Immortal Memory

Whatever will I...


  Winter had come, and we had moved on from the charming little Savannah where bed and breakfast's dot the city, to the Midwest, where if you've never been there you would just say it was just filled with rednecks and farmland but we saw it offered so much more. It all became a blur, I stopped paying so much attention to where we were and just killed, did what I was supposed to do. Finally we hit the west coast of the States; where humans are plastic, and fake with unbelievable tans.

   I had not mentioned anything about that strange man from the park to my parents, but I had seen him or rather felt him a few more times since then. I believe he is following me. Tell me...should I be frightened? No. Father told me once that we never fear anything, not even the demons of fear themselves. This man is not vampire I can tell because that first time I had saw him it was daylight, but what if he's like my father?

   If he were Lasombra or Brujah, he would be dead by now. They are quite clever but not that good. Mother knew something was wrong she'd ask me but I keep telling her nothing. I have to tell her. Too many lies have been in my family as is...whatever will I do...Do I. Like, this man if it even is a man at all? I'm hungry...

Emptiness on the Outside

  For days, the wolves of the Sandalio howled in their sorrow. Kheresket faced the window looking out into the fading sun as Anomolus slept. The tears burning her skin, she closed her eyes allowing them to fall, her head banging softly against the cool window. She placed her hand against it as it slowly turned into a viewing glass. They had come from all over to pay their respects to Sandalio, even Dezire, Yahwehotep, and his son Khai came from out of their usual seclusion.

  The high priestess of Kheresket was glad to see Nephthys and Amenei but the love was not returned from Amenei. There was no more need for so much hatred girl Kheresket thought to herself, but she was too far away to do anything about it. Her eyes traveled over to Sandalio hunched over Anket's body, his heart was broken, Kheresket couldn't watch anymore. "You will hate me for eternity, I am sorry Sandalio." she whispered.

  She allowed the window to close and resumed watching the sun as it set in the western sky. She remembered the day she created two of the most beautiful beings in Amenthes, one from Anomolus and the other from Sandalio both equal in strength, both equal in power. But only one would reign. For the other to rule, hatred must be created. Kheresket held her chest in pain, Anomolus awoke and watched Khere as she stood there.

  She was meant to feel so much suffering, a demon is not supposed to know happiness. Yet HIS wife was different. He rose from the bed and stood behind her, her body instantly froze. Anomolus sighed heavily and pressed his forehead against the back of her shoulder, and his arms around her small waist. Two frozen statues in winters evening. The sun had finally set. "There's a reason for everything my love." Anomolus said, as he opened his eyes staring out the window.

  Kheresket turned her head toward his. "Then tell me, what is the reason our child is filled with so much hate she turns against her own sister as if she were someone else? Will Minnaloushe one day do the same? Will all of our children do this? We are loosing control of the House, and to whom exactly Naunet? I think not...her I CAN and WILL kill. Fuck her orders."

  Anomolus kissed her shoulder, and backed away to think. Kheresket always asked questions she knew the answers to. "She did it because of you, you already know that. Unfortunately that was the correct action." He walked back over to his wife and caressed her face. "and..." he paused and grinned sadistically which was odd even for him. Kheresket looked at him she knew what it meant. "loosing a child even though you did disown her is punishing is it not?" A Master was a curse she thought. Worse having one as your husband. Her back tingled reminding her of weeks past. She wanted to throw him out of the window. She envisioned it, his body flying through the glass and into the air the joy she would feel as he splat on to the yard below, the blood that pooled...she caught herself before she smiled. "Yes it is Master." Anomolus looked at her for a moment and shook his head. Woman was flighty sometimes. He thought. "Very good My love." Kheresket sighed and lowered her head as Anomolus walked away to get dressed for the night.

  She remembered him like this when he first summoned her and she came to him. It took years for her to not feel the need to kill him. But he did things exactly the way she wanted him to. She thought longer on it. If this is what it took then so be it, there was never a chance in all of Amenthes she was disobeying that man again.
"I need a vacation."


  Kheresket felt a sensation come over her, the chill went down her aching spine, and down through her legs. She held onto a chair that was next to her to steady herself. It was as if someone was summoning her, waves crashing against a sandy beach. This couldn't be, no one could summon her. She looked about the room and sniffed the air. "Minna!" she called. Minna dragged herself into the room rubbing her stomach and her eyes. "I'm starving." "So I've noticed, you'll feed soon enough come here." Minna looked puzzled something was up but when isn't it. "What's wrong Mother?" Kheresket sniffed the air again this time around Minna, she took a hold of her arm and sniffed again. "What are you doing?" Minna was confused now.

   Anomolus came back into the room, and sat in one of the chairs. "Minna where have you been lately?" "No where Mother, but the park but that was ages ago that's it...did I do something wrong?" Another wave hit Kheresket again, Anomolus watched and leaned forward in his chair, he didn't like it. Everything was getting more annoying to him. "What is it Khere?" Kheresket looked around as if she were looking for a fly, her head twitching back and forth. "Someone, me. She let out a low guttural growl that echoed through the room.

   Minna moved away from her to the side of the room, Anomolus leaned back in his chair. THAT was in no way shape or form possible. Kheresket asked again. "Minna, what or who was in the park?" "Nothing except a man." "What man!" She said in a demonic voice and then cleared her throat "erhmm forgive me. what man.?"

  Kheresket was trying to fight the urge to change forms and start shredding the room to pieces. "I was in the park, that day Daddy found us, and some man a little taller than me came. He reminded me of daddy but younger with dark blonde hair nice looking like, like the Amenthiens would be. Really cocky attitude. He acted like he liked me. I think he's been following us since we left Savannah." Kheresket stood there silent, thinking. "Minna stay here, Anomolus come with me please." Anomolus got up from his chair and straightened his coat. "More fuckery, can't wait." They left their newly acquired house and headed for a restaurant not far from where they were. Minna stayed and watched them leave. "Guess she forgot I was hungry."

I have a Crow for you.

  He was seated at one of the tables that littered the sidewalk, humans were going on about their business as usual without a care in the world. It was cool, but some still sat outside. Kheresket recalled how he enjoyed watching humans in their usual routines. His shoulder length dirty blonde hair looked unkempt as it always did, but that was one of the things that gave him his appeal. Amenthiens were known for their beauty and they certainly didn't go unnoticed when they walked among mortals. Kheresket studied him and laughed to herself as he sat back smoking his cigarette. Something else she had noticed, they all seemed to pick up a smoking habit. They tried hard to fit in sometimes. She herself looked like an amazon compared to the women and men that walked by. Some stared, some whistled. Anomolus threatened one of them on the way down. Kheresket preferred they tortured him, Anomolus wanted to kill him right there on the spot get it over with.

  The nearby women were in sheer ecstasy as they watched this man, he payed them no attention. He was waiting on someone. Her...He turned and smiled. Kheresket wondered if she should wait on Anomolus, what was he doing anyway. No bother...she approached and took the seat directly across from him, and leaned back in the chair crossing her legs slowly, the slit in her long black dress fell neatly to the side. "Lady Kheresket, you always know how to make an entrance, and of course make me speak first am I right?" nothing... He grinned, and laughed his raucous little laugh. "Oh we have to wait on Him excuse me." Kheresket half nodded, with a small smile.

   To be civil in this place was torture. He picked the perfect spot. Humans all over the place so they wouldn't touch him. Anomolus finally came in, and the women looked from one to the other. It was just too much for them. Anomolus in all his black, and longer straight black hair. And this thing in his white linen suit looked like a well paid beach bum. Whatever that meant. Anomolus sat next to Kheresket, and looked at her. "So who the fuck is this?" "Damn nice to meet you too Your Majesty" he took another drag from his cigarette. Kheresket looked at Anomolus and shook her head. "It has many names as I do." She leaned forward "What do you want Naberus?"

  He looked at Anomolus. "I was taking a stroll one day, after an exotic and delicious meal. You know what I mean we used to just kill for days on end like you and the little family are doing now just for the hell of it. Soul after soul...because humans...after all they are nothing." She nodded  "Well as the sun rose.." Anomolus interrupted  "I'm advising you to get to gist of your story, you're wasting my precious time." "Oh of course Your Grace, time is money. even though we don't have neither...So back to my the sun rose, I saw the most beautiful thing. The daughter of Kheresket. At the moment I didn't know it was the daughter of Kheresket until after she hit me in the face and walked off and I caught the air and breathed in that familiar scent.

   That somewhere Kheresket is back in the mortal world and why is this I wondered. So I went back to Amenthes, and once there what did I see. Souls..and more souls. Amenthes is filling up and fast, and no one knows why. And as Commander of 19 legions, My Lady what in the fuck are you doing up here? But...wait. Yes I did come back here and yes I did follow your daughter. Because I want her. She has quite the skill. In order for me to keep putting up with this shit you three are doing up here one I want in on it and two give me your daughter." Kheresket felt the anger rising in Anomolus, some demons he really didn't want to piss off. Some he just couldn't control and Naberus with his shitty tactics was one of them. She put her hand on Anomolus' shoulder and spoke fast before he could move. "My love don't, not here. I know you would love nothing more but to rip his throat out and feed it to him, but it will do no good. He'll be back tomorrow My love, with the same shit." Naberus lit another cigarette, and waved a hand at a nearby waiter to order a drink. "She's right you know. So...want to tell me what you all got going on up here in Candyland, I did run into Azrael because well I do kill a lot of people, and he had some vampires with him. Ones like you, Lord offense..the vain ones."

  'So go ahead tell me the rest." Anomolus stared at him and then looked at Kheresket. "My Sister, Sakhmet is set on destroying me by killing Kheresket and every descendant that comes from me and her, she has the help of her clan the Brujah, they have joined forces with my old one the Lasombra. When Minnaloushe was born they were going to ask me for her to do what I don't know. Probably kill her. Ptah Seker Asar is with her as well. Naunet had Kheresket disobey commands from me by coming here and slaughtering Lasombra and Brujah...all of them. And lastly Minna is to kill Sakhmet." Naberus thought on this for a moment, the waiter had brought his drink and asked Kheresket and Anomolus if they needed anything which they passed.

  He lit another cigarette, looking at Kheresket. "And you didn't bother to summon a friend and say hey...wanna slaughter a bunch of vamps just because.? So selfish Kheresket." Kheresket looked at him in disbelief. "Naberus..this is not about you." "Well I'm making it, I'm negotiating with Anomolus now." He turned to Anomolus. Kheresket shook her head, this was typical Naberus. "So Anomolus you have my 19 legions who are more than willing to come up here and take the other side of the world off your hands. Go take a vacation. Now Minnaloushe...let me make myself clear on this. I'm in love with her. Yes I know Demons don't love. I unfortunately like Kheresket had a Mistress or two that taught me that troubling emotion....the things I could show Minnaloushe, things even YOU Anomolus don't even know."

  Kheresket knew he spoke the truth on that. That demon knew some things...that would make you wonder about yourself. She cleared her throat to speak up. "Naberus...I'm not ready to let her go yet." "She'd have to choose me anyway Khere." "Then make yourself known crow." The conversation was now flying over Anomolus' head, he had felt Minna call she was starving and they were taking too long. "We have to go." he said touching Kheresket's hand. "Naberus, now that I don't feel the need to kill you anymore. You and your demons do as you wish, as I told Khere kill them all. As for yourself."

  Naberus nodded, and stood as they left walking down the street. He'd never bothered to deal with any of Kheresket's Masters before, but seeing as this one was now the God of Amenthes he had too. "She married him too damn..." He looked around for the waiter, and slide his chair under the table. Walking behind them. "Sorry kid no tip, don't feel like paying the bill either."

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