The Beginning is The End (Part 1)

Forgotten in Silence...

  For the longest time I was alone in silence, and now there was nothing but chattering demons offering this or that contract. I could hear Naberus' words from so long ago in my mind churning like a machine. "If I ever loose you, it is you in control not them." back then I thought he had a motive. Well he did have one didn't he...My Mother, but as I lay here in this unfamiliar body, in this unfamiliar cell I know he meant those words.

  I cannot tell you how long I've been here. Time has stopped for me, I no longer hear the laughter from above, it is if I am forgotten in silence, and in time. "Were you lovers?" I remembered asking was all a lie. But did he really lie if he never gave the information freely? I didn't know, nor did I care any longer. I was not the Minnaloushe I was born to be. This of course made me angry.

  I heard the sound of heavy boots and chains, a rough male's laughter came through the darkness. "Little one you will die thousands of deaths by the hands of Masters none by the name of Naberus before you become THE Minnaloushe," the voice said. I was confused by this for several reasons. One: he read my mind, I hated this. Two: Naberus. Three: Dying at the hands of Masters. There's more but let's move on.

  "I detest mind reading, who are you?" I asked him. My eyes were all human and weak so I could only see the outline of him. I could also feel him moving closer to me taking up the whole of the room or whatever it was that I was contained in. "I am someone that can help you, but of course for a price," He said.

  Oh great, another demon. I've got to learn this contract strategy. I should choose my words carefully, or I'll end up in a worse situation, is there a worse situation than being human? "The price is always someone's life so who's going to die?" I asked rather hesitant. He came closer, almost to the tip of my nose. "Too bad," he started, "that the remaining of the Madira have been priced by the Demoness. But the only way to help you I'm afraid is to go to the Akert." He's lying I thought, no one can go there but Azrael. Hope this idiot didn't hear that.

  I searched the darkness and gritted my teeth. "You must take me for a fool..." Before I could get another word out another entered the room. Someone much more powerful.

The Crow...

  I cannot tell you who or what it is about this being that lingered about the area I was in. I could feel the other demons were back almost in a half laugh sort of way. Whatever that means...what I mean dear reader is that I could feel them, snicker or laughing at me but it wasn't audible.

  One night, or day the endless barrage of lessor demons took a break and my companion moved closer. It was male, I could finally tell and he seemed familiar...the darkest room I have ever been in lit slowly, showing a man I had come to hate because of his lies and deceit. In this human body I could do nothing I was powerless against him.

  Naberus reached out to me the smile on his face sealed my fate, I could see the other demons scatter to the shadows of the room. I thought briefly as he slowly moved closer I was too weak to do anything. Naberus usually doesn't do things with an audience. I heard a laugh...and a hand his hand tighten around my throa...arm? My arm? I saw images dark images, and some bright. My mother, she looked younger, Naberus, and a third all 3 ruled Amenthes separate from Nephthys.

  But Nu and Naunet changed, because of's always Kheresket.

  The images began to burn. "I'm not supposed to see this." My head began to pound, this strange Naberus twin grabbed my other arm and showed me other things this time images of my father, why I was suddenly human. I felt like I was going insane.

  That laugh again...I looked around for it but saw nothing. Naberus couldn't do this. "It's because I am Malphas." He said finally.

 The other demons faded into the black once he spoke his name. I brushed off the mind reading, because I was confused and tired this Malphas can cause hallucinations by touch. To top it all off walk around looking like public asshole number one. "I'm sure that my brother had to have told you think rather loudly." He said with Naberus' brightest smile. "He did." I recalled the conversation back when I was curious about him.

  "No one has bothered to teach me how to mask that, just kill." Malphas much like his brother, seemed to favor well tailored suits and looked very clean. The light bent to his will, he seemed more controlled than Naberus. "Because that is what you were born to be a killing machine, but that time is over Minnaloushe." His voice was just like Naberus' too.

  "I'm sorry my appearing as my brother must really get under your skin...I cannot do anything about voice moment."

  And just like that he was someone else he still resembled the son of a bitch but his hair was black and, I would be all day describing this man er...demon.


  He nodded

  "So tell me, What amazing contract will you offer and who's going to die in the end result, I mean the brother obviously twin of Naberus an Agathodemon isn't that treason or something?" I was suddenly hungry but didn't know what exactly for.

  Malphas looked around as if he was out of time. "None, no one and no. You've been free since I gave you an understanding of who my brother is and who your mother is. How you got in here...all of it. Now how you use that information well that is up to you."

  The room got brighter finally I did notice, I wasn't bound by some unseen force. But I had questions. "I still have questions."

  "Of course you do,but I don't have time." He said as he stood straightening his suit. He did it just like Naberus. "How am I getting back to Amenthes?" Hell does he mean he doesn't have time? "Various ways Princess, Good luck," he said and vanished from the room. He left me here. Those Agathodemon are assholes!

  "Various ways to go to...He better be right."

End Part 1

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