This Hunger Never Sleeps

 Nice to meet Y/you...again.
  Home, for whatever reason we returned here. After my parents finally got home that strange night my mother was summoned, they got into another of their famous arguments, but it was more of just shouting this time. It was hard to hear them even with my senses, no less it was about me. And what about me, I wondered. Was I a burden to them now? I didn't know, all I did know, is that night I was going out of my mind. These cravings..I can't explain them. I began to hurt, my skin, my head, even my hair hurts. I rolled myself into a little ball and moved back and forth. My stomach was cramping. How could they not feel my distress? My parents are selfish beings. I don't want to hate them, but I'm starting to. Can't you understand? I'm hungry.

  So I laid there in the space of my ball, the window was open and I could hear and smell the rain. It was an interesting smell when it first hits your nose. I tried to think about that instead of my hunger. Instead of the blood of my victims gushing down my throat. My body felt warm and tingly, was this something else new I was discovering? At the time it was. Something else happened that night. I got up from my bed and leaned out the window, the rain still constant in it's mission to replenish fell upon my back. I climbed out and jumped the 2 stories down I was positive my parents wouldn't miss me. He began to follow me, you know...him. My stranger friend thing. I knew it, I could feel his presence all around me. I ignored it and went on my way and walked down the semi-lit streets. I wondered how the neighbors would've felt if they knew they lived next door to a Vampire God, his Demoness, and their hybrid daughter.

  I had made it to the beach, which wasn't too far from where we lived. The rain had stopped which saddened me a little. I sat on a I guess they call them picnic tables under some shelter type thing. The moon cast it's light at my feet, I actually wanted to stay here. But not with whomever stalking me at every turn. I heard a raven cawing in the distance....wait. Shouldn't that be seagulls? I turned, someone was walking towards me, a man. I watched as he walked up to me, unbuttoned one button on his suit jacket and sat next to me, then he proceeded to reach in his pocket and take out a gold case which contained cigarettes, reminded me of Azrael. He then took one out, put the case back into his pocket crossed one leg over the other and lit the cigarette..with no lighter. "Hello Minna" he said in his hoarse voice, but it was a nice voice no less. He wasn't the asshole he was last time.

  I sighed heavily, well at did he know my name? Of course he did he's followed me everywhere. He's had to listen to conversations with my parents. "Why do you keep following me?'s disturbing." my question came out as if I was tired, tired of running, running and being chased. I wasn't running though. He didn't move only smoked that cigarette, something about the way he smoked it. "It's disturbing...a half vampire, half demon practically a Goddess in your own right and you find something disturbing?" "Can you just answer the question?"

  "Have you ever thought that it may be because I like you?" He likes me? Stalking is a way of telling someone you like them.... "You have a bad way of showing it." "Well I had to make sure that, what I knew about you was true, what I felt was true." "What do you mean what you know about me?" "Long story Minna..." "I got time." He smiled at me as he put the cigarette to his lips and inhaled it's smoke. He seemed to like what I said. I got up and stood a little away from him. I was getting agitated, that and hunger don't mix. I rubbed my arms like I was cold but I wasn't. What was wrong with me. "Where do you come from?"
"Same place as you." Oh that he answers...Gods, the way he held that cigarette between his fingers was I don't have words for that yet. "I've never seen you there." He laughed a short laugh, I stared at him in somewhat of a trance. His eyes were, beautiful. "Minna don't be so naive Amenthes has no end it is much more than just the house in which you reside." "Are you always such an ass?" He got up and flicked his cigarette into the sand, and walked slowly around me. I felt the world closing in around my mind.

  "Do you always ask so many questions?" I pushed him away causing him to stagger. "There it is that anger." he was taunting me "I would tell you to fuck off but you would just follow me." "Yes" What was it, and why was I starting to like him and his fucked up attitude?

  He stood there facing me like he was challenging me, this was his game I guess but why. "To answer your questions that burn inside of you I summoned your mother earlier, I'm not one of them if you think that. I want you, but not like they do." "Explain it to me please." "Eventually Minna your parents will let you go, and just like your mother you will find One."  "A Master?" He smiled again and this time moved a stray hair away from my face and put it behind my ear. "Yes" My parents didn't really act that way they had been together for thousands of years, it was only when she disobeyed which was now, that my father lost his mind and made my mother remember... "What if that's not what I want to be." "It's not what I wanted to be either." I felt stupid in that moment, how could I not have recognized that he was a demon. All demons were basically servants when summoned except in the case of my mother. "Well how is it that you are able to go about being...well you, and not have to worry about servitude." He turned and walked back to the table but he didn't sit. "Firstly I am Naberus, if they do they die. I can and I will show you things, your mother nor father will not."

  "You don't necessarily have to obey, you have to want to, but see Minna there is a difference with you." Of course it was. "And what is that.?" I said. "You aren't a summonable demon your name isn't written in a book or a scroll. A Master has to have possession of you, to break your spirit and then he may control you. That is if you had parents that were weak. You are Kheresket's child it makes you very desirable. Not everyone knows about you. The Gods yes but not modern Warlocks, etc. Unfortunately the Lasombra knew, Brujah knew. And that my beauty is where all the killing starts."

  "Isn't that why you want me? to break my spirit?"

  "No...I want you to give yourself to me willingly. That's the key Minna if I ever loose you. If something would ever happen to me, and there is another. It is you in control not them."

  I felt there was some kind of motive behind this, but he seemed sincere. I asked anyway. "So you...just like them want me because of my parentage?"

  "Not at all, I didn't know who you were until after you walked away. You carry your mother's scent with you, and I've known her a very long time."

  Naberus was beginning to be more interesting with the way he talked, that hoarse gravely voice of his. To how he moved with every word. I believed I was stuck with him no less and he would protect me, but I was still afraid even though my fathers words on fear rung in my head. Well Father I am afraid how about that.

  "Tell me about my mother" he looked at me with those green eyes of his the colors swirled it was hypnotizing. "I knew her before your father summoned her, when Nephthys ruled Amenthes, and the skies were blue. When souls didn't know they were in the hell of the Egyptians."

  "Were you lovers?" For some reason I had to know this one bit of information. He had a smirk on his face as if he were hiding something. "No. We're too much alike." He seemed as if he wanted to laugh he didn't want to talk about my mother his only interest was me.

  "Minna you ask too many questions."

  "I'm sorry." I did ask a lot of questions.

  "No ask them, I want you to. You are a seeker, your mind wanders and you get lost in your own thoughts like you did that day I saw you." My face felt hot, and so did my body I remembered what I was thinking about. "Pain and pleasure." I answered my voice was dry. "Yes, I'm assuming you still wonder about that." Pain and pleasure I thought, I needed to go I felt..I don't know how to put it.

  "I have to go."

  "If you wish, you know where to find me..."


  "Very good, goodnight Minna."


  When I left I ran as fast and hard as I could, I just wanted to feel my heartbeat my breaths were still as if I had only taken a walk. Speed was nothing to me, but my heart still raced. I made it home and climbed the long staircase, my parents were in their room. I went into mine and leaned against the wall, sliding down to the floor still holding my chest so I could feel my heart.

  That's how he made me feel, and I wanted to remember it to savor it. I suddenly wanted him to touch my forbidden skin. My heart raced even more yes I thought, explode right out of my chest. I smiled. Again I remembered my hunger, my hunger and desire was it desire I was feeling? Was this finally the last of me coming into view? If you betray me I have the strength to end you. That was more of a promise to myself. He came at strange time in my life, when I'm everyone's target.

  I closed my eyes again, listening to my heart, listening to my hunger...this hunger it never sleeps.

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