With Teeth

  The Brujah...when things became a bit complicated, they had of course heard of the mass killings of the Lasombra. The horde now resided in Amenthes tortured to their very bones just as Naunet had ordered. Some were disfigured, others were burned by the light only for the next day to come and it would happen all over again. Sakhmet knew her brother and his forces drew closer each night. She stayed hidden in one of their safe houses it was too dangerous to be in Amenthes she didn't want to hide. She wanted to fight them all. It was Ptah who insisted. "You should be worried love." he said as he entered the shabby makeshift living room. Sakhmet turned to look upon her lover, her eyes were filled with blood tears. Ambrosios was with him, she didn't want neither to see her like this. But why start caring now. "About what?" Her words were drenched with hate, not for him. For Anomolus. Ptah tried to choose his words carefully. "They've got Naberus and his legion, every night he is turning our kind into them, against us Sakhmet. Your clan is about to be extinct. There's no more options.

  Sakhmet thought for a moment, and then turned again facing the two men. "Do you think I give one shit about them?" Ambrosios spoke this time as he headed to a table with a variety of alcohol. "Start caring about something, because your time is about to come. Naberus is just wiping out the extras. It's the girl you need to worry about." Sakhmet looked at him curiously she knew he was talking about her niece, but what did he mean. "What are you talking about?" Ambrosios poured himself two drinks and drank them both before he said another word. "You've been tied to Limbo so long you don't know anyone or anything. Naberus owner of 29 or 19 legions of Amenthes the number changes, the valiant marquesse etc. He's a Demon Lord. He won't just up and do something for nothing. My guess, the price was Minnaloushe." Ambrosios poured another drink and smiled.

  Sakhmet stood from her seat and walked over to Ambrosios, she slapped the drink out of his hand and slapped his face as hard as she could. "You don't know shit!"


  I had awakened in my room, a room that was foreign to me. From the tall windows to candles that seemed to light themselves as you walked by. The last time I was here I was a baby. I found myself thinking that I didn't want to be here. I wanted to be out there. I got up and put on the robes that were laid out for me...something else to get reused to I thought. Just think if we had traveled with an entourage of the dead and damned.

  I looked like a doll in my reds styled like the Egyptian Princess of the old dynasties. "When life had meaning and things were simpler." my mother would say. There were still those faithful today but most were Muslim and had abandoned the ancient religions. "So what do the old Gods do I asked my mother." "We go insane from the boredom, others still have...like I and Nephthys still have little packs here and there. Who go to our temples. Wannabe warlocks who've found an old book and see the name Kheresket the great and go through the process of summoning me. But I don't go. I can't. The book doesn't say the Demoness is already bound and has been for thousands of years. I have forgotten how many." My mother, sometimes I think she wants to leave my father and be unbound like Naberus, I heard her telling Dezire the High Priestess that it didn't matter, she would end up back at his feet. By force or by love.

  I thought of Naberus a lot since that night, only a week has passed. I think about how his lips would feel against mine, how his hands would feel on my skin. Every day, every night it's the same. Sometimes I wanted to know what his hair felt like if I ran my hand through it. What his true form looked like. Is it as beautiful as the human he traipses around as?

  A servant knocking at the door made me jump back into reality. I started to brush my hair as she made the bed, I watched her through the mirror with my back turned. My hand started shaking thinking of him. The small distraction of brushing my hair wouldn't help it. Each stroke made my heart beat faster as if he was standing right next to me. I turned to the girl making the bed, I wasn't even hungry anymore. I moved quickly to where she stood, slightly bent over. I wrapped her hair in my hand and yanked her head back covering her mouth with my other. I wanted to hear her muffled screams, it excited me even more. Tears pooled in her eyes. They always cried. "You should consider this a blessing, to have my hands touching you." She tried to nod but her hair was wrapped around my hand too tight. I pushed her against the stone wall with my body. My fangs grew as I removed my hand from her mouth and plunged it deep into her chest and removed her heart. I lapped at the blood oozing from the gaping hole. She was still alive, she'd be back tomorrow to make the bed again, she was in hell. "Well well, hunger getting the best of you little one?"

   Naberus was leaning against the corner of the wall not far from me. I let the girl drop to the floor to pick up her slippery little heart, as I looked at him I stepped on it, squishing it beneath my naked foot. Her blood was smeared all over my lips and chin. "My, even in blood lust you are exquisite." "Fuck you Naberus, stop teasing me." "I believe...it's the other way around." he stepped closer to me, putting his hand up to my face. "Look at you." He wasn't looking at me like he usually did, it was like my father looked at my mother when she said something wrong. "Let me go Naberus." he shook his head "You have to say the words."

  I pushed his hand away but all that did was make him force me against the wall I was finding myself in the same position I just had my servant in. He leaned into me, I couldn't take this. My breathing had become heavier. His eyes were no longer that pretty green, I can't tell you what they were but it frightened me. "You have to do better than that Minnaloushe." But what was...his hand began to encircle my neck and squeeze softly. I closed my eyes, I loved his hand there. His voice broke me out of my daze. His lips were close to mine.

  "Give yourself to me Minna; and you won't have to fight this hunger any longer." I didn't want to, I didn't want to be bound like my mother. My body cried to me that it wanted to. I wanted to follow him forever. I grinned at him in my bloodied little grin.

  "No" I whispered. He let go of me at that moment. I felt his rejection which was sadness I expected him to be angry and throw me onto the bed and fuck it out of me. He didn't. Months since I've known of his existence a week that I've come to want him all to myself and I said no. My sister wasn't afraid, my mother fought with the strength of a Goddess for her love. My father would bring down Amenthes itself for my mother.

  It was passion that I feared. They all had passion. I was a killing machine. Naberus turned to leave my chamber I felt it was forever. That was the first time aside from my birth that I cried.

Boredom Besets Me

  Kheresket sat on top of one of the newest batch of Brujah Vampires that were brought into Amenthes. She looked like a baseball coach except she wore barely anything but straps of leather. The smile that was etched on her face was priceless. Dezire her High Priestess came down to the lower level with her which was out of the normal routine but these days everyone was out of routine. "Are you enjoying yourself Kheresket?" Dezire asked as she watched the man squirm beneath the Demoness' weight. Kheresket grabbed an apple from a tray that floated by, she controlled everything around her. "Oh yes...get one try it. Sit on his face, or do you just prefer Yahwehotep?" Dezire could've blushed but she was used to Kheresket and her remarks.

  "You've changed Khere." Kheresket stood up and threw the man into the pit below with the others. The screams were like the Sirens to Khere. "Is this where I'm analyzed and what not? Do you do the same with Anomolus?" Dezire sat on the stone bench not far from her. "Not at all, I didn't know Anomolus had priestesses." "He doesn't, you know me, jealousy issues and all." Dezire laughed, Kheresket had more than issues. They were interrupted by Naberus, Kheresket felt she never got peace not even down here where souls get tortured. She spoke before he did. "You of all know I am not to be interrupted Naberus." "I'm upstairs doing your job for you, you'll get over it...wait do I have to wait on him again to speak to you?" Dezire tried not to laugh, Naberus had too much of Azrael's spirit, or maybe it was all of them that had it. Kheresket wanted to throw him into the pit dangling by his beautiful hair. "No asshole, what's wrong you have rejection on your face." She gasped and hopped like a little girl mocking him. "Oh oh Minna's proving to be a tough one...chip off the old block." Naberus sat next to Dezire and lit a cigarette.

  "Shit..." Dezire held her chest. "What's the matter?" Kheresket had become worried. "Nothin'...nothin'....keepin' to myself." Dezire needed air. "That's what she is missing, well her problem. You came at a bad time Naberus." He looked at Dezire, and then Kheresket. "Elaborate on that." "Doesn't matter, she's missing passion Naberus. Show her that, and she's all yours. It took you awhile remember? Yes yes we know you're in love with her...but she still needs passion. Else she is lost, and kills endlessly. I won't tell her no, and Anomolus won't tell her no. Because that's what we want her to do." Kheresket smiled, and picked more fruit from another floating tray. Naberus stared at her for a moment. "I'll make a note of it, I have to get going legions don't run themselves. Minna IS ready for that yes? And I'm taking Azrael if you don't mind." Kheresket snorted "Good luck with that one. Take Amenei too maybe she'll convince him. I have some remodeling to do anyway...oh and...let us know when you get to Sakhmet." Naberus nodded. "Of course..."

  Dezire waited until he was out of earshot. "Remodeling for what?" Kheresket was now eating cake. "I'm pregnant, I have to make more room." Pain crept across Dezire's face, at that moment she really wanted to get out of Amenthes and for good. She watched as the insane Demoness picked up a bullwhip and jump directly into the pit. The screams got louder and she screamed at them as she cracked the whip effortlessly.
Kheresket was starting a new race, a race of hybrids like Minna. There was not one person to stop her.

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