The Sweet Misery

  Kheresket stood in the city streets that were both unfamiliar and familiar to her. It had been a long time, she watched those around her intently, their scents filling her nose. "Their souls... the fruit is so delicious." She rubbed the familiar phoenix tattoo that crawled up her arm tracing it's fanned tail. "Harendotes, I summon thee". Instantly the tattoo slid off her arm and the man materialized before her, covering his chest with his right arm. His hand was in a slight fist, as he bowed his head. If only she could get him to not look like Anomolus he would be perfection. Still he was a sight, even in a humans suit he was indeed a sight. Kheresket stroked his face with the back of her hand, she had grown to love Harendotes, just as she knew she would. Just as any Master, or Mistress.

  It was tragic she could not give him what he secretly desired from her. She smiled at the thought, causing him to blush. He would protect and serve her until his death. " may go for awhile, have some fun. Enjoy these....mortals. Enjoy..their flesh. Their...pleasures. We'll be here for a long time. When I need you, come to me." Harendotes looked at her with his grey eyes. "Of course Mistress, there is nothing that I will not do for you." He smiled, and bowed crossing his heart once more before turning to walk away from her. He did love her, at the moment more than her own husband, but he kept such thoughts to himself. He didn't exactly like being away from her, but if that's what she wanted. It's what she got. He eased down the cities sidewalk, taking note of every building and every person and he kept walking. Until he no longer felt her presence or smelled her beautiful scent. "Be careful my Mistress" He whispered.

Minnaloushe, The Man, and The Angel.

  I had finally arrived, after taking hours of debating clothes. Which were the right ones? I kept asking My Mother but she seemed occupied on other things. She was dead set on something and there was no stopping her. We chose some rickety building to stay in, it had two rooms with thin walls and one neighbor some old woman. I didn't like her much, she smelled funny everything about her was funny. Were all humans so nasty looking and wrinkled? The first room of the two had big windows which I did like. Kheresket was still a mess but felt a bit better after summoning Azrael. Azrael...I honestly like him. He is the one thing in Amenthes that doesn't fit. He's angelic...heavenly. Amenei told me how much she loved him, I'm still coming to terms on this love thing. I hear it quite a lot. Mother...Father. Poor Daddy. He was so torn when I saw him last. They will be alright I just know it.

  I listened to Azrael and Kheresket argue back and forth about killing this person and that. Azrael just couldn't outright kill people, Kheresket was angry she couldn't command him to. She really needs to explain binding to me. She walked over to a window and screamed. "There him Minna go get that man go!" I didn't know what to do my heart was racing. Was I to jump out the window? Would I die? "Go damn you!" She never screamed at me before so I just jumped; it felt...strangely good, the world coming to you 6 stories BOOM! I grabbed this pathetic man and slammed him into the wall, he reeked but who gave a shit, There was no one else on the street from what I could tell no cars nothing. I looked up to see my mother looking out and over the window. "Come to me my girl" she said, I loved my mothers voice. Only thing I could think of was jumping or flying up to her, so that's what I did, all this time...I didn't know I had developed wings. I learn new things about myself every day, I tell you...every damn day. I grow, my strength grows, my powers double. What am I becoming? It doesn't matter. I love it.

  After dragging the man into the window with me, I laid him on the floor. Kheresket looked at me with loving eyes, she came over to me and kissed my forehead. "Very good my girl, see Azrael she obeys what the hell is your problem?" Azrael just sighed and leaned against the wall. "Well Kheresket what do you plan to do now? He's an innocent" Kheresket walked over to Azrael and shook her head whispering no. To my surprise she kissed him. "My sweet Misery of are wrong this time." She leaned in closer to caress his face, and kiss him once more, Azrael's kiss was quite dangerous for some folks...Kheresket not at all. "You see and I know you know fallen one...all mortals are sinners, they believe a man died for their sins, and one day he will come back and save em all!" She roared in laughter "Save me oh Man Jesus!" Kheresket danced. The poor man in the floor began to cry. I don't know what came over me but, and I couldn't help laughing..."Oh don't cry...none of that shit's going to happen." "Exactly Minnaloushe!" Kheresket proclaimed. "Kill him! feed from him, and enjoy it!" I watched her as she sat in a chair that seemed to come from no where. Azrael just stood there watching, waiting. The Man begged and pleaded with me, but with only motioning a finger I silenced his voice. This brought a smile to my face, discovering more about myself. I walked slowly around him one time before kneeling next to him. He shook his head, his eyes pleading begging tears flying from his eyes. His pain was beautiful to watch...his struggle. He was bound with unseen ropes. He would never understand what the hell was happening to him. Only that...he was about to die. And to a strange little woman.

  I sat on top of him, with my weight slightly crushing his chest. I took his head into my hands ever so gently, the gentleness I've always seen my mother hold someone. And forcefully bashed his head into the floor. The blood sprayed from behind, and I watched it make a beautiful spray against the alabaster wall. I looked back down to see the horror on his face he wasn't dead yet...which didn't matter. I ran my hands through the blood that gushed from his brain...the blood. I tasted the blood, his life, his essence ran through me. The warmth caused my body to quiver a feeling I didn't understand. I leaned down and lapped at the blood. I wanted more. I needed more. This hunger...I was hungry, is this how my father felt? As his life began to slip away I let him go, Azrael walked over to me I looked up at him with my bloodthirsty eyes. I was still so hungry. He knelt down to the man, what little energy that man had looked deep into Azrael's silver eyes.
"Are you ready?" he said The Man blinked. Azrael leaned closer to him hovering over his mouth, I could see the life force, the essence of this man being taken from him and  into Azrael. Crying, screaming. He was now Azrael's The Reapers....the beautiful Angel's that doesn't belong in Amenthes. He stood up and walked back over to the wall, once again leaning against it. Invisible unless you were on the brink of death.

I stood up staring at the body, was I happy or sad? No..I was still fucking hungry. I was shaking though. What from I wondered. "Did I do good Mother?" Kheresket stood from her seat at the back of the room the light of the moon kissed her face, as she stepped forward the wood beneath her feet creaked. "Why yes my beautiful Minna, your father will be very proud." She knelt down looking into The Man's dead eyes. "Azrael that man was a pitiful soul, his life was nothing. I shouldn't have to tell you that." She turned to look at him. "I do not judge the sinners Kheresket, I only take away their pain, end the suffering. Guide them. YOU, My lovely Goddess...damn them." She stood facing him. "Yes...I do."

End of part 3

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