Song of the Dispossessed

Will You still Love me?
  Nephthys pure white to Kheresket's darkness stood at the window overlooking Amenthes. Sandalio's chambers were the same, exactly the same as she had remembered. She heard a guard open the heavy door letting the wolf in. It saddened her what she was about to do. Sandalio came in with his head hung, he was worried, Amenthes felt as if it were falling apart. Anket...there was never any reasoning with her anymore. The room felt oddly warm to him like he was home years ago back in Detroit. "Man, how'd I get that memory.?" he felt the need to shift forms until he looked up. "Figured I would make you remember that long ago past." his jaw dropped and so did he falling to his knees. "What the fuck is going on, this can't be?"

  Nephthys moved over to him with her delicate painted hand stretched out to him. "It's really me my love." Sandalio shook his head in disbelief he was afraid if he touched her hand he would either be shocked to death or she would fade away. She looked different but it was her. How many times had he walked the halls of Madira praying to her. Praying to any God or Goddess he could think of. "Nephthys" he finally managed to say her name. She smiled that sweet loving smile of hers that he remembered and knelt down to him kissing his lips. She was real, and she was right here he wasn't going insane. But something wasn't right. He heard the other wolves and another. He held Nephthys away from him. "Why are you here?" she looked right into his soul as she had done many times. "You're no fool, my love. You hear them call, your child returns but the other must go you cannot stop this." Sandalio quickly got up and headed for the door the calls got louder, one in particular pierced his mind like a knife. "You said you wouldn't do this to me" he heard all 3 of their voices the sweet melodic voice of Nephthys, the menacing yell of Kheresket, and Amenei the mixture of the two. A demons melody and it played all throughout the pantheon, for Anket was about to die.

Am I My Sister's Keeper?

  Amenei stood at the gates, a dead wolf in her hands the blood dripped from her mouth. The rest gathered around her but they as well were no match. "You think you can bring me down? I WILL get inside! Come out sister or are you afraid to face me like a real woman, like a real Queen! You don't deserve the throne! It is MINE! Now come out here and die like a good little bitch or I will come in after you!" Amenei always took her vampire side, the wolf in her only gave her more strength. The others kept gathering calling for Sandalio, she wasn't going to fight her father but if she had to so be it. Kheresket's throne was hers Anket didn't want it. Disrespected it and her mother the deal was made and she was to take Amenei's place in the Primordial waters. Dead or Alive...Amenei preferred dead. She had enough of standing at these gates. All this fear was disgusting, a disgrace. A Madira did not act this way. "We weren't raised to fear anything." She said to herself. She walked up the stairs to the double doors and pushed through, heading for the throne room the new House or Pantheon as Anomolus put it was beautiful she thought. Everything was bigger. She took a long sword that laid neatly against a wall in one of the hall ways, dragging it by her side.

She whistled a menacing little tune as she approached Anomolus and Kheresket's thrones. The room was almost like Nu and Naunets except for the House colors of reds and blacks. "Amenei..." a voice came from behind her. "Hi daddy..." she smiled, and turned to face Sandalio she twisted her red hair between her fingers. Sandalio was happy but...he knew what she was about to do. He wanted to embrace her tell her how much he missed her but what the hell. She was about to kill her twin sister. "Amenei you can't do this."
Amenei stared at him with her loving eyes. "Do what daddy? Anket's time to play." That smile again.  Oh Gods he thought. She's exactly like Kheresket. Amenei droped the sword and shifted into her wolf form and pounced on Sandalio with her teeth bared. "Where the fuck is she tell me!" "I'm here Amenei, don't hurt him." Amenei shifted back and picked up Sandalio slamming him into the wall, chains from no where bound him there. He didn't know what to think, he couldn't speak no nothing. He couldn't understand where the hell she gained this kind of power from. Anket didn't have it. What made it so bad Nephthys was allowing it to happen.

"Finally, almost thought I had to kill my own father just to bring your sorry ass out of hiding." Anket wanted to hug her sister so badly but she felt the hate seeping from her skin. "What have they done to you.?"
"Why do you care?" "Amenei you're my sister, I love you." "Enough talking! You're weak!" Amenei summoned the sword from behind her, and pushed it into Anket's chest before she could move. Sandalio felt a part of him die as he watched the shock on Anket's face. Amenei dropped the chains that held him against the wall. "There hold your favorite as she dies. Make it quick."

 Know these things

  Amenei dropped the sword, and walked out of the throne room. Stepping around the blood that started to pool at her feet. As she rounded the door she felt a presence that she hadn't in a long time. His eyes, that silvery swirl, she was angry but her heart pounded so hard she couldn't breathe. "Why didn't you come for me." Azrael felt her sister dying, her essence passing away in his direction he erased her name in his invisible book. He couldn't move. Something he confessed just moments ago and now she's standing right here. "Answer me." What could he say? He held out his hand towards her, and Amenei looked down at it. Her father raging in the next room over her sisters death, tears filled her eyes. She was angry at herself that she wasn't upset about it. She killed her own sister for a crown. But who cared, she deserved it. But after all this time. A man she followed every day. Stood before her, someone she loved, someone she saw go through so much pain himself. She gave her life for him. "I love you Azrael." He stepped closer to her and held her face with both his hands. Her eyes were so beautiful to him. He didn't know if it was right or wrong to love her back. He kissed her lips softly and held her there. Her kiss was sweet mixed with her salty tears. And for the first time in a long time, death cried. "I love you too."

The Demoness and The Vampire

  It took 4 days for Anomolus to find her, it was easy she never cleans up after herself. She wanted everyone to know she was coming for them. News stations were reporting mysterious burnings of old churches, and disappearances of people. He thought he was close when he got to an old building that he thought they were staying in but no such luck. She had already left, and moved on to another city or state. She mostly stayed on the American end and dealt with the Lasombra that lived here. Most of the east coasters were gone. In a way he was proud of her. But it was 7 days now, he was starving. He could have picked anyone he wanted off the street, but he only wanted his wife, he needed his wife. During one of his long walks he felt Anket's passing and Amenei take control of Amenthes. It felt in order even though it was a House built in Chaos.
Good he thought. At least something was changing for the good, but he lost a daughter, Anket was most likely in the Primordial Waters with Nu and Naunet...he chuckled. She'll straighten up.

  He found himself in Savannah, GA he loved this place and it's American southern charm. Apparently Kheresket liked it too her and Minna were here as well. The sun was rising but no matter after all these years it only tickled. She picked a nice little place, an old plantation home. She killed the occupants and took over. Anomolus shook his head. He dragged himself up the walkway feeling himself get weaker she was wide awake and knew he was coming. Kheresket opened the door, Anomolus stopped when he got to the bottom steps and looked at her. All he could feel was anger, which was wrong. He had a lot of time for that to wear off. He swiftly moved up to her with the strength he had left and pushed her against the wall with his hand around her neck. His fangs grew, but he didn't bite her just yet. He squeezed her neck harder slamming her into the wall each time he squeezed the tears ran down her eyes but she didn't say a word. "I would never order you to do this Kheresket!" Blood began to trickle from her mouth but she grinned at him anyway. She managed to speak with his tight grip on her throat spitting up blood at the same time.

"Yes you would." she leaned in and covered his heart with her left hand and pressed her lips against his she spoke against his softly her voice hummed and her blood burned his lips. "It's what your heart says to me Anomolus, I know what it says. I know what you want, what you desire." She worked her way from his grip and licked his bottom lip, and bit down hard. Anomolus slapped her with such force it awoke Minna who slept upstairs. Kheresket smiled and with all the energy she could summon pushed him through a wall. A chandelier from the hall fell and dust and plaster flew about the place. Anomolus quickly got up picking up Kheresket and slammed her to the floor. Her spine cracked, causing her to wail in pain. Minna jumped up from her bed upstairs afraid this wasn't like last time this was different. She pushed open the window and jumped out and ran through the yard. All she heard were screams demonic screams and Anomolus yelling back at her Mother. Back in the house Kheresket was attempting to change forms but Anomolus was binding her. "You disobeyed me Kheresket" "No! don't do this to me Anomolus please!" He didn't want to. hell he was dying of hunger he would die without her but she disobeyed. "You made me mistrust you." He stood up, and grabbed her once more by the throat and dragged her up the stairs. He found one of the bedrooms which was draped in red and black. She must have changed it. By now Kheresket finally stopped her wailing and begging and bargaining, and laid there silently. Anomolus sat in a chair across from her with his foot resting on the bed watching her. She looked at the clock, and then the door. Thinking she should bolt, but she knew there was no use he'd track her. And she did not want to abandon Minna. She felt his strength waning, he needed to feed. She sat up on the bed. "Where do you think your going." "No where Master." her voice felt scratchy. She dropped to the floor and scooted over to him and laid her head in his lap exposing her neck. "Don't die because I've disobeyed."

  Anomolus looked down at her, her voice was so sad when she said it. She didn't have to put it like that. But she always knew when he needed to feed. And it was showing more and more. He did look like death walking. Azrael didn't even look like death and he was death. He rather would have died. He wanted to banish her, but what good would that do. He would see her again years down the road when she would be summoned again. Unhappy doing whatever stupid thing a Master would have her do. They had built too much together, and right now. Had way too many people to kill. He moved her soft hair to the side, he could see her blood flowing through her veins. Her neck was bruised but was already healing. "Lay on the bed Khere." She got up with no questions and laid on the bed, he no longer wanted her she wanted to die. She hated what Naunet made her do. Anomolus taught her to love. She wanted him so bad. She felt his shadow over her, she looked up at him. She began to speak but he put his finger over her lips and bent down to kiss her neck. She missed that feeling. It made her body tingle, she rolled over on her back and pulled him down to her. Anomolus licked the blood that was still at the corner of her mouth, it was sweet like it always was. He kissed her lips and her neck once more before he sunk his teeth into her flesh. The rush, hit him as her blood ran through him. All of what she done, the priest, the church, the elders the man all those people. She moaned underneath him gripping him tighter but he drank slowly he wanted it all. She never ran out of blood. Not like humans. She was his Goddess, his Demoness she was endless. He drew back to look into her eyes she was crying, he kissed her tears and her lips. He ripped off her clothes and kissed her breast he wanted more of her. She whimpered with each of his kisses, he went back up to her lips and kissed her deeply. "My Khere, I won't hurt you anymore."

  Thousands and thousands of years they were at each others side and she never thought of tasting his blood, she was a demon, what would she need it for. But now, something was different between them, and he was more than a vampire he was God. What would it taste like. He pressed his forehead against her neck and sank his teeth into her again, her eyes rolled back in her head. She hugged him close but wanted him closer. She managed to look down to see the vein in his neck pulse rapidly she watched it closely her blood and his mixed together, swirling. He stopped to kiss her and she could taste her own blood which was nothing new to her. Without thinking she forced his head to the side and did the same to his medium rare flesh. Anomolus jumped in surprise but held his wife close allowing her this gift. No one has ever fed from him. He felt in a haze, running his hands along her body. He spread her legs and pushed deep inside of her. Kheresket moaned and cried softly but stayed latched on to his neck. This was a new feeling to her. She raised her body up to his, the feeling was exquisite. Anomolus whispered her name softly in her ear. Her eyes widened and she pulled away from his neck. Crying out, his blood trickling down her chin. He smiled down at her moving a strand of her black hair away from her eyes, kissing her chin and then her lips. She kissed him back feverishly. "Master I never want to disobey you, I never want to hurt you, I only want to protect you. You are mine Master." he thought she was beautiful in her softer moments. "I know Khere, I cannot be mad at you. Their existence ceased the night you finally came to me. I loved you then, I love you now. Kill them all My love. I command you to." Kheresket moaned in agony and pleasure his blood did taste good like...she wasn't sure, but she loved it. She wrapped her legs around his waist and moved her hips in a wide circle, she looked down with a devilish grin. "Yes Master" She flipped him over onto his back. It was her turn on top.

Just a girl in the park
  I had walked all morning, by myself I watched the sun coming over the horizon it was breathtaking. I went to a park that was close to the house where my mother and I stayed, the air here is so different not like Amenthes where it's heavy. It's clean here, and cold. "And tastes funny" I have a habit of speaking out loud hell no one was around. I liked being lost in my thoughts. I thought mostly about my parents, I supposed they were alright, I would've known if either were dead, but I knew one of my family members were. Poor Anket but she had it coming. I was technically there when she acted out against mother. So that's the only way one of us can our own siblings.

  Damn....I have a hard time understanding what my father is. A Master, and why does he hurt my mother or discipline her as they say. Is it pleasurable? "Could inflicting pain be pleasurable?" "I'd like to think so." wait what? I turned around..."How dare!" "How dare I what...Invade a private thought? You were talking out loud it wasn't exactly private." OK who is this asshole? I don't even know what to say. This prick was a little taller than me around 6'2 I still had some growing to go. He didn't look like what I'm used to seeing he was rugged, he reminded me of father but younger with darker skin and lighter hair. Bastard. "Still you don't just walk up to people minding their own damn business!" "Ooo you get cuter the more angry you get." he grinned. He had a nice smile. Had a lot of nerve. I punched him in the face, which knocked him out pretty much his nose was bleeding. Good.  "Is that funny and cute enough for you?" "Damn you really pack one...I think you broke my nose." "Good!" I walked away and left him there I didn't know where I was going but never again was I going to a fucking park.

  He watched as she disappeared around a corner, the wind picked up carrying her scent back to him he laid back on the grass and thought for a bit. "Yep, I think she likes me, but she's definitely NOT a human." The scent carried a familiar mark that made him smile. He wanted her, but it was going to be hard as hell to get her. He thought to himself; that one right there is a child of Kheresket.


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