With Teeth

  The Brujah...when things became a bit complicated, they had of course heard of the mass killings of the Lasombra. The horde now resided in Amenthes tortured to their very bones just as Naunet had ordered. Some were disfigured, others were burned by the light only for the next day to come and it would happen all over again. Sakhmet knew her brother and his forces drew closer each night. She stayed hidden in one of their safe houses it was too dangerous to be in Amenthes she didn't want to hide. She wanted to fight them all. It was Ptah who insisted. "You should be worried love." he said as he entered the shabby makeshift living room. Sakhmet turned to look upon her lover, her eyes were filled with blood tears. Ambrosios was with him, she didn't want neither to see her like this. But why start caring now. "About what?" Her words were drenched with hate, not for him. For Anomolus. Ptah tried to choose his words carefully. "They've got Naberus and his legion, every night he is turning our kind into them, against us Sakhmet. Your clan is about to be extinct. There's no more options.

  Sakhmet thought for a moment, and then turned again facing the two men. "Do you think I give one shit about them?" Ambrosios spoke this time as he headed to a table with a variety of alcohol. "Start caring about something, because your time is about to come. Naberus is just wiping out the extras. It's the girl you need to worry about." Sakhmet looked at him curiously she knew he was talking about her niece, but what did he mean. "What are you talking about?" Ambrosios poured himself two drinks and drank them both before he said another word. "You've been tied to Limbo so long you don't know anyone or anything. Naberus owner of 29 or 19 legions of Amenthes the number changes, the valiant marquesse etc. He's a Demon Lord. He won't just up and do something for nothing. My guess, the price was Minnaloushe." Ambrosios poured another drink and smiled.

  Sakhmet stood from her seat and walked over to Ambrosios, she slapped the drink out of his hand and slapped his face as hard as she could. "You don't know shit!"


  I had awakened in my room, a room that was foreign to me. From the tall windows to candles that seemed to light themselves as you walked by. The last time I was here I was a baby. I found myself thinking that I didn't want to be here. I wanted to be out there. I got up and put on the robes that were laid out for me...something else to get reused to I thought. Just think if we had traveled with an entourage of the dead and damned.

  I looked like a doll in my reds styled like the Egyptian Princess of the old dynasties. "When life had meaning and things were simpler." my mother would say. There were still those faithful today but most were Muslim and had abandoned the ancient religions. "So what do the old Gods do I asked my mother." "We go insane from the boredom, others still have...like I and Nephthys still have little packs here and there. Who go to our temples. Wannabe warlocks who've found an old book and see the name Kheresket the great and go through the process of summoning me. But I don't go. I can't. The book doesn't say the Demoness is already bound and has been for thousands of years. I have forgotten how many." My mother, sometimes I think she wants to leave my father and be unbound like Naberus, I heard her telling Dezire the High Priestess that it didn't matter, she would end up back at his feet. By force or by love.

  I thought of Naberus a lot since that night, only a week has passed. I think about how his lips would feel against mine, how his hands would feel on my skin. Every day, every night it's the same. Sometimes I wanted to know what his hair felt like if I ran my hand through it. What his true form looked like. Is it as beautiful as the human he traipses around as?

  A servant knocking at the door made me jump back into reality. I started to brush my hair as she made the bed, I watched her through the mirror with my back turned. My hand started shaking thinking of him. The small distraction of brushing my hair wouldn't help it. Each stroke made my heart beat faster as if he was standing right next to me. I turned to the girl making the bed, I wasn't even hungry anymore. I moved quickly to where she stood, slightly bent over. I wrapped her hair in my hand and yanked her head back covering her mouth with my other. I wanted to hear her muffled screams, it excited me even more. Tears pooled in her eyes. They always cried. "You should consider this a blessing, to have my hands touching you." She tried to nod but her hair was wrapped around my hand too tight. I pushed her against the stone wall with my body. My fangs grew as I removed my hand from her mouth and plunged it deep into her chest and removed her heart. I lapped at the blood oozing from the gaping hole. She was still alive, she'd be back tomorrow to make the bed again, she was in hell. "Well well, hunger getting the best of you little one?"

   Naberus was leaning against the corner of the wall not far from me. I let the girl drop to the floor to pick up her slippery little heart, as I looked at him I stepped on it, squishing it beneath my naked foot. Her blood was smeared all over my lips and chin. "My, even in blood lust you are exquisite." "Fuck you Naberus, stop teasing me." "I believe...it's the other way around." he stepped closer to me, putting his hand up to my face. "Look at you." He wasn't looking at me like he usually did, it was like my father looked at my mother when she said something wrong. "Let me go Naberus." he shook his head "You have to say the words."

  I pushed his hand away but all that did was make him force me against the wall I was finding myself in the same position I just had my servant in. He leaned into me, I couldn't take this. My breathing had become heavier. His eyes were no longer that pretty green, I can't tell you what they were but it frightened me. "You have to do better than that Minnaloushe." But what was...his hand began to encircle my neck and squeeze softly. I closed my eyes, I loved his hand there. His voice broke me out of my daze. His lips were close to mine.

  "Give yourself to me Minna; and you won't have to fight this hunger any longer." I didn't want to, I didn't want to be bound like my mother. My body cried to me that it wanted to. I wanted to follow him forever. I grinned at him in my bloodied little grin.

  "No" I whispered. He let go of me at that moment. I felt his rejection which was sadness I expected him to be angry and throw me onto the bed and fuck it out of me. He didn't. Months since I've known of his existence a week that I've come to want him all to myself and I said no. My sister wasn't afraid, my mother fought with the strength of a Goddess for her love. My father would bring down Amenthes itself for my mother.

  It was passion that I feared. They all had passion. I was a killing machine. Naberus turned to leave my chamber I felt it was forever. That was the first time aside from my birth that I cried.

Boredom Besets Me

  Kheresket sat on top of one of the newest batch of Brujah Vampires that were brought into Amenthes. She looked like a baseball coach except she wore barely anything but straps of leather. The smile that was etched on her face was priceless. Dezire her High Priestess came down to the lower level with her which was out of the normal routine but these days everyone was out of routine. "Are you enjoying yourself Kheresket?" Dezire asked as she watched the man squirm beneath the Demoness' weight. Kheresket grabbed an apple from a tray that floated by, she controlled everything around her. "Oh yes...get one try it. Sit on his face, or do you just prefer Yahwehotep?" Dezire could've blushed but she was used to Kheresket and her remarks.

  "You've changed Khere." Kheresket stood up and threw the man into the pit below with the others. The screams were like the Sirens to Khere. "Is this where I'm analyzed and what not? Do you do the same with Anomolus?" Dezire sat on the stone bench not far from her. "Not at all, I didn't know Anomolus had priestesses." "He doesn't, you know me, jealousy issues and all." Dezire laughed, Kheresket had more than issues. They were interrupted by Naberus, Kheresket felt she never got peace not even down here where souls get tortured. She spoke before he did. "You of all know I am not to be interrupted Naberus." "I'm upstairs doing your job for you, you'll get over it...wait do I have to wait on him again to speak to you?" Dezire tried not to laugh, Naberus had too much of Azrael's spirit, or maybe it was all of them that had it. Kheresket wanted to throw him into the pit dangling by his beautiful hair. "No asshole, what's wrong you have rejection on your face." She gasped and hopped like a little girl mocking him. "Oh oh Minna's proving to be a tough one...chip off the old block." Naberus sat next to Dezire and lit a cigarette.

  "Shit..." Dezire held her chest. "What's the matter?" Kheresket had become worried. "Nothin'...nothin'....keepin' to myself." Dezire needed air. "That's what she is missing, well her problem. You came at a bad time Naberus." He looked at Dezire, and then Kheresket. "Elaborate on that." "Doesn't matter, she's missing passion Naberus. Show her that, and she's all yours. It took you awhile remember? Yes yes we know you're in love with her...but she still needs passion. Else she is lost, and kills endlessly. I won't tell her no, and Anomolus won't tell her no. Because that's what we want her to do." Kheresket smiled, and picked more fruit from another floating tray. Naberus stared at her for a moment. "I'll make a note of it, I have to get going legions don't run themselves. Minna IS ready for that yes? And I'm taking Azrael if you don't mind." Kheresket snorted "Good luck with that one. Take Amenei too maybe she'll convince him. I have some remodeling to do anyway...oh and...let us know when you get to Sakhmet." Naberus nodded. "Of course..."

  Dezire waited until he was out of earshot. "Remodeling for what?" Kheresket was now eating cake. "I'm pregnant, I have to make more room." Pain crept across Dezire's face, at that moment she really wanted to get out of Amenthes and for good. She watched as the insane Demoness picked up a bullwhip and jump directly into the pit. The screams got louder and she screamed at them as she cracked the whip effortlessly.
Kheresket was starting a new race, a race of hybrids like Minna. There was not one person to stop her.

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This Hunger Never Sleeps

 Nice to meet Y/you...again.
  Home, for whatever reason we returned here. After my parents finally got home that strange night my mother was summoned, they got into another of their famous arguments, but it was more of just shouting this time. It was hard to hear them even with my senses, no less it was about me. And what about me, I wondered. Was I a burden to them now? I didn't know, all I did know, is that night I was going out of my mind. These cravings..I can't explain them. I began to hurt, my skin, my head, even my hair hurts. I rolled myself into a little ball and moved back and forth. My stomach was cramping. How could they not feel my distress? My parents are selfish beings. I don't want to hate them, but I'm starting to. Can't you understand? I'm hungry.

  So I laid there in the space of my ball, the window was open and I could hear and smell the rain. It was an interesting smell when it first hits your nose. I tried to think about that instead of my hunger. Instead of the blood of my victims gushing down my throat. My body felt warm and tingly, was this something else new I was discovering? At the time it was. Something else happened that night. I got up from my bed and leaned out the window, the rain still constant in it's mission to replenish fell upon my back. I climbed out and jumped the 2 stories down I was positive my parents wouldn't miss me. He began to follow me, you know...him. My stranger friend thing. I knew it, I could feel his presence all around me. I ignored it and went on my way and walked down the semi-lit streets. I wondered how the neighbors would've felt if they knew they lived next door to a Vampire God, his Demoness, and their hybrid daughter.

  I had made it to the beach, which wasn't too far from where we lived. The rain had stopped which saddened me a little. I sat on a I guess they call them picnic tables under some shelter type thing. The moon cast it's light at my feet, I actually wanted to stay here. But not with whomever stalking me at every turn. I heard a raven cawing in the distance....wait. Shouldn't that be seagulls? I turned, someone was walking towards me, a man. I watched as he walked up to me, unbuttoned one button on his suit jacket and sat next to me, then he proceeded to reach in his pocket and take out a gold case which contained cigarettes, reminded me of Azrael. He then took one out, put the case back into his pocket crossed one leg over the other and lit the cigarette..with no lighter. "Hello Minna" he said in his hoarse voice, but it was a nice voice no less. He wasn't the asshole he was last time.

  I sighed heavily, well at least....how did he know my name? Of course he did he's followed me everywhere. He's had to listen to conversations with my parents. "Why do you keep following me?...it's disturbing." my question came out as if I was tired, tired of running, running and being chased. I wasn't running though. He didn't move only smoked that cigarette, something about the way he smoked it. "It's disturbing...a half vampire, half demon practically a Goddess in your own right and you find something disturbing?" "Can you just answer the question?"

  "Have you ever thought that it may be because I like you?" He likes me? Stalking is a way of telling someone you like them.... "You have a bad way of showing it." "Well I had to make sure that, what I knew about you was true, what I felt was true." "What do you mean what you know about me?" "Long story Minna..." "I got time." He smiled at me as he put the cigarette to his lips and inhaled it's smoke. He seemed to like what I said. I got up and stood a little away from him. I was getting agitated, that and hunger don't mix. I rubbed my arms like I was cold but I wasn't. What was wrong with me. "Where do you come from?"
"Same place as you." Oh that he answers...Gods, the way he held that cigarette between his fingers was so...so I don't have words for that yet. "I've never seen you there." He laughed a short laugh, I stared at him in somewhat of a trance. His eyes were, beautiful. "Minna don't be so naive Amenthes has no end it is much more than just the house in which you reside." "Are you always such an ass?" He got up and flicked his cigarette into the sand, and walked slowly around me. I felt the world closing in around my mind.

  "Do you always ask so many questions?" I pushed him away causing him to stagger. "There it is that anger." he was taunting me "I would tell you to fuck off but you would just follow me." "Yes" What was it, and why was I starting to like him and his fucked up attitude?

  He stood there facing me like he was challenging me, this was his game I guess but why. "To answer your questions that burn inside of you Minna...one I summoned your mother earlier, I'm not one of them if you think that. I want you, but not like they do." "Explain it to me please." "Eventually Minna your parents will let you go, and just like your mother you will find One."  "A Master?" He smiled again and this time moved a stray hair away from my face and put it behind my ear. "Yes" My parents didn't really act that way they had been together for thousands of years, it was only when she disobeyed which was now, that my father lost his mind and made my mother remember... "What if that's not what I want to be." "It's not what I wanted to be either." I felt stupid in that moment, how could I not have recognized that he was a demon. All demons were basically servants when summoned except in the case of my mother. "Well how is it that you are able to go about being...well you, and not have to worry about servitude." He turned and walked back to the table but he didn't sit. "Firstly I am Naberus, if they do they die. I can and I will show you things, your mother nor father will not."

  "You don't necessarily have to obey, you have to want to, but see Minna there is a difference with you." Of course it was. "And what is that.?" I said. "You aren't a summonable demon your name isn't written in a book or a scroll. A Master has to have possession of you, to break your spirit and then he may control you. That is if you had parents that were weak. You are Kheresket's child it makes you very desirable. Not everyone knows about you. The Gods yes but not modern Warlocks, etc. Unfortunately the Lasombra knew, Brujah knew. And that my beauty is where all the killing starts."

  "Isn't that why you want me? to break my spirit?"

  "No...I want you to give yourself to me willingly. That's the key Minna if I ever loose you. If something would ever happen to me, and there is another. It is you in control not them."

  I felt there was some kind of motive behind this, but he seemed sincere. I asked anyway. "So you...just like them want me because of my parentage?"

  "Not at all, I didn't know who you were until after you walked away. You carry your mother's scent with you, and I've known her a very long time."

  Naberus was beginning to be more interesting with the way he talked, that hoarse gravely voice of his. To how he moved with every word. I believed I was stuck with him no less and he would protect me, but I was still afraid even though my fathers words on fear rung in my head. Well Father I am afraid how about that.

  "Tell me about my mother" he looked at me with those green eyes of his the colors swirled it was hypnotizing. "I knew her before your father summoned her, when Nephthys ruled Amenthes, and the skies were blue. When souls didn't know they were in the hell of the Egyptians."

  "Were you lovers?" For some reason I had to know this one bit of information. He had a smirk on his face as if he were hiding something. "No. We're too much alike." He seemed as if he wanted to laugh he didn't want to talk about my mother his only interest was me.

  "Minna you ask too many questions."

  "I'm sorry." I did ask a lot of questions.

  "No ask them, I want you to. You are a seeker, your mind wanders and you get lost in your own thoughts like you did that day I saw you." My face felt hot, and so did my body I remembered what I was thinking about. "Pain and pleasure." I answered my voice was dry. "Yes, I'm assuming you still wonder about that." Pain and pleasure I thought, I needed to go I felt..I don't know how to put it.

  "I have to go."

  "If you wish, you know where to find me..."


  "Very good, goodnight Minna."


  When I left I ran as fast and hard as I could, I just wanted to feel my heartbeat my breaths were still as if I had only taken a walk. Speed was nothing to me, but my heart still raced. I made it home and climbed the long staircase, my parents were in their room. I went into mine and leaned against the wall, sliding down to the floor still holding my chest so I could feel my heart.

  That's how he made me feel, and I wanted to remember it to savor it. I suddenly wanted him to touch my forbidden skin. My heart raced even more yes I thought, explode right out of my chest. I smiled. Again I remembered my hunger, my hunger and desire was it desire I was feeling? Was this finally the last of me coming into view? If you betray me I have the strength to end you. That was more of a promise to myself. He came at strange time in my life, when I'm everyone's target.

  I closed my eyes again, listening to my heart, listening to my hunger...this hunger it never sleeps.

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Immortal Memory

Whatever will I...


  Winter had come, and we had moved on from the charming little Savannah where bed and breakfast's dot the city, to the Midwest, where if you've never been there you would just say it was just filled with rednecks and farmland but we saw it offered so much more. It all became a blur, I stopped paying so much attention to where we were and just killed, did what I was supposed to do. Finally we hit the west coast of the States; where humans are plastic, and fake with unbelievable tans.

   I had not mentioned anything about that strange man from the park to my parents, but I had seen him or rather felt him a few more times since then. I believe he is following me. Tell me...should I be frightened? No. Father told me once that we never fear anything, not even the demons of fear themselves. This man is not vampire I can tell because that first time I had saw him it was daylight, but what if he's like my father?

   If he were Lasombra or Brujah, he would be dead by now. They are quite clever but not that good. Mother knew something was wrong she'd ask me but I keep telling her nothing. I have to tell her. Too many lies have been in my family as is...whatever will I do...Do I. Like, this man if it even is a man at all? I'm hungry...

Emptiness on the Outside

  For days, the wolves of the Sandalio howled in their sorrow. Kheresket faced the window looking out into the fading sun as Anomolus slept. The tears burning her skin, she closed her eyes allowing them to fall, her head banging softly against the cool window. She placed her hand against it as it slowly turned into a viewing glass. They had come from all over to pay their respects to Sandalio, even Dezire, Yahwehotep, and his son Khai came from out of their usual seclusion.

  The high priestess of Kheresket was glad to see Nephthys and Amenei but the love was not returned from Amenei. There was no more need for so much hatred girl Kheresket thought to herself, but she was too far away to do anything about it. Her eyes traveled over to Sandalio hunched over Anket's body, his heart was broken, Kheresket couldn't watch anymore. "You will hate me for eternity, I am sorry Sandalio." she whispered.

  She allowed the window to close and resumed watching the sun as it set in the western sky. She remembered the day she created two of the most beautiful beings in Amenthes, one from Anomolus and the other from Sandalio both equal in strength, both equal in power. But only one would reign. For the other to rule, hatred must be created. Kheresket held her chest in pain, Anomolus awoke and watched Khere as she stood there.

  She was meant to feel so much suffering, a demon is not supposed to know happiness. Yet HIS wife was different. He rose from the bed and stood behind her, her body instantly froze. Anomolus sighed heavily and pressed his forehead against the back of her shoulder, and his arms around her small waist. Two frozen statues in winters evening. The sun had finally set. "There's a reason for everything my love." Anomolus said, as he opened his eyes staring out the window.

  Kheresket turned her head toward his. "Then tell me, what is the reason our child is filled with so much hate she turns against her own sister as if she were someone else? Will Minnaloushe one day do the same? Will all of our children do this? We are loosing control of the House, and to whom exactly Naunet? I think not...her I CAN and WILL kill. Fuck her orders."

  Anomolus kissed her shoulder, and backed away to think. Kheresket always asked questions she knew the answers to. "She did it because of you, you already know that. Unfortunately that was the correct action." He walked back over to his wife and caressed her face. "and..." he paused and grinned sadistically which was odd even for him. Kheresket looked at him she knew what it meant. "loosing a child even though you did disown her is punishing is it not?" A Master was a curse she thought. Worse having one as your husband. Her back tingled reminding her of weeks past. She wanted to throw him out of the window. She envisioned it, his body flying through the glass and into the air the joy she would feel as he splat on to the yard below, the blood that pooled...she caught herself before she smiled. "Yes it is Master." Anomolus looked at her for a moment and shook his head. Woman was flighty sometimes. He thought. "Very good My love." Kheresket sighed and lowered her head as Anomolus walked away to get dressed for the night.

  She remembered him like this when he first summoned her and she came to him. It took years for her to not feel the need to kill him. But he did things exactly the way she wanted him to. She thought longer on it. If this is what it took then so be it, there was never a chance in all of Amenthes she was disobeying that man again.
"I need a vacation."


  Kheresket felt a sensation come over her, the chill went down her aching spine, and down through her legs. She held onto a chair that was next to her to steady herself. It was as if someone was summoning her, waves crashing against a sandy beach. This couldn't be, no one could summon her. She looked about the room and sniffed the air. "Minna!" she called. Minna dragged herself into the room rubbing her stomach and her eyes. "I'm starving." "So I've noticed, you'll feed soon enough come here." Minna looked puzzled something was up but when isn't it. "What's wrong Mother?" Kheresket sniffed the air again this time around Minna, she took a hold of her arm and sniffed again. "What are you doing?" Minna was confused now.

   Anomolus came back into the room, and sat in one of the chairs. "Minna where have you been lately?" "No where Mother, but the park but that was ages ago that's it...did I do something wrong?" Another wave hit Kheresket again, Anomolus watched and leaned forward in his chair, he didn't like it. Everything was getting more annoying to him. "What is it Khere?" Kheresket looked around as if she were looking for a fly, her head twitching back and forth. "Someone or...something...is...summoning, me. She let out a low guttural growl that echoed through the room.

   Minna moved away from her to the side of the room, Anomolus leaned back in his chair. THAT was in no way shape or form possible. Kheresket asked again. "Minna, what or who was in the park?" "Nothing except a man." "What man!" She said in a demonic voice and then cleared her throat "erhmm forgive me. what man.?"

  Kheresket was trying to fight the urge to change forms and start shredding the room to pieces. "I was in the park, that day Daddy found us, and some man a little taller than me came. He reminded me of daddy but younger with dark blonde hair nice looking like, like the Amenthiens would be. Really cocky attitude. He acted like he liked me. I think he's been following us since we left Savannah." Kheresket stood there silent, thinking. "Minna stay here, Anomolus come with me please." Anomolus got up from his chair and straightened his coat. "More fuckery, can't wait." They left their newly acquired house and headed for a restaurant not far from where they were. Minna stayed and watched them leave. "Guess she forgot I was hungry."

I have a Crow for you.

  He was seated at one of the tables that littered the sidewalk, humans were going on about their business as usual without a care in the world. It was cool, but some still sat outside. Kheresket recalled how he enjoyed watching humans in their usual routines. His shoulder length dirty blonde hair looked unkempt as it always did, but that was one of the things that gave him his appeal. Amenthiens were known for their beauty and they certainly didn't go unnoticed when they walked among mortals. Kheresket studied him and laughed to herself as he sat back smoking his cigarette. Something else she had noticed, they all seemed to pick up a smoking habit. They tried hard to fit in sometimes. She herself looked like an amazon compared to the women and men that walked by. Some stared, some whistled. Anomolus threatened one of them on the way down. Kheresket preferred they tortured him, Anomolus wanted to kill him right there on the spot get it over with.

  The nearby women were in sheer ecstasy as they watched this man, he payed them no attention. He was waiting on someone. Her...He turned and smiled. Kheresket wondered if she should wait on Anomolus, what was he doing anyway. No bother...she approached and took the seat directly across from him, and leaned back in the chair crossing her legs slowly, the slit in her long black dress fell neatly to the side. "Lady Kheresket, you always know how to make an entrance, and of course make me speak first am I right?" nothing... He grinned, and laughed his raucous little laugh. "Oh we have to wait on Him excuse me." Kheresket half nodded, with a small smile.

   To be civil in this place was torture. He picked the perfect spot. Humans all over the place so they wouldn't touch him. Anomolus finally came in, and the women looked from one to the other. It was just too much for them. Anomolus in all his black, and longer straight black hair. And this thing in his white linen suit looked like a well paid beach bum. Whatever that meant. Anomolus sat next to Kheresket, and looked at her. "So who the fuck is this?" "Damn nice to meet you too Your Majesty" he took another drag from his cigarette. Kheresket looked at Anomolus and shook her head. "It has many names as I do." She leaned forward "What do you want Naberus?"

  He looked at Anomolus. "I was taking a stroll one day, after an exotic and delicious meal. You know what I mean Kheresket...how we used to just kill for days on end like you and the little family are doing now just for the hell of it. Soul after soul...because humans...after all they are nothing." She nodded  "Well as the sun rose.." Anomolus interrupted  "I'm advising you to get to gist of your story, you're wasting my precious time." "Oh of course Your Grace, time is money. even though we don't have neither...So back to my story..as the sun rose, I saw the most beautiful thing. The daughter of Kheresket. At the moment I didn't know it was the daughter of Kheresket until after she hit me in the face and walked off and I caught the air and breathed in that familiar scent.

   That somewhere Kheresket is back in the mortal world and why is this I wondered. So I went back to Amenthes, and once there what did I see. Souls..and more souls. Amenthes is filling up and fast, and no one knows why. And as Commander of 19 legions, My Lady what in the fuck are you doing up here? But...wait. Yes I did come back here and yes I did follow your daughter. Because I want her. She has quite the skill. In order for me to keep putting up with this shit you three are doing up here one I want in on it and two give me your daughter." Kheresket felt the anger rising in Anomolus, some demons he really didn't want to piss off. Some he just couldn't control and Naberus with his shitty tactics was one of them. She put her hand on Anomolus' shoulder and spoke fast before he could move. "My love don't, not here. I know you would love nothing more but to rip his throat out and feed it to him, but it will do no good. He'll be back tomorrow My love, with the same shit." Naberus lit another cigarette, and waved a hand at a nearby waiter to order a drink. "She's right you know. So...want to tell me what you all got going on up here in Candyland, I did run into Azrael because well I do kill a lot of people, and he had some vampires with him. Ones like you, Lord Anomolus...no offense..the vain ones."

  'So go ahead tell me the rest." Anomolus stared at him and then looked at Kheresket. "My Sister, Sakhmet is set on destroying me by killing Kheresket and every descendant that comes from me and her, she has the help of her clan the Brujah, they have joined forces with my old one the Lasombra. When Minnaloushe was born they were going to ask me for her to do what I don't know. Probably kill her. Ptah Seker Asar is with her as well. Naunet had Kheresket disobey commands from me by coming here and slaughtering Lasombra and Brujah...all of them. And lastly Minna is to kill Sakhmet." Naberus thought on this for a moment, the waiter had brought his drink and asked Kheresket and Anomolus if they needed anything which they passed.

  He lit another cigarette, looking at Kheresket. "And you didn't bother to summon a friend and say hey...wanna slaughter a bunch of vamps just because.? So selfish Kheresket." Kheresket looked at him in disbelief. "Naberus..this is not about you." "Well I'm making it, I'm negotiating with Anomolus now." He turned to Anomolus. Kheresket shook her head, this was typical Naberus. "So Anomolus you have my 19 legions who are more than willing to come up here and take the other side of the world off your hands. Go take a vacation. Now Minnaloushe...let me make myself clear on this. I'm in love with her. Yes I know Demons don't love. I unfortunately like Kheresket had a Mistress or two that taught me that troubling emotion....the things I could show Minnaloushe, things even YOU Anomolus don't even know."

  Kheresket knew he spoke the truth on that. That demon knew some things...that would make you wonder about yourself. She cleared her throat to speak up. "Naberus...I'm not ready to let her go yet." "She'd have to choose me anyway Khere." "Then make yourself known crow." The conversation was now flying over Anomolus' head, he had felt Minna call she was starving and they were taking too long. "We have to go." he said touching Kheresket's hand. "Naberus, now that I don't feel the need to kill you anymore. You and your demons do as you wish, as I told Khere kill them all. As for Minna...watch yourself."

  Naberus nodded, and stood as they left walking down the street. He'd never bothered to deal with any of Kheresket's Masters before, but seeing as this one was now the God of Amenthes he had too. "She married him too damn..." He looked around for the waiter, and slide his chair under the table. Walking behind them. "Sorry kid no tip, don't feel like paying the bill either."

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Song of the Dispossessed

Will You still Love me?
  Nephthys pure white to Kheresket's darkness stood at the window overlooking Amenthes. Sandalio's chambers were the same, exactly the same as she had remembered. She heard a guard open the heavy door letting the wolf in. It saddened her what she was about to do. Sandalio came in with his head hung, he was worried, Amenthes felt as if it were falling apart. Anket...there was never any reasoning with her anymore. The room felt oddly warm to him like he was home years ago back in Detroit. "Man, how'd I get that memory.?" he felt the need to shift forms until he looked up. "Figured I would make you remember that long ago past." his jaw dropped and so did he falling to his knees. "What the fuck is going on, this can't be?"

  Nephthys moved over to him with her delicate painted hand stretched out to him. "It's really me my love." Sandalio shook his head in disbelief he was afraid if he touched her hand he would either be shocked to death or she would fade away. She looked different but it was her. How many times had he walked the halls of Madira praying to her. Praying to any God or Goddess he could think of. "Nephthys" he finally managed to say her name. She smiled that sweet loving smile of hers that he remembered and knelt down to him kissing his lips. She was real, and she was right here he wasn't going insane. But something wasn't right. He heard the other wolves and another. He held Nephthys away from him. "Why are you here?" she looked right into his soul as she had done many times. "You're no fool, my love. You hear them call, your child returns but the other must go you cannot stop this." Sandalio quickly got up and headed for the door the calls got louder, one in particular pierced his mind like a knife. "You said you wouldn't do this to me" he heard all 3 of their voices the sweet melodic voice of Nephthys, the menacing yell of Kheresket, and Amenei the mixture of the two. A demons melody and it played all throughout the pantheon, for Anket was about to die.

Am I My Sister's Keeper?

  Amenei stood at the gates, a dead wolf in her hands the blood dripped from her mouth. The rest gathered around her but they as well were no match. "You think you can bring me down? I WILL get inside! Come out sister or are you afraid to face me like a real woman, like a real Queen! You don't deserve the throne! It is MINE! Now come out here and die like a good little bitch or I will come in after you!" Amenei always took her vampire side, the wolf in her only gave her more strength. The others kept gathering calling for Sandalio, she wasn't going to fight her father but if she had to so be it. Kheresket's throne was hers Anket didn't want it. Disrespected it and her mother the deal was made and she was to take Amenei's place in the Primordial waters. Dead or Alive...Amenei preferred dead. She had enough of standing at these gates. All this fear was disgusting, a disgrace. A Madira did not act this way. "We weren't raised to fear anything." She said to herself. She walked up the stairs to the double doors and pushed through, heading for the throne room the new House or Pantheon as Anomolus put it was beautiful she thought. Everything was bigger. She took a long sword that laid neatly against a wall in one of the hall ways, dragging it by her side.

She whistled a menacing little tune as she approached Anomolus and Kheresket's thrones. The room was almost like Nu and Naunets except for the House colors of reds and blacks. "Amenei..." a voice came from behind her. "Hi daddy..." she smiled, and turned to face Sandalio she twisted her red hair between her fingers. Sandalio was happy but...he knew what she was about to do. He wanted to embrace her tell her how much he missed her but what the hell. She was about to kill her twin sister. "Amenei you can't do this."
Amenei stared at him with her loving eyes. "Do what daddy?...is Anket here..it's time to play." That smile again.  Oh Gods he thought. She's exactly like Kheresket. Amenei droped the sword and shifted into her wolf form and pounced on Sandalio with her teeth bared. "Where the fuck is she tell me!" "I'm here Amenei, don't hurt him." Amenei shifted back and picked up Sandalio slamming him into the wall, chains from no where bound him there. He didn't know what to think, he couldn't speak no nothing. He couldn't understand where the hell she gained this kind of power from. Anket didn't have it. What made it so bad Nephthys was allowing it to happen.

"Finally, almost thought I had to kill my own father just to bring your sorry ass out of hiding." Anket wanted to hug her sister so badly but she felt the hate seeping from her skin. "What have they done to you.?"
"Why do you care?" "Amenei you're my sister, I love you." "Enough talking! You're weak!" Amenei summoned the sword from behind her, and pushed it into Anket's chest before she could move. Sandalio felt a part of him die as he watched the shock on Anket's face. Amenei dropped the chains that held him against the wall. "There hold your favorite as she dies. Make it quick."

 Know these things

  Amenei dropped the sword, and walked out of the throne room. Stepping around the blood that started to pool at her feet. As she rounded the door she felt a presence that she hadn't in a long time. His eyes, that silvery swirl, she was angry but her heart pounded so hard she couldn't breathe. "Why didn't you come for me." Azrael felt her sister dying, her essence passing away in his direction he erased her name in his invisible book. He couldn't move. Something he confessed just moments ago and now she's standing right here. "Answer me." What could he say? He held out his hand towards her, and Amenei looked down at it. Her father raging in the next room over her sisters death, tears filled her eyes. She was angry at herself that she wasn't upset about it. She killed her own sister for a crown. But who cared, she deserved it. But after all this time. A man she followed every day. Stood before her, someone she loved, someone she saw go through so much pain himself. She gave her life for him. "I love you Azrael." He stepped closer to her and held her face with both his hands. Her eyes were so beautiful to him. He didn't know if it was right or wrong to love her back. He kissed her lips softly and held her there. Her kiss was sweet mixed with her salty tears. And for the first time in a long time, death cried. "I love you too."

The Demoness and The Vampire

  It took 4 days for Anomolus to find her, it was easy she never cleans up after herself. She wanted everyone to know she was coming for them. News stations were reporting mysterious burnings of old churches, and disappearances of people. He thought he was close when he got to an old building that he thought they were staying in but no such luck. She had already left, and moved on to another city or state. She mostly stayed on the American end and dealt with the Lasombra that lived here. Most of the east coasters were gone. In a way he was proud of her. But it was 7 days now, he was starving. He could have picked anyone he wanted off the street, but he only wanted his wife, he needed his wife. During one of his long walks he felt Anket's passing and Amenei take control of Amenthes. It felt in order even though it was a House built in Chaos.
Good he thought. At least something was changing for the good, but he lost a daughter, Anket was most likely in the Primordial Waters with Nu and Naunet...he chuckled. She'll straighten up.

  He found himself in Savannah, GA he loved this place and it's American southern charm. Apparently Kheresket liked it too her and Minna were here as well. The sun was rising but no matter after all these years it only tickled. She picked a nice little place, an old plantation home. She killed the occupants and took over. Anomolus shook his head. He dragged himself up the walkway feeling himself get weaker she was wide awake and knew he was coming. Kheresket opened the door, Anomolus stopped when he got to the bottom steps and looked at her. All he could feel was anger, which was wrong. He had a lot of time for that to wear off. He swiftly moved up to her with the strength he had left and pushed her against the wall with his hand around her neck. His fangs grew, but he didn't bite her just yet. He squeezed her neck harder slamming her into the wall each time he squeezed the tears ran down her eyes but she didn't say a word. "I would never order you to do this Kheresket!" Blood began to trickle from her mouth but she grinned at him anyway. She managed to speak with his tight grip on her throat spitting up blood at the same time.

"Yes you would." she leaned in and covered his heart with her left hand and pressed her lips against his she spoke against his softly her voice hummed and her blood burned his lips. "It's what your heart says to me Anomolus, I know what it says. I know what you want, what you desire." She worked her way from his grip and licked his bottom lip, and bit down hard. Anomolus slapped her with such force it awoke Minna who slept upstairs. Kheresket smiled and with all the energy she could summon pushed him through a wall. A chandelier from the hall fell and dust and plaster flew about the place. Anomolus quickly got up picking up Kheresket and slammed her to the floor. Her spine cracked, causing her to wail in pain. Minna jumped up from her bed upstairs afraid this wasn't like last time this was different. She pushed open the window and jumped out and ran through the yard. All she heard were screams demonic screams and Anomolus yelling back at her Mother. Back in the house Kheresket was attempting to change forms but Anomolus was binding her. "You disobeyed me Kheresket" "No! don't do this to me Anomolus please!" He didn't want to. hell he was dying of hunger he would die without her but she disobeyed. "You made me mistrust you." He stood up, and grabbed her once more by the throat and dragged her up the stairs. He found one of the bedrooms which was draped in red and black. She must have changed it. By now Kheresket finally stopped her wailing and begging and bargaining, and laid there silently. Anomolus sat in a chair across from her with his foot resting on the bed watching her. She looked at the clock, and then the door. Thinking she should bolt, but she knew there was no use he'd track her. And she did not want to abandon Minna. She felt his strength waning, he needed to feed. She sat up on the bed. "Where do you think your going." "No where Master." her voice felt scratchy. She dropped to the floor and scooted over to him and laid her head in his lap exposing her neck. "Don't die because I've disobeyed."

  Anomolus looked down at her, her voice was so sad when she said it. She didn't have to put it like that. But she always knew when he needed to feed. And it was showing more and more. He did look like death walking. Azrael didn't even look like death and he was death. He rather would have died. He wanted to banish her, but what good would that do. He would see her again years down the road when she would be summoned again. Unhappy doing whatever stupid thing a Master would have her do. They had built too much together, and right now. Had way too many people to kill. He moved her soft hair to the side, he could see her blood flowing through her veins. Her neck was bruised but was already healing. "Lay on the bed Khere." She got up with no questions and laid on the bed, he no longer wanted her she wanted to die. She hated what Naunet made her do. Anomolus taught her to love. She wanted him so bad. She felt his shadow over her, she looked up at him. She began to speak but he put his finger over her lips and bent down to kiss her neck. She missed that feeling. It made her body tingle, she rolled over on her back and pulled him down to her. Anomolus licked the blood that was still at the corner of her mouth, it was sweet like it always was. He kissed her lips and her neck once more before he sunk his teeth into her flesh. The rush, hit him as her blood ran through him. All of what she done, the priest, the church, the elders the man all those people. She moaned underneath him gripping him tighter but he drank slowly he wanted it all. She never ran out of blood. Not like humans. She was his Goddess, his Demoness she was endless. He drew back to look into her eyes she was crying, he kissed her tears and her lips. He ripped off her clothes and kissed her breast he wanted more of her. She whimpered with each of his kisses, he went back up to her lips and kissed her deeply. "My Khere, I won't hurt you anymore."

  Thousands and thousands of years they were at each others side and she never thought of tasting his blood, she was a demon, what would she need it for. But now, something was different between them, and he was more than a vampire he was God. What would it taste like. He pressed his forehead against her neck and sank his teeth into her again, her eyes rolled back in her head. She hugged him close but wanted him closer. She managed to look down to see the vein in his neck pulse rapidly she watched it closely her blood and his mixed together, swirling. He stopped to kiss her and she could taste her own blood which was nothing new to her. Without thinking she forced his head to the side and did the same to his medium rare flesh. Anomolus jumped in surprise but held his wife close allowing her this gift. No one has ever fed from him. He felt in a haze, running his hands along her body. He spread her legs and pushed deep inside of her. Kheresket moaned and cried softly but stayed latched on to his neck. This was a new feeling to her. She raised her body up to his, the feeling was exquisite. Anomolus whispered her name softly in her ear. Her eyes widened and she pulled away from his neck. Crying out, his blood trickling down her chin. He smiled down at her moving a strand of her black hair away from her eyes, kissing her chin and then her lips. She kissed him back feverishly. "Master I never want to disobey you, I never want to hurt you, I only want to protect you. You are mine Master." he thought she was beautiful in her softer moments. "I know Khere, I cannot be mad at you. Their existence ceased the night you finally came to me. I loved you then, I love you now. Kill them all My love. I command you to." Kheresket moaned in agony and pleasure his blood did taste good like...she wasn't sure, but she loved it. She wrapped her legs around his waist and moved her hips in a wide circle, she looked down with a devilish grin. "Yes Master" She flipped him over onto his back. It was her turn on top.

Just a girl in the park
  I had walked all morning, by myself I watched the sun coming over the horizon it was breathtaking. I went to a park that was close to the house where my mother and I stayed, the air here is so different not like Amenthes where it's heavy. It's clean here, and cold. "And tastes funny" I have a habit of speaking out loud hell no one was around. I liked being lost in my thoughts. I thought mostly about my parents, I supposed they were alright, I would've known if either were dead, but I knew one of my family members were. Poor Anket but she had it coming. I was technically there when she acted out against mother. So that's the only way one of us can die...by our own siblings.

  Damn....I have a hard time understanding what my father is. A Master, and why does he hurt my mother or discipline her as they say. Is it pleasurable? "Could inflicting pain be pleasurable?" "I'd like to think so." wait what? I turned around..."How dare!" "How dare I what...Invade a private thought? You were talking out loud it wasn't exactly private." OK who is this asshole? I don't even know what to say. This prick was a little taller than me around 6'2 I still had some growing to go. He didn't look like what I'm used to seeing he was rugged, he reminded me of father but younger with darker skin and lighter hair. Bastard. "Still you don't just walk up to people minding their own damn business!" "Ooo you get cuter the more angry you get." he grinned. He had a nice smile. Had a lot of nerve. Cute...me...cute. I punched him in the face, which knocked him out pretty much his nose was bleeding. Good.  "Is that funny and cute enough for you?" "Damn you really pack one...I think you broke my nose." "Good!" I walked away and left him there I didn't know where I was going but never again was I going to a fucking park.

  He watched as she disappeared around a corner, the wind picked up carrying her scent back to him he laid back on the grass and thought for a bit. "Yep, I think she likes me, but she's definitely NOT a human." The scent carried a familiar mark that made him smile. He wanted her, but it was going to be hard as hell to get her. He thought to himself; that one right there is a child of Kheresket.


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The Spider's Stratagem

  "What do you mean she's gone, I am sick of this place!" Anomolus thrown the dishes next to him across the room, glass was broken everywhere. Amenei seemed unaffected by his actions and continued to pick specs of dirt from underneath her nails. "You know daddy, this is not a good look for you. Perhaps you should I don't know...let me go home and take care of the affairs there and you go look for dear old mom eh?" "Ame, child do not in any way try to make me more angry than I already am." Anomolus looked like hell he had not fed no nothing, just that wine from was it 3 days already? He was sick and Amenei knew it, without Kheresket, Anomolus was pretty much a goner. There was..."Father...you ever think of um, feeding from Nephthys?" Anomolus turned to look at his daughter, the daughter who for months almost a year he thought were dead. "I can't do that Amenei, Nephthys is too sacred to me...she's the same..." His head began to hurt and the hunger began to grow even more not her. He kept telling his mind not her no matter how much he wanted to, how much he needed to.

  "Amenei I know what you're plotting, I see it in you. You are so much like your mother." Thinking of Kheresket pained him even more he could feel her, it was killing him. He had to get the hell out of here. "Show me the way out of here, and I don't care what you do when you get back to the pantheon. If you have to kill every last person that's left there to complete your goal do it. Even Sandalio I don't give a fuck. Just get me the hell out of here so I can get to your mother.!"

  Amenei stopped playing with her nails to look at her father, that was the best news she'd heard all day. Killing and maiming such fun! She only had her sights on Anket. She just hoped and prayed to every unholy God even to the her own father, that she didn't have to touch Sandalio. The balance damn sure wasn't getting in her way. She got lost in thought until Anomolus slapped her back in focus. "Are you fucking listening?" "Yes I was father, damn." she rubbed her cheek. He must really be starved or love hurt one. "Well father you might want to change to something more...human." he looked down at himself. "Why's...oh come on...wait." He thought back to the conversation well the one sided conversation he had with Naunet, when he left he felt Kheresket then. Her sorrow, her mind was a mess like it was now. Naunet was changing her making her disobey him and there wasn't shit he could do about it. And Sakhmet. His own sister... "I thought you were ready to go." "Amenei...be quiet." Anomolus looked out the window at the black waters of chaos, they didn't poison him at all they just opened his eyes. His own sister. His blood. He would never do that to her. She would take away what he loved the most, what he yearned for the most? "Yes.." he said as he nodded. Amenei looked at him curiously he finally figured it out, she thought to herself. Anomolus shifted into a different set of clothes. "Nice" Amenei apparently approved. "Old Man's still got it. Ready?" Anomolus smiled, a hint of his small fangs showed. "Definitely."

  She took him through the throne room, and of course Nephthys and her blood teasing him stopped them. "Leaving so soon Anomolus?" He stared at her it was killing him, he wanted to leave quietly he didn't need to say goodbye to anyone, he heard all he needed to from the crazies that ran this place. He was done but not Nephthys too. The vein pulsed in her neck called to him. Go away Neph please..just..go away. "Yes, Seems someone ran off without me, like I was excess baggage. So do you mind Nephthys...please." Nephthys could see his pain, and that something was terribly wrong with him. She took the hint, he wanted her blood and bad but he couldn't she didn't know why. Respect maybe? his devotion to Kheresket? She never understood them two and she took a guess he doesn't understand her and Sandalio. "Don't let me keep you Anomolus." She stepped aside, Amenei turned back and all Nephthys could do was shrug. She would ask later.

They made it to the hall of doors, that looked similar to the doors that resided in the old House Madira. Amenei picked one and opened it the air blasted through blowing her hair around her face. "Wow good luck with all that food walking around, the sun still hasn't set will you be alright?" "I won't burn Ame, I do need a serious tan though." Amenei laughed. "Well I wouldn't count on much it appears to be fall and mother is on the east coast. Happy hunting daddy." She kissed his cheek and walked back down the hall. Anomolus watched her go. He was happy to have her in his life again. Anket was another story.

The Curious Case of the Elders Three
  It was days, I tell you days we killed these vampires, these Lasombra. Mother told me they wanted me, I nor her cared why but the thrill of it, the hunting was exhilarating. They hide in shadows and of course only come out at night, dragging them out into the sun was the best. They curled up like bacon. Some burst into flames. They even spent time in churches. Now that I didn't understand, but these were real bona fide churches. The first one we came to I'll tell you about. Mother in all her fiery glory walked right up to the doors and politely knocked. Azrael was with us of course and almost died from laughter he knew that at any moment Kheresket would burst in flames. Hey...it WAS a church you know. Even one filled with vampires. One of I guess their priests answered and was horrified. He knew who she was and who I was. Of course he couldn't see Azrael...not yet. Mother smiled and began speaking in Aramaic poor man didn't know what she was saying. Some priest. How can you be a priest and not know this language. I may not know much about religion yet but what she said or rather screamed was "Heretics!" and then she cursed him in demonic.

  I sat next to Azrael on one of the benches, whom seemed to take up a smoking habit since being with us. We watched as My mother slashed at this man's throat and body bound him to a cross, drained his blood. It was a mess. Then she proceeded to paint the church with his blood. "You think she's lost it?" I said to him. He held the cigarette to his lips and inhaled deeply. I swear I never saw the smoke leave his body. "Na, I honestly think this is normal for her...the dancing is over the top though." I laughed, which caused Azrael to smile. I see why Amenei loved him. I had to be careful of my next words because he didn't know yet. "Did you love her too?" He flicked the cigarette across the room, Kheresket found two more priests and began the ritual all over again. These vampires were really weak.
"Love who?"
He paused, then pulled out another cigarette his eyes changed they weren't that pretty silver anymore but black.
"I um...she was like a sister to me."
"Yes but you loved her, like Father loves Mother...if she were here with you now. You would walk to the ends of the earth with each other...forever....right."
He looked at me with a bit of shock, or he was hurt I couldn't tell the difference. We both looked up to notice that Kheresket had set the church on fire. She walked by looking at us with those red eyes of hers, calling us. I stood up to follow her out with Azrael behind. He didn't say a word to me. I think I've upset him.

  We made it back to that rickety old building, the rooms were still a mess from the murders..yes there were more that took place. That previous night of my first kill, she picked different people who walked down the street men, women, couples it didn't matter. It was to prove a point to Azrael.

  He still stood by his words. "I do not judge them, you do." The point of reapers made her angry. She needed a brood. Her children, her real children would do her bidding with her, no questions because they were bred with evil already in them. With the hunger and hate seeping in their veins. And out loud she wondered what would she produce if she mated with a reaper. My mouth dropped, but I learned something about my mother and apparently about myself. She and I were Succubi. That's all we want anyway. She looked at me that night and said "From me you learn my way and my path. With your father you learn his. Mine sadly is not pretty, there is no glamour like that of a vampire. You will want sex, you will want to breed, you will want to seduce and kill and hate and tempt, and possess. That is how you feed, and one day you will kneel to one and one only." Tears fell from her eyes and I saw the pain behind them. My mother loved My father deeply. Which was not her way. How she learned that was unexplainable. I believe it was him.

 It was a good thing, that things didn't appear as they seemed because there was a knock at the door. Azrael knew it was nothing but trouble so he lit his cigarette, sat in his corner and waited. Kheresket taught me the best trick ever, illusion. So I made the room look nice and neat well...at least look better than what it did. We both shifted into different clothes and I took a seat on a soft puffy couch. My Mother opened the door which almost fell off the hinges, she looked back at me. I just shrugged. It was a man and two women older looking, they wore black heavy looking cloaks with the hoods pulled over their eyes. Mother spoke of course her voice was bright and welcoming I heard Azrael snicker. "Ah elders of the Lasombra, and why is it you have disturbed me? Haven't you done enough?" The first elder the middle spoke his voice was shaky. Standing this close to her and not dying instantly was considered a blessing to these....people. If you could call them that.

Kheresket spoke again.
"You seem nervous elder,come in." she smiled her famous smile. She heard the other to say silently to each other that that meant she was up to something. She turned and walked into the room which made them follow. "Hmm...You may be right but...so are you when it comes to my daughter." I giggled at their surprise. Finally Azrael decided to show himself in his corner which really made them nervous. Seeing the archangel was never a good thing. Mother began to damn the damned, the speech that I loved listening to. "Oh? There's 6 of us here you think you are the most powerful? That you can hide in your shadows forever? I hear your nasty little thoughts all day while you sleep, all night while you feed on these weak imperfect vile humans." Her voice was starting to ring in their heads like a thousand hammers at once. She circled around them as they held their heads in agony. " I know your every disgusting desire! Do you think you could escape me forever? Do you think I am Anomolus bound  by some pathetic code you keep? NO! I will hunt and kill each and every single one of you. You cannot hide in your churches I will burn them. YOU ARE NOT SAFE FROM ME!" blood was running from their ears but Kheresket kept them from moving. Their hands were shaking and the look of fear was hilarious. Mother stared at the elders as the tears ran down their beautiful faces, they took deep pride in their vanity.

"Oh I'm so sorry...was I too loud? Have I frightened you? Forgive me. Come in and sit." she gritted her teeth. "And chat....awhile. friends?" "Oh no no your majesty" the 3rd elder spoke up. "We, we must get going matter of fact we forgot why we even came."
I looked up, the stratagem was in place. "You can't leave." I said. "Whu..Why?" The 2nd stuttered. Kheresket turned her head towards the 3. "YOU would question the Princess of Amenthes? Why..that is a SIN!" Anomolus would not have that! YOU MUST PAY FOR THIS!"  "No no your majesty." said the 1st.
"Yes yes!" said Azrael. I think Azrael was drinking now. Mother turned to Azrael and held out her hand, he took it and stood up placing his kiss onto her cheek. "My Azrael, I cannot have their souls, but there is a place for them yes?" She smiled it was quite girly if I must say, Azrael nodded putting out his cigarette in the ashtray that I placed out for him. "Of course there is my Goddess." Kheresket clapped her hands together the girlyness was beyond funny. "Wonderful!" Azrael stepped aside and drew the door that led back to the realms the elders began screaming. Our neighbor must have been deaf, we had a lot of screams coming from these rooms. My Mother laughed at the elders as they cried and begged. "Oh it's OK there will be enough time for that. Don't have too much fun down there without us." She said as she waved them through. She blew a kiss to Azrael as he stepped through as well. He turned back for a moment and smiled at me. "Minna to answer your question; Yes I do. And I know where she is, I always have." I don't know why but I feel as if I've accomplished something.

Windows, Street Beats, and The Goodness of it all.


  The Door began to fade, which made mother quite sad that she couldn't go back. she missed Amenthes. I wasn't there long enough to miss anything. Far as I knew The Primordial, The Meseket, and Rickety Old Building was home. I remember walking with my parents happy. And that's all. Me asking daddy to teach me how to read  minds. I miss my daddy. She misses him too. I stood next to my mother and laid my head on her arm. I loved being this close to her, when she's calm. No one could ever take her place. "When are we going home?" I had to ask, I could sense and even I had the feeling that we were trapped here in a world that is not ours. She caressed my face, her touch was so warm. Even in her womb I could feel her hands touch her belly when she talked to me. "I don't know My Minna." she said as she walked towards a window, with only a small gesture it opened and the room was filled with the city's air, and sounds. Gun shots in the distance, babies crying, the scream of a woman as a man beats her to a pulp. "Humans" she said. I sat myself inside the window with one leg dangling over. The sun was rising, the heaviness was lifting, all of the nights denizens were laying themselves down for their daily rest. And Mother, and I would wait and start all over again. The air stirred, I looked at my mother she was preparing her mind readying for something. "He's coming" I said. She looked out into the sky and grinned. "Good."

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The Sweet Misery

  Kheresket stood in the city streets that were both unfamiliar and familiar to her. It had been a long time, she watched those around her intently, their scents filling her nose. "Their souls... the fruit is so delicious." She rubbed the familiar phoenix tattoo that crawled up her arm tracing it's fanned tail. "Harendotes, I summon thee". Instantly the tattoo slid off her arm and the man materialized before her, covering his chest with his right arm. His hand was in a slight fist, as he bowed his head. If only she could get him to not look like Anomolus he would be perfection. Still he was a sight, even in a humans suit he was indeed a sight. Kheresket stroked his face with the back of her hand, she had grown to love Harendotes, just as she knew she would. Just as any Master, or Mistress.

  It was tragic she could not give him what he secretly desired from her. She smiled at the thought, causing him to blush. He would protect and serve her until his death. "Haren...you may go for awhile, have some fun. Enjoy these....mortals. Enjoy..their flesh. Their...pleasures. We'll be here for a long time. When I need you, come to me." Harendotes looked at her with his grey eyes. "Of course Mistress, there is nothing that I will not do for you." He smiled, and bowed crossing his heart once more before turning to walk away from her. He did love her, at the moment more than her own husband, but he kept such thoughts to himself. He didn't exactly like being away from her, but if that's what she wanted. It's what she got. He eased down the cities sidewalk, taking note of every building and every person and he kept walking. Until he no longer felt her presence or smelled her beautiful scent. "Be careful my Mistress" He whispered.

Minnaloushe, The Man, and The Angel.

  I had finally arrived, after taking hours of debating clothes. Which were the right ones? I kept asking My Mother but she seemed occupied on other things. She was dead set on something and there was no stopping her. We chose some rickety building to stay in, it had two rooms with thin walls and one neighbor some old woman. I didn't like her much, she smelled funny everything about her was funny. Were all humans so nasty looking and wrinkled? The first room of the two had big windows which I did like. Kheresket was still a mess but felt a bit better after summoning Azrael. Azrael...I honestly like him. He is the one thing in Amenthes that doesn't fit. He's angelic...heavenly. Amenei told me how much she loved him, I'm still coming to terms on this love thing. I hear it quite a lot. Mother...Father. Poor Daddy. He was so torn when I saw him last. They will be alright I just know it.

  I listened to Azrael and Kheresket argue back and forth about killing this person and that. Azrael just couldn't outright kill people, Kheresket was angry she couldn't command him to. She really needs to explain binding to me. She walked over to a window and screamed. "There him Minna go get that man go!" I didn't know what to do my heart was racing. Was I to jump out the window? Would I die? "Go damn you!" She never screamed at me before so I just jumped; it felt...strangely good, the world coming to you 6 stories BOOM! I grabbed this pathetic man and slammed him into the wall, he reeked but who gave a shit, There was no one else on the street from what I could tell no cars nothing. I looked up to see my mother looking out and over the window. "Come to me my girl" she said, I loved my mothers voice. Only thing I could think of was jumping or flying up to her, so that's what I did, all this time...I didn't know I had developed wings. I learn new things about myself every day, I tell you...every damn day. I grow, my strength grows, my powers double. What am I becoming? It doesn't matter. I love it.

  After dragging the man into the window with me, I laid him on the floor. Kheresket looked at me with loving eyes, she came over to me and kissed my forehead. "Very good my girl, see Azrael she obeys what the hell is your problem?" Azrael just sighed and leaned against the wall. "Well Kheresket what do you plan to do now? He's an innocent" Kheresket walked over to Azrael and shook her head whispering no. To my surprise she kissed him. "My sweet Misery of Death...you are wrong this time." She leaned in closer to caress his face, and kiss him once more, Azrael's kiss was quite dangerous for some folks...Kheresket not at all. "You see and I know you know fallen one...all mortals are sinners, they believe a man died for their sins, and one day he will come back and save em all!" She roared in laughter "Save me oh Man Jesus!" Kheresket danced. The poor man in the floor began to cry. I don't know what came over me but, and I couldn't help laughing..."Oh don't cry...none of that shit's going to happen." "Exactly Minnaloushe!" Kheresket proclaimed. "Kill him! feed from him, and enjoy it!" I watched her as she sat in a chair that seemed to come from no where. Azrael just stood there watching, waiting. The Man begged and pleaded with me, but with only motioning a finger I silenced his voice. This brought a smile to my face, discovering more about myself. I walked slowly around him one time before kneeling next to him. He shook his head, his eyes pleading begging tears flying from his eyes. His pain was beautiful to watch...his struggle. He was bound with unseen ropes. He would never understand what the hell was happening to him. Only that...he was about to die. And to a strange little woman.

  I sat on top of him, with my weight slightly crushing his chest. I took his head into my hands ever so gently, the gentleness I've always seen my mother hold someone. And forcefully bashed his head into the floor. The blood sprayed from behind, and I watched it make a beautiful spray against the alabaster wall. I looked back down to see the horror on his face he wasn't dead yet...which didn't matter. I ran my hands through the blood that gushed from his brain...the blood. I tasted the blood, his life, his essence ran through me. The warmth caused my body to quiver a feeling I didn't understand. I leaned down and lapped at the blood. I wanted more. I needed more. This hunger...I was hungry, is this how my father felt? As his life began to slip away I let him go, Azrael walked over to me I looked up at him with my bloodthirsty eyes. I was still so hungry. He knelt down to the man, what little energy that man had looked deep into Azrael's silver eyes.
"Are you ready?" he said The Man blinked. Azrael leaned closer to him hovering over his mouth, I could see the life force, the essence of this man being taken from him and  into Azrael. Crying, screaming. He was now Azrael's The Reapers....the beautiful Angel's that doesn't belong in Amenthes. He stood up and walked back over to the wall, once again leaning against it. Invisible unless you were on the brink of death.

I stood up staring at the body, was I happy or sad? No..I was still fucking hungry. I was shaking though. What from I wondered. "Did I do good Mother?" Kheresket stood from her seat at the back of the room the light of the moon kissed her face, as she stepped forward the wood beneath her feet creaked. "Why yes my beautiful Minna, your father will be very proud." She knelt down looking into The Man's dead eyes. "Azrael that man was a pitiful soul, his life was nothing. I shouldn't have to tell you that." She turned to look at him. "I do not judge the sinners Kheresket, I only take away their pain, end the suffering. Guide them. YOU, My lovely Goddess...damn them." She stood facing him. "Yes...I do."

End of part 3

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