were nothing but books and facing out was a large balcony that let in the Amenthien air. His type never lost the love to study, knowledge was in fact infinite. It suited him.

  He sat there in a large black chair with it's back facing the doorway. Like Kheresket he enjoyed looking out into Amenthes, or he could've been reading she didn't exactly know. Through all these years she never knew if he did actually read these books. There were always distractions. She watched him as he set a wine glass on the small table next to the chair he knew she was there. Then again it's not like she was quiet about it. Anomolus turned his head to the side to acknowledge her.

  "Enjoy your chat with Sandalio?"

  "I did..."

  "Very good...you sent him away why?"

   His tone was not something she had hoped for, and not something she had needed... not now, not at this particular time. She placed her hand on her stomach, the child was trying to tell her something. When it came to incoming danger and Anomolus, Kheresket was not the best at judgement. "My love I..." She was cut off by a sudden slam against her body. Anomolus had leapt from his chair and forced her against the wall his hand plunging into her chest and encircling her slow beating heart. Blood spattered from her mouth, she had finally realized what he had done. The tattoo of Harendotes began to move along her body she felt he didn't care whether he was summoned or not. Her life was in danger. "Anomolus... she managed to say. What is this?" "You are hiding more than you think you are Kheresket and you will tell me. But I want to know why?"

  She would tell him everything whatever it was she knew but this was too much, everything hurt. "All this over a dead wolf, that pathetic child of you and his? She choked on her blood. Anomolus squeezed her heart. "PLEASE!" she screamed. At that moment Harendotes fully formed from Kheresket's body, grabbing hold of Anomolus by surprise. Kheresket was free of his grip long enough to slide down the wall. Her own form was beginning to change she was in full labor. The hole in her chest wasn't closing which worried Renenet who finally reappeared. Harendotes summoned a chain and wrapped it around Anomolus binding him to whatever force he could think of on quick notice.

  "This will NEVER hold me!" He exclaimed. "It will for now." Harendotes knelt down to him staring at him. "You're intent on hurting your wife, and cannot sense her labor beforehand? Harendotes had to turn his back against Kheresket and keep Anomolus distracted, he himself could not see what thing she was to become. "You love your Mistress so much ask her about her two Masters." Harendotes looked confused. "That's still no reason Anomolus she's your wife, and carrying your son." "You honestly think I care now? Let me out of this!" "No". Anomolus gave pause as he watched Kheresket. "I used to think her true form was the most horrifying yet beautiful thing I had ever seen." "And you don't no longer?"....Anomolus said nothing.

  Her labor lasted hours, longer than hers with Minnaloushe the longer it went on the more the child grew which made Kheresket sick even in her true form. She knew his growth and advancement would be much different than Minna's, it may have been Anomolus' interference that complicated it. Either way what grew was not happy with it's father, and indirectly channeled his anger towards his mother.

All things must come- The Demon (Present)

  It had only been a few months since the king of the realms had been born. Minnaloushe, Naberus and a few others managed to infiltrate Sakhmet's defenses. It was quite easy, maybe Sakhmet was ready to die, or maybe it was a setup for Minna again as it was before. No one ever found out what had happened to her that first time and Naberus could not for the life of him command her to tell. It had to have been Yahwehotep and his various ways of persuasion. Either way Naberus let it go he had other issues to deal with, as reports of Anomolus and Kheresket on the outs kept ringing in his ear. Only the God and Goddess were in disarray they weren't the ruling authority.

  Sakhmet's so called "hideout" didn't make much sense to Minnaloushe, for a woman who was hell bent on killing her own family she didn't understand the point of hiding. "Do you know what to do My Minna?" he was standing in front of her blocking her view of a path she was to take that led directly to Sakhmet. They didn't want any complications this time no traps. Kill her and be done with it, he and her parents told her.

  "Yes there's no need to ask such a stupid question." Her mouth made him want to snap her neck...repeatedly. He slowly turned and gently placed his hand around her throat, his green human like eyes blazed with it's Amenthien fire. He spoke to her in a velvety toned voice, different from his usual deepened hoarse one. He lifted her a few inches above the floor and held her there. Minna's fear took over he was too unpredictable,  worse than her father. "I've told you time and time again about that mouth of yours Minnaloushe. Your games annoy me, do as I say and I may let you live when this is over." "You can't kill me." Naberus smiled slyly. "Think I won't little one. I can and I will, your mother and father are no challenge for me, you think the primordial waters can contain me?"

   At that point Minna wondered why her mother didn't tell her anything about Naberus, why did she have to figure this out on her own. Why did Kheresket abandon her? "There's a whole lot of things mother dearest didn't mention." Minna curled up her bottom lip. "Don't read my mind" "You forget so easily, we're bonded Minna, if you would accept the damned thing completely and stop this half shit you would know a whole lot of things. Continuing to play naive and stubborn will only be dangerous for you. Now enough of this! Do you know what to do?"

   Had it occurred to Minna that her Master still had her by the throat, ready for the wrong response?


   Naberus let go of her and resumed his original position. "Was that so hard? Did it really need to take a drawn out conversation about nothing? you are becoming unlikable. Unlikable ones get killed." He shook his head in wonderment at such petty things, he was too old literally. Minna stood patiently behind him and smiled at his thought. One of his generals who seemed oddly familiar to her returned to them to let Naberus know information on Sakhmet. There was something so odd about this demon like she knew him. She had spent little time with members of his legion.

   "Naberus why do I know him?"

   "You don't."

  He was lying she knew it. And he knew that she knew. Naberus nodded for her to go forward and stepped behind her. Minna walked down the path they had stood on. Every step she took was slower than the first. Naberus watched her until she was out of sight. "They all know something is going on and that you are the root of it." a small bench manifested underneath Naberus just as he was sitting down. He took the option of not lighting a cigarette this time. "You have a habit of watching everyone's conversations Azrael or just mine? At least...I know someone is going to die tonight." Azrael was slightly amused by Naberus' confidence in certain death. "The habit can't be helped at times, but you failed to realize what's going on here. A couple months ago Anomolus mentioned to Harendotes about two Masters would you care to explain about that?"

  There was a sudden crash in the distance followed by a scream, they should've been concerned but it was neither Minnaloushe nor Sakhmet. Naberus turned his head back towards Azrael, he heard Minna's questions in the distance and now his. He did opt for that cigarette so much for cutting back. "What makes you think I know anything about that? one cannot serve two Masters" a severed head rolled by...Amenei must be around he thought to himself. "You know Kheresket better than anyone Naberus, better than Anomolus." Naberus had a quick thought. "This is trickery...nice visuals Anomolus but I'm no fool." Anomolus dropped his front and started to attack him, but not before Naberus jumped behind Anomolus. "Touch me little God, and I'll not only command your daughter to kill your sister but to kill herself as well." Anomolus' eyes widened. "You wouldn't...release my daughter then."

   "No, we have a contract; I get Minnaloushe daughter of Kheresket and you get a dead sister. It wouldn't be wise to break a contract with a demon. Especially not me." As Sakhmet laid sleeping soundly in her bed Minnaloushe stood there watching her listening to every word Naberus said, and he made sure she'd heard it. She was a bargaining chip. Part of a contract. Sakhmet's eyes opened and she smiled, it had seemed everyone heard this conversation and everyone was in this room. Amenei stood on the other side of the bed from Minna. "Fuck them do it, just kill her and get it over with." Sakhmet didn't move only folded her hands over her stomach. "Bothers you doesn't it girl, that your father would use you like that. Weren't you ordered to do something?"

  Minna hesitated she felt stuck, Naberus was commanding her not to move. If Sakhmet attacked her it would be all over, she couldn't defend herself but Amenei could. Her father was breaking a law asking for her to be released. He broke a contract. "All I ever wanted was to see Anomolus destroyed and he does it himself." Sakhmet laid in her bed roaring in laughter. Minna looked to Amenei, who had tears streaming down her face. What did this mean for the House?  Sakhmet having thought their guards were down enough sprung towards door, Minna grabbed her long hair and pulled her back, sinking her teeth deep into her flesh. The door flung open causing Minna to stop, Sakhmet was strong but Minna proved stronger at holding on. There stood a young man whom favored Minna, and she instantly recognized him as her Brother. She had never seen him or knew about her mother having another of her kind. Naberus did not tell her. She smiled with her fangs as the blood dripped from her mouth. She had forgotten all about Anomolus it wasn't about him anymore.

  "And what do they call you?" she asked. He answered by ripping out Sakhmet's heart and watching the blood run down his arm. Amenei walked up behind Minna smiling.

  "Dionisio he said."

End of Part 1.

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Precursor ( I will Obey)

Naberus, and The Other God won't do.

  He walked the darkened neighborhood streets, and bridges of Venice until he came to a tiny caffe, it was dimly lit with still a few people inside. Naberus opened the glass wooden door, and took a small table by the window, the server an older woman approached to take his order. As soon as he looked at her she was in heat, her cheeks were flushed with red. Naberus shook his head, as he took the silver cigarette case with a skull etched onto it from his coat pocket. "Oh my God, I am so sorry" she said dropping her pen and her tray. He neatly
laid the case on the table, and then a lighter. No one needed to know he lit cigarettes without a lighter. "I'm certain God had nothing to do with it." He looked at her. Her mouth fell open, and she just stood there. "You want to take my order or just stare at me all night?" she shook her head coming out of her daze and walked off talking to herself or maybe him. "Can't even get a drink these days."

  Naberus tapped the cigarette against the table, staring blindly out the window, all he kept hearing was there was no sign of Minnaloushe. The room around him suddenly went dark, he searched the room with his eyes, what trickery was this now? All he saw was a long hallway and a cage, inside lay Minnaloushe shackled, and naked, starved for days...weeks. "This hasn't happened yet..." "No" a voice familiar to him yet he didn't like. The vision cleared, and the bar was just as it was, the dense waitress who would bring him watered down drinks when she got over her hot flashes. The drunk in the corner singing to his shot glass. "Fuck are you doing here?" Naberus said as he drained the last of his drink the waitress had set on the table a few moments earlier.  "And keep your visions I don't need them." Yahwehotep sat down across from him in the booth. Like all Amenthiens his looks were startling to an average human. "So you plan on sitting here allowing that to happen?"

  "Fuck...YOU. THAT shit has not happened."  Yahwehotep was not at all bothered by Naberus' words. "It is happening, right now, and she will stay like that as long as you allow it." Naberus looked at him,he almost threw him out of the window until he heard the man singing to his shot glass. "You have a lot of nerve coming to me Yahwehotep. What do you mean as long as I allow it to happen? She is not bound to me, blame her little insecurites for that shit. If she wants to run off on her own then let her. It's not by my command. I'm not at fault here." Naberus felt guilty, Yahwehotep was making him feel guilty, he hated this shit. "I didn't sign up for this." As he got up to leave Yahwehotep grabbed his arm, demons hated to be trapped and feel trapped.

  "You may not be aware, but you signed up for it when you said you loved her." How much he loved her who knew. Naberus took ahold of Yahwehotep's hand and slid it off his arm. He was disgusted to have someone, something so...pure touching him. "Well now I know from now on to keep my mouth shut. As I said if she wants to run off on her own let her. That also means let her get herself out of trouble. We can wait until Kheresket's next child grows up, and gets revenge for all I care." Naberus left the bar, this time paying the tab. Yahwehotep sat there for a moment, he did not want to interfere. It was something he needed to think over, Minna might have to suffer for just a while until then. Fate and the balance had done well up until this point....

This pressing issue...

  It is a month now, I have been somewhat on the run from the everyday life of my family. Am I playing the running game like my mother hundreds of times before me? I suppose so. I somehow found comfort in it. Like the first signs of snow, the world stops and there's nothing but perpetual silence. Nothing and no one moves. Yes there was a slight comfort in that. There's just me...I would travel different parts of the world just to have this feeling, this comfort. Until that day, the day Naberus had grown tired of waiting.

  Briefly during this venture of mine. I had the pleasure of running into Azrael or he me. This time I tell you it was a small dingy little area, hookers drug addicts do you know the type? Why he was there would forever be a mystery to me. Or maybe it was the spot in which he chose to materialize in. It didn't matter they called to him here silently giving away their lives to unseen Gods.

  "Odd place to find you in Princess...not picky on the meals I presume." he had flashed that beautiful grin of his. This Archangel, whom I always said never belonged among us. At this point in my journey I was nearing my bottom, who gave a shit where I was? Who I fed upon? It was just me? No rules. Me. Drunken from the blood of my last victim. I braced myself against the wall. The wall was my friend and I it.

  "Azrael...beautiful angel. Am I dying? Have you come to place those beautiful lips against mine?" He looked at me strangely. "Well no, I didn't know you were going to be right here. Which is good, I don't have to look." I heard the familiar footsteps in the far off distance. Azrael was stalling me...and I thought he was my friend. So much for that.

  Air around me became so much more heavier, and it became hard to keep a hold of myself. I looked up at Azrael once again, he had pulled the hood of his cloak down so I could see his face more clearly. "He's followed me forever, now he gets you to join in his games?" I slid down to the ground fading in and out of consciousness. I could sense him kneeling down to me, this...

  "Almost little one, almost." Naberus traced the length of Minnaloushe's hair, neatly wrapping it into his hand, and pulled it as hard as he could, slamming her head against the brick wall. There was a loud thud and the wall of the building shook cracking it's structure but it still stood. He could hear cursing from down the alley. So he quickly checked the back of her head for marks. Shame he had to do that but he was tired of her running. Azrael she trusted. He would have to wipe away his jealousy at her need to kiss the reaper.

  Gently he lifted the sleeping hybrid into his arms, carrying her to a car that waited nearby. Killing so many Lasombra, and Brujah was beginning to have perks. The driver unfortunately had his mind wiped so many times he was a zombie. Still rather useful, the vampires he had to admit had a small sense in style when it came to cars. A black 63' Lincoln Continental, almost sadden him, he had to leave it here once he returned to Venice. He climbed inside with no issue while holding Minnaloushe, staring at her face he wondered what causes her to run. Perhaps he would at least try to understand. Her eyes opened for a brief moment causing her to struggle, but he held her perfectly in place. She was strong, and would've torn the car apart but he proved stronger.

  "You will NOT run from me any longer Minnaloushe, free will doesn't seem to suit you." Minna didn't say a word, and he didn't want her to. He was tired of her talking, tired of her taunts. Almost at the point of being tired of HER. Her lips parted to speak, Naberus wasn't about to give her the chance and grabbed her throat. The fear in her eyes, made him harden. "Obey Me Minna, up until now you had a choice." The more she resisted the more he squeezed and his strength grew. "Obey." Her eyes widened and he heard a guttural growl rolling from her. The driver of the car was not at all bothered by the sounds he heard if he even did. Naberus' hand placed around Minna's throat changed from an ordinary human hand to a more elongated misshapen one, his nails turned transparent and sharper and he dug into her flesh. A stream of tears flew from Minna's eyes she was furious. He did not care. She could not move and it killed her inside. Deep inside she spoke to him with her mind but not her heart. "I hate you Naberus."

  "You won't forever." Her head began to hurt, and his grip wasn't waning. Her soul shook. Naberus watched her intently as he felt her body let go. He held his grip, she could've been tricking him. Deep down he knew she wasn't, Minna had given up. After all he watched her for 2 hours prior to approaching her. She HAD just fed, she was at her strongest. He had never wanted to break her will. Her body continued to break down in what felt like levels. To the point she was as much as a zombie as the driver of the car, she used all her energy to fight him.

  Minnaloushe moved her head back and forth asking him to let go. Naberus wiped the last tear that fell from her eyes and did so. He still heard the inhuman cries roll from her heart. She damned him, spat at him all inside. On the outside she still sat there in his arms looking at him. Finally she leaned forward and laid her head onto his chest. Minna many times she knew his scent but this time took the time to breath it in and place it in her memory. She took her right hand and placed it over his black heart, listened and then slid her hand gently into his, wrapping his arm around her. She spoke in a common Rhefugi Demonic language, "E qeed axyu" (I will obey you).

  Naberus bent his head, and kissed the top of hers. She squeezed his hand at his movement. It let him know that she would.

I love you, I hate you, we've got issues.

  They sat in the darkened, smoked filled theatre. The singers voice lifted and glided through the air caressing her audience. Kheresket was in ecstasy, the lullaby soothed what thrived in her growing belly. She looked down and smiled at the thought. She'd worn her usual gauzy gown this night it was a cream color and complimented her glowing skin perfectly. Her dark thick hair was loosely tied in a knot. Kheresket was comfortable and she was happy. "Happiness makes you look exquisite." said Naberus as he folded his tall frame into the seat next to her. "Yes and I am completely empty."

  Naberus returned her growing smile and lifted her hand to kiss it in respect and love. Their movements were slow and fluid. Eons of time between them. The humans nearby felt the energy of the room shift to lust. The singer's lullaby became sounds of a chant. This of course had no effect on the Marquis nor the Goddess.

  Humored by the effects of their presence on the theatre. Kheresket gave a short laugh. Long ago before she had ever known Anomolus, appealing to human emotions was a favorite of her and Naberus' pastimes. Had they ever been lovers...only as a game, later by force by those that had summoned them.

  "Erase the memory Kheresket." He knew her thoughts, and she his. She looked at Naberus from the corner of her eyes. "Tell me hound, have you found her?" The reference to what he was irritated him. "Yes, I have...both of them." He waited for a response, but she gave none. "It seems Yahwehotep got to her first." He lied slightly. "But she is with me yes. Why does he interfere now? That I do not know, My Goddess."

  There was something about the way he said 'My Goddess' that made her jaw clench. Kheresket didn't like his position. He knew that. Things only Nu or Thoth could answer, her feelings had to be set aside. Yahwehotep was a different matter. Should this be kept from Anomolus that his daughter had faltered?


 "I cannot do that Naberus"

 "What can he do?"

 "You dare? Her temper was beginning to rise, but Naberus wasn't phased in the slightest. He had noticed for the first time Harendotes' Phoenix crawling up her arm and shoulder repositioning himself onto her back. His kind was THE strangest of Amenthes.

 "Kheresket, I know as well as anyone, the consequences. Some things he does not need to know." Khere winced from the pain in her back. It was a friendly reminder every time. "Why must I always disobey?" "Because it is Minnaloushe." Kheresket stood, her dress falling with ease around her legs. "Tell me if Minna knew about your past would she want such a Master?"

  She'd hit a nerve...slightly. He had stood up as she did and kissed her lips. "Then she would know about her Mother, and besides, I am a demon. I kill, I fuck, I possess, I destroy. Among many others. You on the other hand....were only built for two things. I won't go on, not while you're in this state." He motioned to show her pregnancy.

  Naberus knew what to say to bring out the worst. Today she was not appealing to it. "Naberus leave my sight at once. Her voice had deepened, the game was over. He stared at her long and hard, he meant every word. Her and Anomolus were a facade. "As you wish." As he walked away, a thought entered her mind. Was her longtime friend, becoming her next adversary?

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With Teeth

  The Brujah...when things became a bit complicated, they had of course heard of the mass killings of the Lasombra. The horde now resided in Amenthes tortured to their very bones just as Naunet had ordered. Some were disfigured, others were burned by the light only for the next day to come and it would happen all over again. Sakhmet knew her brother and his forces drew closer each night. She stayed hidden in one of their safe houses it was too dangerous to be in Amenthes she didn't want to hide. She wanted to fight them all. It was Ptah who insisted. "You should be worried love." he said as he entered the shabby makeshift living room. Sakhmet turned to look upon her lover, her eyes were filled with blood tears. Ambrosios was with him, she didn't want neither to see her like this. But why start caring now. "About what?" Her words were drenched with hate, not for him. For Anomolus. Ptah tried to choose his words carefully. "They've got Naberus and his legion, every night he is turning our kind into them, against us Sakhmet. Your clan is about to be extinct. There's no more options.

  Sakhmet thought for a moment, and then turned again facing the two men. "Do you think I give one shit about them?" Ambrosios spoke this time as he headed to a table with a variety of alcohol. "Start caring about something, because your time is about to come. Naberus is just wiping out the extras. It's the girl you need to worry about." Sakhmet looked at him curiously she knew he was talking about her niece, but what did he mean. "What are you talking about?" Ambrosios poured himself two drinks and drank them both before he said another word. "You've been tied to Limbo so long you don't know anyone or anything. Naberus owner of 29 or 19 legions of Amenthes the number changes, the valiant marquesse etc. He's a Demon Lord. He won't just up and do something for nothing. My guess, the price was Minnaloushe." Ambrosios poured another drink and smiled.

  Sakhmet stood from her seat and walked over to Ambrosios, she slapped the drink out of his hand and slapped his face as hard as she could. "You don't know shit!"


  I had awakened in my room, a room that was foreign to me. From the tall windows to candles that seemed to light themselves as you walked by. The last time I was here I was a baby. I found myself thinking that I didn't want to be here. I wanted to be out there. I got up and put on the robes that were laid out for me...something else to get reused to I thought. Just think if we had traveled with an entourage of the dead and damned.

  I looked like a doll in my reds styled like the Egyptian Princess of the old dynasties. "When life had meaning and things were simpler." my mother would say. There were still those faithful today but most were Muslim and had abandoned the ancient religions. "So what do the old Gods do I asked my mother." "We go insane from the boredom, others still have...like I and Nephthys still have little packs here and there. Who go to our temples. Wannabe warlocks who've found an old book and see the name Kheresket the great and go through the process of summoning me. But I don't go. I can't. The book doesn't say the Demoness is already bound and has been for thousands of years. I have forgotten how many." My mother, sometimes I think she wants to leave my father and be unbound like Naberus, I heard her telling Dezire the High Priestess that it didn't matter, she would end up back at his feet. By force or by love.

  I thought of Naberus a lot since that night, only a week has passed. I think about how his lips would feel against mine, how his hands would feel on my skin. Every day, every night it's the same. Sometimes I wanted to know what his hair felt like if I ran my hand through it. What his true form looked like. Is it as beautiful as the human he traipses around as?

  A servant knocking at the door made me jump back into reality. I started to brush my hair as she made the bed, I watched her through the mirror with my back turned. My hand started shaking thinking of him. The small distraction of brushing my hair wouldn't help it. Each stroke made my heart beat faster as if he was standing right next to me. I turned to the girl making the bed, I wasn't even hungry anymore. I moved quickly to where she stood, slightly bent over. I wrapped her hair in my hand and yanked her head back covering her mouth with my other. I wanted to hear her muffled screams, it excited me even more. Tears pooled in her eyes. They always cried. "You should consider this a blessing, to have my hands touching you." She tried to nod but her hair was wrapped around my hand too tight. I pushed her against the stone wall with my body. My fangs grew as I removed my hand from her mouth and plunged it deep into her chest and removed her heart. I lapped at the blood oozing from the gaping hole. She was still alive, she'd be back tomorrow to make the bed again, she was in hell. "Well well, hunger getting the best of you little one?"

   Naberus was leaning against the corner of the wall not far from me. I let the girl drop to the floor to pick up her slippery little heart, as I looked at him I stepped on it, squishing it beneath my naked foot. Her blood was smeared all over my lips and chin. "My, even in blood lust you are exquisite." "Fuck you Naberus, stop teasing me." "I believe...it's the other way around." he stepped closer to me, putting his hand up to my face. "Look at you." He wasn't looking at me like he usually did, it was like my father looked at my mother when she said something wrong. "Let me go Naberus." he shook his head "You have to say the words."

  I pushed his hand away but all that did was make him force me against the wall I was finding myself in the same position I just had my servant in. He leaned into me, I couldn't take this. My breathing had become heavier. His eyes were no longer that pretty green, I can't tell you what they were but it frightened me. "You have to do better than that Minnaloushe." But what was...his hand began to encircle my neck and squeeze softly. I closed my eyes, I loved his hand there. His voice broke me out of my daze. His lips were close to mine.

  "Give yourself to me Minna; and you won't have to fight this hunger any longer." I didn't want to, I didn't want to be bound like my mother. My body cried to me that it wanted to. I wanted to follow him forever. I grinned at him in my bloodied little grin.

  "No" I whispered. He let go of me at that moment. I felt his rejection which was sadness I expected him to be angry and throw me onto the bed and fuck it out of me. He didn't. Months since I've known of his existence a week that I've come to want him all to myself and I said no. My sister wasn't afraid, my mother fought with the strength of a Goddess for her love. My father would bring down Amenthes itself for my mother.

  It was passion that I feared. They all had passion. I was a killing machine. Naberus turned to leave my chamber I felt it was forever. That was the first time aside from my birth that I cried.

Boredom Besets Me

  Kheresket sat on top of one of the newest batch of Brujah Vampires that were brought into Amenthes. She looked like a baseball coach except she wore barely anything but straps of leather. The smile that was etched on her face was priceless. Dezire her High Priestess came down to the lower level with her which was out of the normal routine but these days everyone was out of routine. "Are you enjoying yourself Kheresket?" Dezire asked as she watched the man squirm beneath the Demoness' weight. Kheresket grabbed an apple from a tray that floated by, she controlled everything around her. "Oh yes...get one try it. Sit on his face, or do you just prefer Yahwehotep?" Dezire could've blushed but she was used to Kheresket and her remarks.

  "You've changed Khere." Kheresket stood up and threw the man into the pit below with the others. The screams were like the Sirens to Khere. "Is this where I'm analyzed and what not? Do you do the same with Anomolus?" Dezire sat on the stone bench not far from her. "Not at all, I didn't know Anomolus had priestesses." "He doesn't, you know me, jealousy issues and all." Dezire laughed, Kheresket had more than issues. They were interrupted by Naberus, Kheresket felt she never got peace not even down here where souls get tortured. She spoke before he did. "You of all know I am not to be interrupted Naberus." "I'm upstairs doing your job for you, you'll get over it...wait do I have to wait on him again to speak to you?" Dezire tried not to laugh, Naberus had too much of Azrael's spirit, or maybe it was all of them that had it. Kheresket wanted to throw him into the pit dangling by his beautiful hair. "No asshole, what's wrong you have rejection on your face." She gasped and hopped like a little girl mocking him. "Oh oh Minna's proving to be a tough one...chip off the old block." Naberus sat next to Dezire and lit a cigarette.

  "Shit..." Dezire held her chest. "What's the matter?" Kheresket had become worried. "Nothin'...nothin'....keepin' to myself." Dezire needed air. "That's what she is missing, well her problem. You came at a bad time Naberus." He looked at Dezire, and then Kheresket. "Elaborate on that." "Doesn't matter, she's missing passion Naberus. Show her that, and she's all yours. It took you awhile remember? Yes yes we know you're in love with her...but she still needs passion. Else she is lost, and kills endlessly. I won't tell her no, and Anomolus won't tell her no. Because that's what we want her to do." Kheresket smiled, and picked more fruit from another floating tray. Naberus stared at her for a moment. "I'll make a note of it, I have to get going legions don't run themselves. Minna IS ready for that yes? And I'm taking Azrael if you don't mind." Kheresket snorted "Good luck with that one. Take Amenei too maybe she'll convince him. I have some remodeling to do anyway...oh and...let us know when you get to Sakhmet." Naberus nodded. "Of course..."

  Dezire waited until he was out of earshot. "Remodeling for what?" Kheresket was now eating cake. "I'm pregnant, I have to make more room." Pain crept across Dezire's face, at that moment she really wanted to get out of Amenthes and for good. She watched as the insane Demoness picked up a bullwhip and jump directly into the pit. The screams got louder and she screamed at them as she cracked the whip effortlessly.
Kheresket was starting a new race, a race of hybrids like Minna. There was not one person to stop her.

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This Hunger Never Sleeps

 Nice to meet Y/you...again.
  Home, for whatever reason we returned here. After my parents finally got home that strange night my mother was summoned, they got into another of their famous arguments, but it was more of just shouting this time. It was hard to hear them even with my senses, no less it was about me. And what about me, I wondered. Was I a burden to them now? I didn't know, all I did know, is that night I was going out of my mind. These cravings..I can't explain them. I began to hurt, my skin, my head, even my hair hurts. I rolled myself into a little ball and moved back and forth. My stomach was cramping. How could they not feel my distress? My parents are selfish beings. I don't want to hate them, but I'm starting to. Can't you understand? I'm hungry.

  So I laid there in the space of my ball, the window was open and I could hear and smell the rain. It was an interesting smell when it first hits your nose. I tried to think about that instead of my hunger. Instead of the blood of my victims gushing down my throat. My body felt warm and tingly, was this something else new I was discovering? At the time it was. Something else happened that night. I got up from my bed and leaned out the window, the rain still constant in it's mission to replenish fell upon my back. I climbed out and jumped the 2 stories down I was positive my parents wouldn't miss me. He began to follow me, you know...him. My stranger friend thing. I knew it, I could feel his presence all around me. I ignored it and went on my way and walked down the semi-lit streets. I wondered how the neighbors would've felt if they knew they lived next door to a Vampire God, his Demoness, and their hybrid daughter.

  I had made it to the beach, which wasn't too far from where we lived. The rain had stopped which saddened me a little. I sat on a I guess they call them picnic tables under some shelter type thing. The moon cast it's light at my feet, I actually wanted to stay here. But not with whomever stalking me at every turn. I heard a raven cawing in the distance....wait. Shouldn't that be seagulls? I turned, someone was walking towards me, a man. I watched as he walked up to me, unbuttoned one button on his suit jacket and sat next to me, then he proceeded to reach in his pocket and take out a gold case which contained cigarettes, reminded me of Azrael. He then took one out, put the case back into his pocket crossed one leg over the other and lit the cigarette..with no lighter. "Hello Minna" he said in his hoarse voice, but it was a nice voice no less. He wasn't the asshole he was last time.

  I sighed heavily, well at least....how did he know my name? Of course he did he's followed me everywhere. He's had to listen to conversations with my parents. "Why do you keep following me?...it's disturbing." my question came out as if I was tired, tired of running, running and being chased. I wasn't running though. He didn't move only smoked that cigarette, something about the way he smoked it. "It's disturbing...a half vampire, half demon practically a Goddess in your own right and you find something disturbing?" "Can you just answer the question?"

  "Have you ever thought that it may be because I like you?" He likes me? Stalking is a way of telling someone you like them.... "You have a bad way of showing it." "Well I had to make sure that, what I knew about you was true, what I felt was true." "What do you mean what you know about me?" "Long story Minna..." "I got time." He smiled at me as he put the cigarette to his lips and inhaled it's smoke. He seemed to like what I said. I got up and stood a little away from him. I was getting agitated, that and hunger don't mix. I rubbed my arms like I was cold but I wasn't. What was wrong with me. "Where do you come from?"
"Same place as you." Oh that he answers...Gods, the way he held that cigarette between his fingers was so...so I don't have words for that yet. "I've never seen you there." He laughed a short laugh, I stared at him in somewhat of a trance. His eyes were, beautiful. "Minna don't be so naive Amenthes has no end it is much more than just the house in which you reside." "Are you always such an ass?" He got up and flicked his cigarette into the sand, and walked slowly around me. I felt the world closing in around my mind.

  "Do you always ask so many questions?" I pushed him away causing him to stagger. "There it is that anger." he was taunting me "I would tell you to fuck off but you would just follow me." "Yes" What was it, and why was I starting to like him and his fucked up attitude?

  He stood there facing me like he was challenging me, this was his game I guess but why. "To answer your questions that burn inside of you Minna...one I summoned your mother earlier, I'm not one of them if you think that. I want you, but not like they do." "Explain it to me please." "Eventually Minna your parents will let you go, and just like your mother you will find One."  "A Master?" He smiled again and this time moved a stray hair away from my face and put it behind my ear. "Yes" My parents didn't really act that way they had been together for thousands of years, it was only when she disobeyed which was now, that my father lost his mind and made my mother remember... "What if that's not what I want to be." "It's not what I wanted to be either." I felt stupid in that moment, how could I not have recognized that he was a demon. All demons were basically servants when summoned except in the case of my mother. "Well how is it that you are able to go about being...well you, and not have to worry about servitude." He turned and walked back to the table but he didn't sit. "Firstly I am Naberus, if they do they die. I can and I will show you things, your mother nor father will not."

  "You don't necessarily have to obey, you have to want to, but see Minna there is a difference with you." Of course it was. "And what is that.?" I said. "You aren't a summonable demon your name isn't written in a book or a scroll. A Master has to have possession of you, to break your spirit and then he may control you. That is if you had parents that were weak. You are Kheresket's child it makes you very desirable. Not everyone knows about you. The Gods yes but not modern Warlocks, etc. Unfortunately the Lasombra knew, Brujah knew. And that my beauty is where all the killing starts."

  "Isn't that why you want me? to break my spirit?"

  "No...I want you to give yourself to me willingly. That's the key Minna if I ever loose you. If something would ever happen to me, and there is another. It is you in control not them."

  I felt there was some kind of motive behind this, but he seemed sincere. I asked anyway. "So you...just like them want me because of my parentage?"

  "Not at all, I didn't know who you were until after you walked away. You carry your mother's scent with you, and I've known her a very long time."

  Naberus was beginning to be more interesting with the way he talked, that hoarse gravely voice of his. To how he moved with every word. I believed I was stuck with him no less and he would protect me, but I was still afraid even though my fathers words on fear rung in my head. Well Father I am afraid how about that.

  "Tell me about my mother" he looked at me with those green eyes of his the colors swirled it was hypnotizing. "I knew her before your father summoned her, when Nephthys ruled Amenthes, and the skies were blue. When souls didn't know they were in the hell of the Egyptians."

  "Were you lovers?" For some reason I had to know this one bit of information. He had a smirk on his face as if he were hiding something. "No. We're too much alike." He seemed as if he wanted to laugh he didn't want to talk about my mother his only interest was me.

  "Minna you ask too many questions."

  "I'm sorry." I did ask a lot of questions.

  "No ask them, I want you to. You are a seeker, your mind wanders and you get lost in your own thoughts like you did that day I saw you." My face felt hot, and so did my body I remembered what I was thinking about. "Pain and pleasure." I answered my voice was dry. "Yes, I'm assuming you still wonder about that." Pain and pleasure I thought, I needed to go I felt..I don't know how to put it.

  "I have to go."

  "If you wish, you know where to find me..."


  "Very good, goodnight Minna."


  When I left I ran as fast and hard as I could, I just wanted to feel my heartbeat my breaths were still as if I had only taken a walk. Speed was nothing to me, but my heart still raced. I made it home and climbed the long staircase, my parents were in their room. I went into mine and leaned against the wall, sliding down to the floor still holding my chest so I could feel my heart.

  That's how he made me feel, and I wanted to remember it to savor it. I suddenly wanted him to touch my forbidden skin. My heart raced even more yes I thought, explode right out of my chest. I smiled. Again I remembered my hunger, my hunger and desire was it desire I was feeling? Was this finally the last of me coming into view? If you betray me I have the strength to end you. That was more of a promise to myself. He came at strange time in my life, when I'm everyone's target.

  I closed my eyes again, listening to my heart, listening to my hunger...this hunger it never sleeps.

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