Severance ( An Interlude )

Undo the chains that bonds us...

 " Don't you think I know that you're watching me?"

  Naberus stood on a balcony outside of the massive pantheon that is House Madira. He leaned his tall slender frame against a railing allowing the wind to catch his betraying hair. Renenet slithered her way up behind him, slowly transforming into a suitable human form.

  She sauntered over to him, her body glistened as the constant setting sun of Amenthes glowed against her body. She gave a twisted smile to the Demon Lord but it wasn't returned, he kept his eyes on her legs for some reason. "It wasssss worth a shot brother." she hissed.

  Naberus picked up an apple from a nearby tray, eying it suspiciously. "Does his royal highness ever get tired of those heavy S's...?" Ren smiled again and placed her hand onto his shoulder, she circled around him as they often do each other to tease. "Never...and...I don't recall you ever complaining either."

  Naberus bit into the apple and said nothing. He thought on it for a few moments, she's quite good. "So who are you stalling for? Can't be Kheresket, shes...resting." Renenet giggled. "Sssso hard to fool Lord Naberussss. But can't a friend say hello?"


  "Let's see 3,000 years ago you..."

  Before he could finish he felt a sharp pain in his back, and the sudden rush of his own blood spew from his mouth. He couldn't move or feel his body, he heard a scream from somewhere other than the room they were in and Ren apologizing several times. What the fuck? is all he could think to himself. He knew his body had hit the floor but he couldn't feel a thing. He just kept hearing screams, though of course it wasn't... Naberus, he took pain quite well. It was Kheresket.

  A figure came close to him and stood there hovering. "Nice move Minnaloushe you and your father have a knack for spines, but I will not release you." Minna tilted her head to the side the cool look on her face was somewhat disturbing considering what she had just done...but not to him. "Oh really? You sorry sack of shit! I rip out your spine and you still want to play?" She was indeed pissed but Naberus just didn't give a damn at this point or at any other point. She tossed his bloody spine on top of him and walked to a chair and sat, the anger circled around her like fumes. If only Naberus could shake his head he would.

  Kheresket was on the other side of the door kicking and screaming the sounds filled the entire pantheon, and all of Amenthes. With her power she could not get through, and he could not command her through. Naberus' eyes landed back to Renenet who moved near the door, but dared not touch it. He was used to her betrayals and expected them, it's what they do. "You know Minna, he said as his eyes traveled back to the hybrid. 'when your mother gets through that door..." Minna shot up from the chair and slammed the spike of her heel to his face. "Shut the fuck up!" Naberus' blood splattered across the wall. Kheresket's rage could be felt throughout Amenthes as she struck him.

  "You may want to eassse up there Princessss." Renenet said. "Your freedom isn't exactly worth the entire realms fall. We won't see the primordial watersss, we'll be destroyed he'll command her to do that. Think." Naberus could feel himself loosing consciousness. Minna didn't care anymore she wanted out of his game, she kicked him repeatedly. "Stay awake asshole. release me!"

  He mouthed "No", and closed his eyes. Minna began to charge for him once more but at last the door burst open. Kheresket stood there looking disheveled as if she ran a marathon. She was accompanied by her priestess Dezire, it was apparent the door had some sort of magic Kheresket could not cross.


  Kheresket backed Minna against a wall, Dezire managed to slip into the room and couldn't believe what Minna had done to Naberus...her feelings towards him had to be set aside for a few. "I just want to be free, why won't you give me that?!?! Minna tried to make her case, Kheresket shook her head in disgust. "I cannot believe that I gave birth to something so pathetic!

  Dezire could feel Azrael's presence moving up the halls, "Khere you may want to hurry." She couldn't tell if Naberus was even awake, he had said nothing since Kheresket came into the room. Kheresket had ignored her warning, and continued her abuse and throw threats toward Minnaloushe.

  "I should kill you where you stand."

  "Naberus is dying Kheresket..." Dezire spoke softly.

  Kheresket turned to look at Dezire, her eyes were souless black. Minna began to inch past her but Kheresket caught her while still looking at Dezire. Her hand was wrapped tightly around Minna's throat as she slammed her into the stone wall.

 "HE cannot die!" she roared as she stared down Dezire. Naberus opened his eyes and watched Kheresket and Minna. He had no clue if he was going to heal from this shit if she ever stopped talking that is, but her and her child's relationship was broken. Kheresket hated Minna more than anything and it was his fault. he couldn't understand why she didn't blame him.

  Hell is wrong with Kheresket's brain? He thought as he searched.


  She stopped immediately and turned to Naberus, finally realizing what Minna had done. "How long are you going to let me die here?" She started to walk over to him but Minna tried to interfere, Naberus at full strength would be dangerous for her, bad enough Kheresket. Kheresket had picked up Minna, and snapped her neck. Azrael walked in just as it happened and sat on the railing of the balcony. "That should shut you up for awhile." Kheresket was disgusted, and preferred to do more than that.

  Renenet looked to Azrael, he sat calmly on the railing. "He's not dying, he said. I was just bored."

  Dezire shook her head in Azrael's direction. "Damn..."

  Kheresket knelt down to Naberus and looked him over. "You've been in worse shape." "Yes...I was about to mention it to Renenet until she well betrayed me again. Kheresket looked towards her sons lover. Ren looked down towards the floor. "Forgive me Mistresss you know my love hate thing with Lord Naberusss."

  "I do."

  Kheresket leaned closer to him as if to place a kiss on his lips. She took both his hands and held them against her face. The thin streams of her life force flowed into him, healing him. Once again he had feeling in his body. Naberus kissed Kheresket allowing her to stop. Dezire watched what transpired, and couldn't believe it. It answered all of her questions though.

 They were interrupted by three individuals that appeared at the door ones Dezire had never seen. They were Amenthiens, real Amenthiens stunningly gorgeous beings. Azrael came back in and seated himself next to Dezire. "You know who they are? He asked her. "No but by the looks I can tell you they are Naberus and Kheresket's you get the feeling that we aren't really in the room anymore?" "We're not Renenet answered. Naberus shut us out the moment his sons entered. When it comes to his "legion" no outsiders." They watched as the sons kneeled before Kheresket but gave no address as her being their mother. Naberus shook his head at Kheresket telling her no. Dezire sort of understood what it meant.

  None of his legion are to ever acknowledge Kheresket as their mother or be destroyed. Kneeling was all she would get. They were worried about Naberus and they spoke in Amenthien a language that is not written in books. Kheresket fed this information to Dezire since she could not hear it. She even got snippets of their dead language which was beautiful and hard to pronounce, it was even lost to Kheresket.

  Minna had awoken eventually and was not happy to find three towering demons above her, ready to strike her down. Plus Naberus and Kheresket. Renenet had to make her leave as she was summoned away by a different house, she winked at Naberus and transformed back to her cobra form and slithered off. Naberus already had plans to get her back.

  Azrael continued to watch just as Dezire did there was nothing they could do. She continued to watch the sons closely it was hard to be in their presence. One in particular looked back at her with it's gold eyes and smiled at Dezire it's sharp fangs flashed against the ever present sun in the distance. "Azrael..." she leaned to the side and said. Azrael looked in Dezire's direction....something didn't seem right. "I figured all of his legion were male but I guess I was wrong." "Oh?" "That one in the middle the slightly taller one... that's a woman and I've seen her..."

  "Is there something you aren't telling me Dezire? because death is close and I'm not sure who it is...."

  Dezire couldn't speak she felt her throat close, the woman turned once again but stood in place. Azrael looked directly at her for the first time and stood up. Kheresket, Naberus, and the other two that held Minnaloushe were behind the woman. He knew her as well, very well.



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