Flowers of The Storm

Left Unsaid- The Wolf (The past)

"Tell me Sandalio, one day when we are written about in books. What do you want it to say about you hmm...?"

"Khere for once stop playing games."

  The Goddess turned around to face him, her face was blank of emotion. "I am dead serious, go on." "I don't know Khere." The realm had been unusually quiet as it prepared for the birth of Anomolus and Kheresket's son. Renenet the Cobra Goddess in her excitement rushed to Khere's side. There was still awhile yet but Ren enjoyed the company of House Madira. Especially Anomolus and his strange ways, Kheresket...chose to pester Sandalio.

  This was the first she had seen of him since Anket died there was no explaining why she chose to stay away from him, but he was going to explain his feelings, that's what intrigued her after all. As he talked she stared off into the distance, remnants of her conversation with Naberus entering her mind. She needed to get to Minnaloushe but it was risky.

  The child inside of her fluttered. "You're not even listening to me.." "What?" "I said I want to know why you ordered such a thing why did you allow that to happen?" She could tell he was angry, damn what all did he say? she really wasn't listening she wasn't feeling too well. She leaned forward and rested her hands on her knees feeling as if she would vomit. Sandalio was making her angry with his accusations.

  "Technically my love it was Nephthys. It was Nephthys who compelled you to linger in your bed chamber, while your daughter slaughtered your pack on the steps of Madira. It was Nephthys who slowed you down. It was only your and my offspring that drove the blade into Anket's chest. Deep in your heart Sandalio you still call to me, you cannot deny it. You may leave at any time no one is stopping you. But please do not silently blame me for you child's death. Do you want her back? I suppose that is a silly question of course you do."

   He couldn't believe those words had come from Kheresket, but then again he did. These days she could say anything. She had hurt him, Nephthys had hurt him it was beginning to seem that neither mattered, and to know now that he was not bound to this place. His only thoughts were of his daughter.

  "Would you do that for me Kheresket?"

  She looked upon him non smiling. "I love you Sandalio, I will not. Anket deserved her fate...I would not allow her disrespectful ways back in my presence, I will not go out of my way to avoid her in my own House. She will not plot against me in my House. Be grateful My love she was only sent to the primordial waters. Perhaps another House would have her, you must make a deal with Nu and Naunet, I'll send for Aken the ferrymen for you." Kheresket stood, her tall frame hovering slightly above him. She kissed his lips softly; "Good luck to you my love." If he had anything else to say or to protest it didn't matter she wasn't in the mood to listen. Maybe...Naunet would keep him there. There was no bargaining with that woman. As Kheresket walked away there was a devious smile etched across her face.

 Bonds of the heart- The Vampire

  Kheresket, followed silently and invisibly by Renenet and Harendotes made their way back into the confines of the House. The more she had moved, the sicker she felt the walls couldn't even give her comfort. "Ren, why is this one worse than Minnaloushe?" Renenet became visible only for a moment and slithered by Kheresket's side wrapping her textured body around Kheresket's to ease the pain. "After awhile bodiesss wear out Mistresss. she said." Kheresket looked confused, what did she mean by that? This realm held some deep secret she needed to be let in on. They had at last come to a larger room where Kheresket had sensed Anomolus. He had made it into his study the high walls were nothing but books and facing out was a large balcony that let in the Amenthien air. His type never lost the love to study, knowledge was in fact infinite. It suited him.

  He sat there in a large black chair with it's back facing the doorway. Like Kheresket he enjoyed looking out into Amenthes, or he could've been reading she didn't exactly know. Through all these years she never knew if he did actually read these books. There were always distractions. She watched him as he set a wine glass on the small table next to the chair he knew she was there. Then again it's not like she was quiet about it. Anomolus turned his head to the side to acknowledge her.

  "Enjoy your chat with Sandalio?"

  "I did..."

  "Very sent him away why?"

   His tone was not something she had hoped for, and not something she had needed... not now, not at this particular time. She placed her hand on her stomach, the child was trying to tell her something. When it came to incoming danger and Anomolus, Kheresket was not the best at judgement. "My love I..." She was cut off by a sudden slam against her body. Anomolus had leapt from his chair and forced her against the wall his hand plunging into her chest and encircling her slow beating heart. Blood spattered from her mouth, she had finally realized what he had done. The tattoo of Harendotes began to move along her body she felt he didn't care whether he was summoned or not. Her life was in danger. "Anomolus... she managed to say. What is this?" "You are hiding more than you think you are Kheresket and you will tell me. But I want to know why?"

  She would tell him everything whatever it was she knew but this was too much, everything hurt. "All this over a dead wolf, that pathetic child of you and his? She choked on her blood. Anomolus squeezed her heart. "PLEASE!" she screamed. At that moment Harendotes fully formed from Kheresket's body, grabbing hold of Anomolus by surprise. Kheresket was free of his grip long enough to slide down the wall. Her own form was beginning to change she was in full labor. The hole in her chest wasn't closing which worried Renenet who finally reappeared. Harendotes summoned a chain and wrapped it around Anomolus binding him to whatever force he could think of on quick notice.

  "This will NEVER hold me!" He exclaimed. "It will for now." Harendotes knelt down to him staring at him. "You're intent on hurting your wife, and cannot sense her labor beforehand? Harendotes had to turn his back against Kheresket and keep Anomolus distracted, he himself could not see what thing she was to become. "You love your Mistress so much ask her about her two Masters." Harendotes looked confused. "That's still no reason Anomolus she's your wife, and carrying your son." "You honestly think I care now? Let me out of this!" "No". Anomolus gave pause as he watched Kheresket. "I used to think her true form was the most horrifying yet beautiful thing I had ever seen." "And you don't no longer?"....Anomolus said nothing.

  Her labor lasted hours, longer than hers with Minnaloushe the longer it went on the more the child grew which made Kheresket sick even in her true form. She knew his growth and advancement would be much different than Minna's, it may have been Anomolus' interference that complicated it. Either way what grew was not happy with it's father, and indirectly channeled his anger towards his mother.

All things must come- The Demon (Present)

  It had only been a few months since the king of the realms had been born. Minnaloushe, Naberus and a few others managed to infiltrate Sakhmet's defenses. It was quite easy, maybe Sakhmet was ready to die, or maybe it was a setup for Minna again as it was before. No one ever found out what had happened to her that first time and Naberus could not for the life of him command her to tell. It had to have been Yahwehotep and his various ways of persuasion. Either way Naberus let it go he had other issues to deal with, as reports of Anomolus and Kheresket on the outs kept ringing in his ear. Only the God and Goddess were in disarray they weren't the ruling authority.

  Sakhmet's so called "hideout" didn't make much sense to Minnaloushe, for a woman who was hell bent on killing her own family she didn't understand the point of hiding. "Do you know what to do My Minna?" he was standing in front of her blocking her view of a path she was to take that led directly to Sakhmet. They didn't want any complications this time no traps. Kill her and be done with it, he and her parents told her.

  "Yes there's no need to ask such a stupid question." Her mouth made him want to snap her neck...repeatedly. He slowly turned and gently placed his hand around her throat, his green human like eyes blazed with it's Amenthien fire. He spoke to her in a velvety toned voice, different from his usual deepened hoarse one. He lifted her a few inches above the floor and held her there. Minna's fear took over he was too unpredictable,  worse than her father. "I've told you time and time again about that mouth of yours Minnaloushe. Your games annoy me, do as I say and I may let you live when this is over." "You can't kill me." Naberus smiled slyly. "Think I won't little one. I can and I will, your mother and father are no challenge for me, you think the primordial waters can contain me?"

   At that point Minna wondered why her mother didn't tell her anything about Naberus, why did she have to figure this out on her own. Why did Kheresket abandon her? "There's a whole lot of things mother dearest didn't mention." Minna curled up her bottom lip. "Don't read my mind" "You forget so easily, we're bonded Minna, if you would accept the damned thing completely and stop this half shit you would know a whole lot of things. Continuing to play naive and stubborn will only be dangerous for you. Now enough of this! Do you know what to do?"

   Had it occurred to Minna that her Master still had her by the throat, ready for the wrong response?


   Naberus let go of her and resumed his original position. "Was that so hard? Did it really need to take a drawn out conversation about nothing? you are becoming unlikable. Unlikable ones get killed." He shook his head in wonderment at such petty things, he was too old literally. Minna stood patiently behind him and smiled at his thought. One of his generals who seemed oddly familiar to her returned to them to let Naberus know information on Sakhmet. There was something so odd about this demon like she knew him. She had spent little time with members of his legion.

   "Naberus why do I know him?"

   "You don't."

  He was lying she knew it. And he knew that she knew. Naberus nodded for her to go forward and stepped behind her. Minna walked down the path they had stood on. Every step she took was slower than the first. Naberus watched her until she was out of sight. "They all know something is going on and that you are the root of it." a small bench manifested underneath Naberus just as he was sitting down. He took the option of not lighting a cigarette this time. "You have a habit of watching everyone's conversations Azrael or just mine? At least...I know someone is going to die tonight." Azrael was slightly amused by Naberus' confidence in certain death. "The habit can't be helped at times, but you failed to realize what's going on here. A couple months ago Anomolus mentioned to Harendotes about two Masters would you care to explain about that?"

  There was a sudden crash in the distance followed by a scream, they should've been concerned but it was neither Minnaloushe nor Sakhmet. Naberus turned his head back towards Azrael, he heard Minna's questions in the distance and now his. He did opt for that cigarette so much for cutting back. "What makes you think I know anything about that? one cannot serve two Masters" a severed head rolled by...Amenei must be around he thought to himself. "You know Kheresket better than anyone Naberus, better than Anomolus." Naberus had a quick thought. "This is trickery...nice visuals Anomolus but I'm no fool." Anomolus dropped his front and started to attack him, but not before Naberus jumped behind Anomolus. "Touch me little God, and I'll not only command your daughter to kill your sister but to kill herself as well." Anomolus' eyes widened. "You wouldn't...release my daughter then."

   "No, we have a contract; I get Minnaloushe daughter of Kheresket and you get a dead sister. It wouldn't be wise to break a contract with a demon. Especially not me." As Sakhmet laid sleeping soundly in her bed Minnaloushe stood there watching her listening to every word Naberus said, and he made sure she'd heard it. She was a bargaining chip. Part of a contract. Sakhmet's eyes opened and she smiled, it had seemed everyone heard this conversation and everyone was in this room. Amenei stood on the other side of the bed from Minna. "Fuck them do it, just kill her and get it over with." Sakhmet didn't move only folded her hands over her stomach. "Bothers you doesn't it girl, that your father would use you like that. Weren't you ordered to do something?"

  Minna hesitated she felt stuck, Naberus was commanding her not to move. If Sakhmet attacked her it would be all over, she couldn't defend herself but Amenei could. Her father was breaking a law asking for her to be released. He broke a contract. "All I ever wanted was to see Anomolus destroyed and he does it himself." Sakhmet laid in her bed roaring in laughter. Minna looked to Amenei, who had tears streaming down her face. What did this mean for the House?  Sakhmet having thought their guards were down enough sprung towards door, Minna grabbed her long hair and pulled her back, sinking her teeth deep into her flesh. The door flung open causing Minna to stop, Sakhmet was strong but Minna proved stronger at holding on. There stood a young man whom favored Minna, and she instantly recognized him as her Brother. She had never seen him or knew about her mother having another of her kind. Naberus did not tell her. She smiled with her fangs as the blood dripped from her mouth. She had forgotten all about Anomolus it wasn't about him anymore.

  "And what do they call you?" she asked. He answered by ripping out Sakhmet's heart and watching the blood run down his arm. Amenei walked up behind Minna smiling.

  "Dionisio he said."

End of Part 1.

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