The Spider's Stratagem

  "What do you mean she's gone, I am sick of this place!" Anomolus thrown the dishes next to him across the room, glass was broken everywhere. Amenei seemed unaffected by his actions and continued to pick specs of dirt from underneath her nails. "You know daddy, this is not a good look for you. Perhaps you should I don't know...let me go home and take care of the affairs there and you go look for dear old mom eh?" "Ame, child do not in any way try to make me more angry than I already am." Anomolus looked like hell he had not fed no nothing, just that wine from was it 3 days already? He was sick and Amenei knew it, without Kheresket, Anomolus was pretty much a goner. There was..." ever think of um, feeding from Nephthys?" Anomolus turned to look at his daughter, the daughter who for months almost a year he thought were dead. "I can't do that Amenei, Nephthys is too sacred to me...she's the same..." His head began to hurt and the hunger began to grow even more not her. He kept telling his mind not her no matter how much he wanted to, how much he needed to.

  "Amenei I know what you're plotting, I see it in you. You are so much like your mother." Thinking of Kheresket pained him even more he could feel her, it was killing him. He had to get the hell out of here. "Show me the way out of here, and I don't care what you do when you get back to the pantheon. If you have to kill every last person that's left there to complete your goal do it. Even Sandalio I don't give a fuck. Just get me the hell out of here so I can get to your mother.!"

  Amenei stopped playing with her nails to look at her father, that was the best news she'd heard all day. Killing and maiming such fun! She only had her sights on Anket. She just hoped and prayed to every unholy God even to the her own father, that she didn't have to touch Sandalio. The balance damn sure wasn't getting in her way. She got lost in thought until Anomolus slapped her back in focus. "Are you fucking listening?" "Yes I was father, damn." she rubbed her cheek. He must really be starved or love hurt one. "Well father you might want to change to something more...human." he looked down at himself. "Why's...oh come on...wait." He thought back to the conversation well the one sided conversation he had with Naunet, when he left he felt Kheresket then. Her sorrow, her mind was a mess like it was now. Naunet was changing her making her disobey him and there wasn't shit he could do about it. And Sakhmet. His own sister... "I thought you were ready to go." " quiet." Anomolus looked out the window at the black waters of chaos, they didn't poison him at all they just opened his eyes. His own sister. His blood. He would never do that to her. She would take away what he loved the most, what he yearned for the most? "Yes.." he said as he nodded. Amenei looked at him curiously he finally figured it out, she thought to herself. Anomolus shifted into a different set of clothes. "Nice" Amenei apparently approved. "Old Man's still got it. Ready?" Anomolus smiled, a hint of his small fangs showed. "Definitely."

  She took him through the throne room, and of course Nephthys and her blood teasing him stopped them. "Leaving so soon Anomolus?" He stared at her it was killing him, he wanted to leave quietly he didn't need to say goodbye to anyone, he heard all he needed to from the crazies that ran this place. He was done but not Nephthys too. The vein pulsed in her neck called to him. Go away Neph please..just..go away. "Yes, Seems someone ran off without me, like I was excess baggage. So do you mind Nephthys...please." Nephthys could see his pain, and that something was terribly wrong with him. She took the hint, he wanted her blood and bad but he couldn't she didn't know why. Respect maybe? his devotion to Kheresket? She never understood them two and she took a guess he doesn't understand her and Sandalio. "Don't let me keep you Anomolus." She stepped aside, Amenei turned back and all Nephthys could do was shrug. She would ask later.

They made it to the hall of doors, that looked similar to the doors that resided in the old House Madira. Amenei picked one and opened it the air blasted through blowing her hair around her face. "Wow good luck with all that food walking around, the sun still hasn't set will you be alright?" "I won't burn Ame, I do need a serious tan though." Amenei laughed. "Well I wouldn't count on much it appears to be fall and mother is on the east coast. Happy hunting daddy." She kissed his cheek and walked back down the hall. Anomolus watched her go. He was happy to have her in his life again. Anket was another story.

The Curious Case of the Elders Three
  It was days, I tell you days we killed these vampires, these Lasombra. Mother told me they wanted me, I nor her cared why but the thrill of it, the hunting was exhilarating. They hide in shadows and of course only come out at night, dragging them out into the sun was the best. They curled up like bacon. Some burst into flames. They even spent time in churches. Now that I didn't understand, but these were real bona fide churches. The first one we came to I'll tell you about. Mother in all her fiery glory walked right up to the doors and politely knocked. Azrael was with us of course and almost died from laughter he knew that at any moment Kheresket would burst in flames. WAS a church you know. Even one filled with vampires. One of I guess their priests answered and was horrified. He knew who she was and who I was. Of course he couldn't see Azrael...not yet. Mother smiled and began speaking in Aramaic poor man didn't know what she was saying. Some priest. How can you be a priest and not know this language. I may not know much about religion yet but what she said or rather screamed was "Heretics!" and then she cursed him in demonic.

  I sat next to Azrael on one of the benches, whom seemed to take up a smoking habit since being with us. We watched as My mother slashed at this man's throat and body bound him to a cross, drained his blood. It was a mess. Then she proceeded to paint the church with his blood. "You think she's lost it?" I said to him. He held the cigarette to his lips and inhaled deeply. I swear I never saw the smoke leave his body. "Na, I honestly think this is normal for her...the dancing is over the top though." I laughed, which caused Azrael to smile. I see why Amenei loved him. I had to be careful of my next words because he didn't know yet. "Did you love her too?" He flicked the cigarette across the room, Kheresket found two more priests and began the ritual all over again. These vampires were really weak.
"Love who?"
He paused, then pulled out another cigarette his eyes changed they weren't that pretty silver anymore but black.
"I um...she was like a sister to me."
"Yes but you loved her, like Father loves Mother...if she were here with you now. You would walk to the ends of the earth with each other...forever....right."
He looked at me with a bit of shock, or he was hurt I couldn't tell the difference. We both looked up to notice that Kheresket had set the church on fire. She walked by looking at us with those red eyes of hers, calling us. I stood up to follow her out with Azrael behind. He didn't say a word to me. I think I've upset him.

  We made it back to that rickety old building, the rooms were still a mess from the murders..yes there were more that took place. That previous night of my first kill, she picked different people who walked down the street men, women, couples it didn't matter. It was to prove a point to Azrael.

  He still stood by his words. "I do not judge them, you do." The point of reapers made her angry. She needed a brood. Her children, her real children would do her bidding with her, no questions because they were bred with evil already in them. With the hunger and hate seeping in their veins. And out loud she wondered what would she produce if she mated with a reaper. My mouth dropped, but I learned something about my mother and apparently about myself. She and I were Succubi. That's all we want anyway. She looked at me that night and said "From me you learn my way and my path. With your father you learn his. Mine sadly is not pretty, there is no glamour like that of a vampire. You will want sex, you will want to breed, you will want to seduce and kill and hate and tempt, and possess. That is how you feed, and one day you will kneel to one and one only." Tears fell from her eyes and I saw the pain behind them. My mother loved My father deeply. Which was not her way. How she learned that was unexplainable. I believe it was him.

 It was a good thing, that things didn't appear as they seemed because there was a knock at the door. Azrael knew it was nothing but trouble so he lit his cigarette, sat in his corner and waited. Kheresket taught me the best trick ever, illusion. So I made the room look nice and neat least look better than what it did. We both shifted into different clothes and I took a seat on a soft puffy couch. My Mother opened the door which almost fell off the hinges, she looked back at me. I just shrugged. It was a man and two women older looking, they wore black heavy looking cloaks with the hoods pulled over their eyes. Mother spoke of course her voice was bright and welcoming I heard Azrael snicker. "Ah elders of the Lasombra, and why is it you have disturbed me? Haven't you done enough?" The first elder the middle spoke his voice was shaky. Standing this close to her and not dying instantly was considered a blessing to these....people. If you could call them that.

Kheresket spoke again.
"You seem nervous elder,come in." she smiled her famous smile. She heard the other to say silently to each other that that meant she was up to something. She turned and walked into the room which made them follow. "Hmm...You may be right are you when it comes to my daughter." I giggled at their surprise. Finally Azrael decided to show himself in his corner which really made them nervous. Seeing the archangel was never a good thing. Mother began to damn the damned, the speech that I loved listening to. "Oh? There's 6 of us here you think you are the most powerful? That you can hide in your shadows forever? I hear your nasty little thoughts all day while you sleep, all night while you feed on these weak imperfect vile humans." Her voice was starting to ring in their heads like a thousand hammers at once. She circled around them as they held their heads in agony. " I know your every disgusting desire! Do you think you could escape me forever? Do you think I am Anomolus bound  by some pathetic code you keep? NO! I will hunt and kill each and every single one of you. You cannot hide in your churches I will burn them. YOU ARE NOT SAFE FROM ME!" blood was running from their ears but Kheresket kept them from moving. Their hands were shaking and the look of fear was hilarious. Mother stared at the elders as the tears ran down their beautiful faces, they took deep pride in their vanity.

"Oh I'm so sorry...was I too loud? Have I frightened you? Forgive me. Come in and sit." she gritted her teeth. "And chat....awhile. friends?" "Oh no no your majesty" the 3rd elder spoke up. "We, we must get going matter of fact we forgot why we even came."
I looked up, the stratagem was in place. "You can't leave." I said. "Whu..Why?" The 2nd stuttered. Kheresket turned her head towards the 3. "YOU would question the Princess of Amenthes? Why..that is a SIN!" Anomolus would not have that! YOU MUST PAY FOR THIS!"  "No no your majesty." said the 1st.
"Yes yes!" said Azrael. I think Azrael was drinking now. Mother turned to Azrael and held out her hand, he took it and stood up placing his kiss onto her cheek. "My Azrael, I cannot have their souls, but there is a place for them yes?" She smiled it was quite girly if I must say, Azrael nodded putting out his cigarette in the ashtray that I placed out for him. "Of course there is my Goddess." Kheresket clapped her hands together the girlyness was beyond funny. "Wonderful!" Azrael stepped aside and drew the door that led back to the realms the elders began screaming. Our neighbor must have been deaf, we had a lot of screams coming from these rooms. My Mother laughed at the elders as they cried and begged. "Oh it's OK there will be enough time for that. Don't have too much fun down there without us." She said as she waved them through. She blew a kiss to Azrael as he stepped through as well. He turned back for a moment and smiled at me. "Minna to answer your question; Yes I do. And I know where she is, I always have." I don't know why but I feel as if I've accomplished something.

Windows, Street Beats, and The Goodness of it all.


  The Door began to fade, which made mother quite sad that she couldn't go back. she missed Amenthes. I wasn't there long enough to miss anything. Far as I knew The Primordial, The Meseket, and Rickety Old Building was home. I remember walking with my parents happy. And that's all. Me asking daddy to teach me how to read  minds. I miss my daddy. She misses him too. I stood next to my mother and laid my head on her arm. I loved being this close to her, when she's calm. No one could ever take her place. "When are we going home?" I had to ask, I could sense and even I had the feeling that we were trapped here in a world that is not ours. She caressed my face, her touch was so warm. Even in her womb I could feel her hands touch her belly when she talked to me. "I don't know My Minna." she said as she walked towards a window, with only a small gesture it opened and the room was filled with the city's air, and sounds. Gun shots in the distance, babies crying, the scream of a woman as a man beats her to a pulp. "Humans" she said. I sat myself inside the window with one leg dangling over. The sun was rising, the heaviness was lifting, all of the nights denizens were laying themselves down for their daily rest. And Mother, and I would wait and start all over again. The air stirred, I looked at my mother she was preparing her mind readying for something. "He's coming" I said. She looked out into the sky and grinned. "Good."

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