Precursor ( I will Obey)

Naberus, and The Other God won't do.

  He walked the darkened neighborhood streets, and bridges of Venice until he came to a tiny caffe, it was dimly lit with still a few people inside. Naberus opened the glass wooden door, and took a small table by the window, the server an older woman approached to take his order. As soon as he looked at her she was in heat, her cheeks were flushed with red. Naberus shook his head, as he took the silver cigarette case with a skull etched onto it from his coat pocket. "Oh my God, I am so sorry" she said dropping her pen and her tray. He neatly
laid the case on the table, and then a lighter. No one needed to know he lit cigarettes without a lighter. "I'm certain God had nothing to do with it." He looked at her. Her mouth fell open, and she just stood there. "You want to take my order or just stare at me all night?" she shook her head coming out of her daze and walked off talking to herself or maybe him. "Can't even get a drink these days."

  Naberus tapped the cigarette against the table, staring blindly out the window, all he kept hearing was there was no sign of Minnaloushe. The room around him suddenly went dark, he searched the room with his eyes, what trickery was this now? All he saw was a long hallway and a cage, inside lay Minnaloushe shackled, and naked, starved for days...weeks. "This hasn't happened yet..." "No" a voice familiar to him yet he didn't like. The vision cleared, and the bar was just as it was, the dense waitress who would bring him watered down drinks when she got over her hot flashes. The drunk in the corner singing to his shot glass. "Fuck are you doing here?" Naberus said as he drained the last of his drink the waitress had set on the table a few moments earlier.  "And keep your visions I don't need them." Yahwehotep sat down across from him in the booth. Like all Amenthiens his looks were startling to an average human. "So you plan on sitting here allowing that to happen?"

  "Fuck...YOU. THAT shit has not happened."  Yahwehotep was not at all bothered by Naberus' words. "It is happening, right now, and she will stay like that as long as you allow it." Naberus looked at him,he almost threw him out of the window until he heard the man singing to his shot glass. "You have a lot of nerve coming to me Yahwehotep. What do you mean as long as I allow it to happen? She is not bound to me, blame her little insecurites for that shit. If she wants to run off on her own then let her. It's not by my command. I'm not at fault here." Naberus felt guilty, Yahwehotep was making him feel guilty, he hated this shit. "I didn't sign up for this." As he got up to leave Yahwehotep grabbed his arm, demons hated to be trapped and feel trapped.

  "You may not be aware, but you signed up for it when you said you loved her." How much he loved her who knew. Naberus took ahold of Yahwehotep's hand and slid it off his arm. He was disgusted to have someone, something so...pure touching him. "Well now I know from now on to keep my mouth shut. As I said if she wants to run off on her own let her. That also means let her get herself out of trouble. We can wait until Kheresket's next child grows up, and gets revenge for all I care." Naberus left the bar, this time paying the tab. Yahwehotep sat there for a moment, he did not want to interfere. It was something he needed to think over, Minna might have to suffer for just a while until then. Fate and the balance had done well up until this point....

This pressing issue...

  It is a month now, I have been somewhat on the run from the everyday life of my family. Am I playing the running game like my mother hundreds of times before me? I suppose so. I somehow found comfort in it. Like the first signs of snow, the world stops and there's nothing but perpetual silence. Nothing and no one moves. Yes there was a slight comfort in that. There's just me...I would travel different parts of the world just to have this feeling, this comfort. Until that day, the day Naberus had grown tired of waiting.

  Briefly during this venture of mine. I had the pleasure of running into Azrael or he me. This time I tell you it was a small dingy little area, hookers drug addicts do you know the type? Why he was there would forever be a mystery to me. Or maybe it was the spot in which he chose to materialize in. It didn't matter they called to him here silently giving away their lives to unseen Gods.

  "Odd place to find you in Princess...not picky on the meals I presume." he had flashed that beautiful grin of his. This Archangel, whom I always said never belonged among us. At this point in my journey I was nearing my bottom, who gave a shit where I was? Who I fed upon? It was just me? No rules. Me. Drunken from the blood of my last victim. I braced myself against the wall. The wall was my friend and I it.

  "Azrael...beautiful angel. Am I dying? Have you come to place those beautiful lips against mine?" He looked at me strangely. "Well no, I didn't know you were going to be right here. Which is good, I don't have to look." I heard the familiar footsteps in the far off distance. Azrael was stalling me...and I thought he was my friend. So much for that.

  Air around me became so much more heavier, and it became hard to keep a hold of myself. I looked up at Azrael once again, he had pulled the hood of his cloak down so I could see his face more clearly. "He's followed me forever, now he gets you to join in his games?" I slid down to the ground fading in and out of consciousness. I could sense him kneeling down to me, this...

  "Almost little one, almost." Naberus traced the length of Minnaloushe's hair, neatly wrapping it into his hand, and pulled it as hard as he could, slamming her head against the brick wall. There was a loud thud and the wall of the building shook cracking it's structure but it still stood. He could hear cursing from down the alley. So he quickly checked the back of her head for marks. Shame he had to do that but he was tired of her running. Azrael she trusted. He would have to wipe away his jealousy at her need to kiss the reaper.

  Gently he lifted the sleeping hybrid into his arms, carrying her to a car that waited nearby. Killing so many Lasombra, and Brujah was beginning to have perks. The driver unfortunately had his mind wiped so many times he was a zombie. Still rather useful, the vampires he had to admit had a small sense in style when it came to cars. A black 63' Lincoln Continental, almost sadden him, he had to leave it here once he returned to Venice. He climbed inside with no issue while holding Minnaloushe, staring at her face he wondered what causes her to run. Perhaps he would at least try to understand. Her eyes opened for a brief moment causing her to struggle, but he held her perfectly in place. She was strong, and would've torn the car apart but he proved stronger.

  "You will NOT run from me any longer Minnaloushe, free will doesn't seem to suit you." Minna didn't say a word, and he didn't want her to. He was tired of her talking, tired of her taunts. Almost at the point of being tired of HER. Her lips parted to speak, Naberus wasn't about to give her the chance and grabbed her throat. The fear in her eyes, made him harden. "Obey Me Minna, up until now you had a choice." The more she resisted the more he squeezed and his strength grew. "Obey." Her eyes widened and he heard a guttural growl rolling from her. The driver of the car was not at all bothered by the sounds he heard if he even did. Naberus' hand placed around Minna's throat changed from an ordinary human hand to a more elongated misshapen one, his nails turned transparent and sharper and he dug into her flesh. A stream of tears flew from Minna's eyes she was furious. He did not care. She could not move and it killed her inside. Deep inside she spoke to him with her mind but not her heart. "I hate you Naberus."

  "You won't forever." Her head began to hurt, and his grip wasn't waning. Her soul shook. Naberus watched her intently as he felt her body let go. He held his grip, she could've been tricking him. Deep down he knew she wasn't, Minna had given up. After all he watched her for 2 hours prior to approaching her. She HAD just fed, she was at her strongest. He had never wanted to break her will. Her body continued to break down in what felt like levels. To the point she was as much as a zombie as the driver of the car, she used all her energy to fight him.

  Minnaloushe moved her head back and forth asking him to let go. Naberus wiped the last tear that fell from her eyes and did so. He still heard the inhuman cries roll from her heart. She damned him, spat at him all inside. On the outside she still sat there in his arms looking at him. Finally she leaned forward and laid her head onto his chest. Minna many times she knew his scent but this time took the time to breath it in and place it in her memory. She took her right hand and placed it over his black heart, listened and then slid her hand gently into his, wrapping his arm around her. She spoke in a common Rhefugi Demonic language, "E qeed axyu" (I will obey you).

  Naberus bent his head, and kissed the top of hers. She squeezed his hand at his movement. It let him know that she would.

I love you, I hate you, we've got issues.

  They sat in the darkened, smoked filled theatre. The singers voice lifted and glided through the air caressing her audience. Kheresket was in ecstasy, the lullaby soothed what thrived in her growing belly. She looked down and smiled at the thought. She'd worn her usual gauzy gown this night it was a cream color and complimented her glowing skin perfectly. Her dark thick hair was loosely tied in a knot. Kheresket was comfortable and she was happy. "Happiness makes you look exquisite." said Naberus as he folded his tall frame into the seat next to her. "Yes and I am completely empty."

  Naberus returned her growing smile and lifted her hand to kiss it in respect and love. Their movements were slow and fluid. Eons of time between them. The humans nearby felt the energy of the room shift to lust. The singer's lullaby became sounds of a chant. This of course had no effect on the Marquis nor the Goddess.

  Humored by the effects of their presence on the theatre. Kheresket gave a short laugh. Long ago before she had ever known Anomolus, appealing to human emotions was a favorite of her and Naberus' pastimes. Had they ever been lovers...only as a game, later by force by those that had summoned them.

  "Erase the memory Kheresket." He knew her thoughts, and she his. She looked at Naberus from the corner of her eyes. "Tell me hound, have you found her?" The reference to what he was irritated him. "Yes, I have...both of them." He waited for a response, but she gave none. "It seems Yahwehotep got to her first." He lied slightly. "But she is with me yes. Why does he interfere now? That I do not know, My Goddess."

  There was something about the way he said 'My Goddess' that made her jaw clench. Kheresket didn't like his position. He knew that. Things only Nu or Thoth could answer, her feelings had to be set aside. Yahwehotep was a different matter. Should this be kept from Anomolus that his daughter had faltered?


 "I cannot do that Naberus"

 "What can he do?"

 "You dare? Her temper was beginning to rise, but Naberus wasn't phased in the slightest. He had noticed for the first time Harendotes' Phoenix crawling up her arm and shoulder repositioning himself onto her back. His kind was THE strangest of Amenthes.

 "Kheresket, I know as well as anyone, the consequences. Some things he does not need to know." Khere winced from the pain in her back. It was a friendly reminder every time. "Why must I always disobey?" "Because it is Minnaloushe." Kheresket stood, her dress falling with ease around her legs. "Tell me if Minna knew about your past would she want such a Master?"

  She'd hit a nerve...slightly. He had stood up as she did and kissed her lips. "Then she would know about her Mother, and besides, I am a demon. I kill, I fuck, I possess, I destroy. Among many others. You on the other hand....were only built for two things. I won't go on, not while you're in this state." He motioned to show her pregnancy.

  Naberus knew what to say to bring out the worst. Today she was not appealing to it. "Naberus leave my sight at once. Her voice had deepened, the game was over. He stared at her long and hard, he meant every word. Her and Anomolus were a facade. "As you wish." As he walked away, a thought entered her mind. Was her longtime friend, becoming her next adversary?

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