Welcome Oblivion (Flowers of The Storm # 3)

You...No Longer.

  Kheresket had found herself near Anomolus' cell, as she and the group traveled along the dank underbelly of the Pantheon. Kasdeyae and her brother's dragged Minnaloushe's struggling body down the halls. Kas' chains had slid down from her armor and wrapped themselves around Minna's head covering her eyes, and her mouth. Her senses were being taken away from her one by one. Kheresket could hear Anomolus struggle as she got closer. Naberus turned to her, staring into her speaking to her so no one could hear.

  "End this now Kheresket." she nodded averting her eyes from his hard gaze. Naberus moved closer to her, extending his hand to caress her soft neck, making sure Anomolus could see this as he leaned in and traced her long neck with his lips. Anomolus continued to fight against the chains that bound him, but could do nothing. Kheresket was lost to him. Naberus with his other hand snatched Kheresket by the back of her hair and pulled, she didn't flinch or make a sound just obeyed as Naberus continued to kiss along her neck and down to her breast. He let go of her hair and held her face in his hands. Who knew what lay between them, was it love? There certainly was hate. He knew SHE would obey. His mate would never question him.

  Too much time had passed that he had to sit and wait, watching her. "Make it quick." he said as he bent his tall frame slightly to her, and kissed her lips. Kheresket nodded there were no words she could speak. It was much more sadness and hatred in Kheresket. No one knew if that was entirely a good thing. She watched Naberus as he walked away, how his body moved so fluidly.

  "You don't have to do this Khere..."

  Anomolus' words broke her out of her trance. Kheresket turned her head in his direction. "Oh..?" She said, turning slowly to walk into the small cell that contained him. The spells that kept him in shaped around her body as she entered and bounced back. Her clothes had changed to her usual red flowing robes of silk. It hugged her body and left nothing to the imagination.

  "I don't you say...as I recall you broke my spine for disobeying." She knelt down and leaned in close, he could smell Naberus' scent all over her, it sickened him and she knew it. "What do you think he would do to me for not getting rid of you hmm?

  Kheresket pulled at the thick chains that bound Anomolus exposing his chest. "Kheresket..." She backhanded him hard across the face sending his blood flying across the room. "There is nothing you can say Anomolus it is over." She knew what he was about to say and before he could say anymore she clawed at his cold flesh, his screams fulfilled her lust.

  She wanted him to feel every tear at his body. Once at his heart Kheresket ripped it from him, immediately casting her spell to steady it's rhythm. Blood pooled at Anomolus' mouth but he was still alive. "Oh my love do not worry, you will still live on as per contract your darling children signed. I have to say my mate and Master is very pleased about that." She grinned at the last words.

  At the cells entrance two guards from Naberus' legion appeared crossing their arms over their chest and bowed to the Demoness. Kheresket gave her approval and spoke to them, "A temporary lift has been put on limbo so that you may return take him there and leave his body to rot." The sons did as they were told and dragged Anomolus' lifeless body from his cell. Kheresket still holding his heart summoned a small box and placed it inside. Wrapping a smaller chain around it with a lock and spell inscription.

  She took the box to an area near her private chamber and sealed it into the wall where it could not be found or disturbed. It's inscription held the end of Anomolus' life.

My Wake...

  I can't describe my fear, or my pain, I don't know what they will do to me, I no longer feel the strength of my father. The time of the Madira has passed. At one time I wanted to give in...What's happening to me? What will they do to me?

When She'll Stop...

  Kasdeyae grabbed Minna by the arm and spun her around. The demon spoke with a grave voice like her father Naberus but with a feminine touch. The chains that wrapped around her body and armor slid themselves onto Minna. Minna instantly felt cold and her body shivered. "Don't be too afraid." Kasdeyae said as she walked around the room the chains appearing as tendrils from her body.

 "You want to start talking, or should I make you?" she swiftly moved closer to Minna her breath steamed against Minna's skin. "Let me make you...sister." She whispered to her. Minna felt disgusted and pushed against Kasdeyae knocking her back. She wrapped the chains around her arms several times, to pull Kas closer once more and kicked her in the chest.

  Naberus, Kheresket and Kasdeyae's brothers watched from a distance where Minna could not sense them. Kheresket had only just arrived moments before, which thankfully distracted Naberus. He was done playing games with Minna. "Is it done?" He asked looking down at Kheresket. She nodded slightly, and kissed his shoulder. Kheresket watched as her daughter was beaten and dragged all over the room for information. Her blood ran down the walls like a steady rain, but still Minna held on.

 Kheresket walked closer so Minna would sense her presence, their eyes made connection through the thin veil of the magical glass but they could not see each other.

 "Naberus...it was Anomolus."

  Kheresket stepped back from the glass, her fear took over her, she herself wanted to bolt. Naberus walked up behind  her, he ran his hand up her back sending a chill through her spine and held her by the back of the neck.

  "You will not run, what do you mean it was Anomolus?" She began to pant, tears were streaming down her face.

"That's not Minnaloushe..."

  Naberus looked up from Kheresket to the glass, she could feel his anger pulsing through his body.

Welcome to Oblivion (The Reign of the Agathodemon)...

 "He switched her."

  "What the fuck how?" Dezire was in total shock they had heard everything through Kheresket.

  "I've no clue Dezire...but I really don't think we should be around, I just don't know how we're getting away."

 "Well aren't you death?"

Azrael rolled his eyes. "It doesn't work like that Dezire, I figured you would know this by now."

"I'm just sayin'..."

"So is that Anomolus? Minna's dead?" Dezire for the first time was really not sure about anything in this realm. Azrael had his own questions, how did it all slip by him? He still sensed someone's death...Whatever this meant he didn't like it. "I need to find Dionisio."

  Azrael got up, searching the area they were in he knew that he could leave but Dezire couldn't. Using his own shadows he escaped whatever bound them to the area. He didn't want to leave her but as Kheresket's priestess she was always safe. Dezire watched Azrael disappear and suddenly felt alone like she had been so long ago while she was trapped in limbo. She hoped being a priestess was a good thing in this realm.

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