Hallowed (Oblivion-Reign of The Agathodemon)

To the bride and Grim...

  "Azrael..." Amenei spoke softly into the shadows. "I know you're here."

  "I am..." He stepped closer to Amenei, appearing at a breadths distance from her. "Where's Minna?" He asked. Azrael suspected her absence was due to Amenei or her brothers involvement coupled with their father's. Amenei looked up at him smiling briefly but gave nothing away. "Love I don't know what you are talking about."

  Azrael's eyes began to change, Amenei could tell he was becoming angry with her, she looked down at her hands and saw them greying, aging like an old human woman.

  "Azrael stop!" she exclaimed, her body leaning closer towards death. "Then tell me what I want to know Amenei." The Queen of the Realms growled at the Archangel her teeth bared. Swiftly taking a blade that was hidden in her belt. She jammed it into his side, she knew it wouldn't hurt him but at least it would cause a distraction. Azrael stood there unflinching. "Azrael...STOP!" she wailed as she felt herself decompose from the inside out.

  "You know something Amenei..."

  "I know nothing! You don't trust me?!? As far as I know Minna is below the Pantheon getting what she deserves..." Azrael released her from his grip his voice changing to deep concern which annoyed Amenei somewhat. She sighed heavily checking herself. "Why do you say that?" Azrael asked her.

  "It's not that I hate my sister Azrael, I don't. She doesn't understand just because she's who she is, doesn't mean shit in this realm. You serve or die. She feels she doesn't have to, her punishment is just. The Agathodemon are right in what they do."

   Azrael was taken aback by his beloved's comment. "So if they kill her you don't care?" Amenei straightened her body, making note to pull the blade from Azrael's side since he hadn't noticed it. She stared at it for a moment 'no blood' she thought. "I've made my peace with it, just as My father's death. I don't need either one of them. They mean nothing...they are nothing." She could feel Azrael becoming torn inside, she looked into his silver eyes. He was saddened by her words but she continued on. "If there are only but two of us Madira left in this Pantheon then so be it. They all got what was coming to them. Sandalio...Dezire...all of them. My mother on the other hand...she belongs with Naberus. See it Azrael and accept it. Accept the alignment."

  Amenei stood slightly on her toes to kiss Azrael before saying goodbye. She smiled at the thought, that his deadly kiss never harms her. Her voice became haunting like her mothers. "Don't look so down my angel." she whispered as she caressed his face. "It's only just begun."

Blurs are a Mystery...

  Amenei turned from Azrael and in the blink of a cats eye she was gone. She reappeared further down the halls, walking past several mirrors that hung on the walls with nothing. Her image was not alone as she walked by. "You just gave him all the information he needed." The blurry image that formed on the other side spoke to her. Amenei kept walking. "How about you shut the fuck up, and let me handle this...isn't it Queen Amenei?" The blur had become frustrated and tried to break through the glass at Amenei. She stopped and turned in it's direction placing a hand to the large mirror.

  Amenei's long vampiric fangs began to grow. "I wouldn't underestimate me, I used my time in the primordial abyss very wisely." The image on the other side remained quiet, and after a few moments left entirely. Amenei grinned allowing her fangs to recede. "That's what I thought."

  Azrael knew something was wrong with Amenei, he now realized that Kheresket's daughters were only manifestations of the Demoness. Copies and repeats. It was Minna who broke the cycle.

  Where was Minna?

Without a home...

  I could hear the laughing, feasting on mortals above me, around me the sound was driving me into insanity. They would come to me arms wrapped around each other like lovers, carve into my skin and feed upon me. Taunt me...they hate me. I cannot see their faces, only hear their voices, and I know not their names. 

 There's no need to call to any of the Gods, or my mother. I am without a home. What has my father done to me...

  I've opened my eyes, to the blackness of the four walls that contain me. A man has come to me kneeling, touching my skin it disgusts and sickens me. "A lot for you..." he said. I will never know what that meant. His voice was grave, like Naberus' but I knew it wasn't him. As much as I despised the demon lord, he knew how to touch. My eyes began to burn, as he got closer the smell of his breath all over me. I would remember his scent forever.

  I stayed there unmoving until he touched my leg, rubbing it gently in the dark. I couldn't stand it anymore and although this was not my body, and I was severely weakened I lunged at his throat, catching him by surprise. "A lot for me..." I whispered back. His blood felt black, thick and nasty. I tore at his limbs, and ripped his head from his body. The hours churned by and nothing happened, no one else came. So I laid back down in darkness. Without my home...waiting.

We never agree... (Old Visions)

  "He showed me something once."

  Kheresket looked up to Naberus confused, he still held her by the back of the neck. His temper was boiling over. He ordered Kasdeyae to continue her torture of the false Minnaloushe. Kas was all to happy to oblige. Her brother Asmodeus joined in stripping the being naked, they tore at her flesh, the screams filled the halls and could be heard throughout the pantheon.

  Kheresket felt Naberus hardened as he stood behind her. His nails piercing the skin of her throat. She turned her head to speak, causing a small scratch. "Who?" she said finally.

  "You will know...your priestess and I must have a chat."

  "Naberus, do not hurt her." Kheresket began to show signs that she was not pleased where this was headed, but not Naberus brushed it off. He couldn't shake information out of Anomolus could he. Naberus had let go of Kheresket. She turned to see that the smile on his face said that hurting Dezire is exactly what he planned to do.


  "You know full well Kheresket. I am not bound to any of your silly laws, I want information. Your little priestess has it. She walks around all day and night undetected. You feed her information, you don't think I know? There's nothing and no one to protect her anymore. Your house is dead. I rule Amenthes, and I rule YOU. Has your memory slipped you yet again?"

  Kheresket had to think quickly and silently, Naberus could read her thoughts and her body. This time she would suffer for her priestess.

  "I will not allow you to harm one of my priestesses Naberus."

  She could feel his anger wash over her like a wave, Kheresket stepped closer to Naberus looking up into his severe green eyes. "Punish me as you see fit, you will never harm what is mine.  I am still the Goddess of this Realm." 

  Deep within Naberus he knew he couldn't, but that didn't stop Kasdeyae. "You have me all wrong my Goddess" he mocked. "Kasdeyae and Agaliarept have wonderful social skills." Naberus smiled. Kheresket glanced to the window to see Kas and Asmodeus the first of the two brothers still in the cell with 'Minna'.

  Her eyes widened when she realized what happened, and she tried to flee. Naberus caught her by the length of her black hair pulling her to a stop. Naberus made a sucking sound with his teeth, as he brought Kheresket back to him.

  "No no my Goddess...you were saying?"

  Kheresket grabbed Naberus by the arm and flung him into the wall. The stone shook, vines began to spread throughout the foundation from his weight. Naberus spit up blood from the impact, small drops of blood trickled from the corner of his mouth. He wiped it away and looked at his hand and then turned his eyes to Kheresket who said nothing.

  "Looks like we can't seem to agree...you will pay for that no less." he stated as he moved from the wall and straightened his suit. "Naberus..." He held up his hand to stop her from speaking. "I have no time for this Kheresket." He stood next to her facing the other direction looking down at her, his jaw clenched tight and pushed her as hard as he could through the wall. The pantheon groaned and shook at the force of the Goddess making a perfect hole through it's foundation. "How does that feel Khere, Get up!"

  Kheresket laid there for a moment, she knew it was coming but not that hard. She shook her head at how silly this was. She wondered if he remembered that they did fight like this for eons. Kheresket raised her head to see his hand extended to her, she looked into his eyes unafraid. There was never a reason to be afraid of Naberus or a reason to mistrust his odd judgement. She took his hand and allowed him to help her up. They walked away from the lower dungeons of the pantheon. With the understanding that...they would never agree on anything. Not even who actually ruled Amenthes.

"Kill the priestess if you must, but she will tell you everything she knows." Kheresket said as she walked ahead of Naberus, the ever setting Amenthien sun made her skin glow as she emerged from the dungeons. Naberus took a cigarette from his newly acquired case, lit it and inhaled deeply. "I thought you'd see it my way."

"The council won't be too happy with you Naberus."

"It's chaos, and what is this realm without chaos. My love?"


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