The Beginning is The End (Part 2)

Brothers and Sisters


  I searched what ended up being an abandoned house in the middle of nothing. If you could call a windowless structure with cold concrete walls a house. It wasn't pleasant here, humans and vampires appeared to have lived here coexisting, doing what I couldn't tell after being locked away for so long together.

  But they knew about me. Were there more scattered around the world that Anomolus had hidden? I had no time to dwell on it, and apparently no friend in Malphas, who released me for no reason. I thought for a moment, his brother and my mother want me punished and or dead so why am I going back again?

  "Because, there is a bigger plan for you. Stop playing the fool sister."

  I turned abruptly to see Dionisio standing there. "How'd you..." he held up his hand to cut off my words. "Being the King of Amenthes has many benefits, I just won't say what. Amenei and I well, let's just say your siblings know a lot," he stepped closer to me, " but I  know much more. I won't betray Naberus. That is Malphas' goal sister, and Mother she will not betray him either...but unfortunately. She is bound to them both, you should know this. Or are you really that blind?

  I looked at my brother in total confusion. "What?" I asked. By now Dionisio was annoyed with me. He began to look around as if someone was following him. "We lived in the same womb, yet you never bothered to read Kheresket's thoughts or memories to know our mother? We are truly unique beings to have come from her Minna."

  I was upset by that statement did he happen to know that while in the womb I was...

 "I was in the process of dying who gave a shit back then." I responded resentfully.

  Dionisio laughed a bit, "Not the entire time. That's not the point I'm making here.." This time I cut him off. "I don't have that skill. I was born with a certain set of skills and those weren't included." My brother smiled at me, something a family member hadn't done in a while. "Guess I'm just 'unique'" he laughed raucously. I paused at his laugh.

  "Maybe it's because you're not even the child of Anomolus and Kheresket, "I spat, "You are the last of the born Agathodemon. And you just want to taunt and mock me. I'd rather learn to function here as a dreaded human than to go back and live among you. There is always a vendetta, something to be owed. I owe nothing to any of you."

  Dionisio smiled and clapped slowly. "Great speech sister, no tears though. So you didn't learn too much. Oh! here's a message from my father. My brother whisked me to a cliff's edge holding me by the throat. I felt nothing beneath me. I heard nothing, but crows in the distance. Dionisio vanished from the cliff. It was the longest fall, time once again stopped. And the strangest thing occurred - as time stopped, I was in a place I'd never seen before,  a place I had only briefly heard about...

 The Archangel


  "Interesting finding you here," Azrael spoke with a smile. I wasn't falling anymore but standing back on the cliff, in this odd place. "What is this place?" I asked him. "Well," he began, "lucky for you I spotted you and caught you but you're in-between the human existence and the Amenthien existence so in other words, this is Mid-World. Functions like The Akert or what lessor beings call limbo just no torture. There needs to be a middle ground for heaven and hell. And you have found it Minna."

  Coolest shit I ever heard, I thought. "Hell...why don't you just say Amenthes like the rest of us, you mean all hells?" Now I saw why Amenei was mesmerized by him, or was it because I now had humanity.

  "I do," he said, "Different beliefs, different names. To some as you know Kheresket doesn't exist. Recall your earlier conversations with her." I could tell Azrael didn't like speaking good of my mother, not now. "You know Azrael...I didn't ask you to help me I was perfectly fine with dying." Why did I say that?

  "All humans say that, so you jumped then?" he asked.

  "Nope, thrown off by my own half brother, nice huh? I met Malphas too, he's the one who released me." I suddenly realized that I was one of my own kind, well used to be anyway. Azrael was calculating in his head, he understood Dionisio. That explained the allegiance and Naberus willingly giving command to him. Malphas was a wild card.

  He wanted to know more and Minna would talk, she was safe for now, no one could do any thing here. Even the Amenti and the council thought about relocating.

 Azrael turned back to me, "Minna I want to know more but let's get you to the city." He had a plan I guess. "Fine, fine whatever," I said feeling exhausted.

The Warder


We made it to mid-worlds city. I hope this place has a name because...yes it was called Aaru. Odd little name. But this place wasn't little at all. On the outside of the gates were wastelands, as far as I could see, and as you stepped through buildings on top of buildings there were no inhabitants, none that I could see yet anyway. It was nothing like Amenthes. "Could I stay here?" I asked the Archangel. To me Azrael never belonged and he was now officially my guide.

  He turned to me, smiling once more. "Yes, but why would you?" I have to admit dear reader, I don't know the answer to this. Eventually we made it to what represented the palace of this place. Again I'm afraid of admitting this to you - at this point I was to meet another ruler. Would they be like any of the Amenthien rulers or...I must stop myself because this place is nothing, I mean nothing like the pantheons of Madira. Azrael and I entered this palace and the walls told every battle, every story there was to tell of heaven and Amenthes. "The walls," Azrael began, "show you Amenthes and Heaven because you are Amenthien, if say you were from Hades then it would be different, it also would not have hieroglyphs."

  I looked at Azrael suspiciously as he spoke.  "You're not him." "Correction, I am him you just have a hard time trusting anyone right now." he said. He was right about that, and this place was beginning to have an affect on me as well. "How do you know so much about us or why rather?" I asked him. "Minna I'm an Angel, I'm supposed to know."

  Azrael looked upon the gold plated walls. He seemed unsettled. I noticed him staring at his hand. I also noted that he didn't actually carry a scythe. That to a humans eyes he appeared as a normal and attractive man. Like tattoo-artist-model normal.

  So strange... "Minna tell me what do you see here?" His question interrupted my train of thought. I walked over to where he stood. "The wall," he continued, "is our timeline. "I can't read this Azrael but I can tell one of the glyphs is you." The color drained from his beautiful face. The Angel didn't look well at all. "That's all I needed to know can't read images of your mother because you have never seen her true form," he said. "And apparently not your own either," I told him

  "It's not that..." Azrael was disturbed.

  "He's more than just the Archangel of Death." A woman had spoken.

  This woman was more beautiful than my mother and Nephthys combined. Her clothes draped thinly across her body, transparent in an ethereal way. She was absolute perfection, her words once she spoke held your attention. She also appeared as an ancient Egyptian. I couldn't stop looking at her. "Forgive me my name is Khetra, I am the warder of Aaru."

  Her voice sounded like wind chimes. Was this a trap? "What does a warder do?" I asked her. "The same as Anomolus does in the Akert, Kheresket does in Amenthes. But unlike your father I am not dead and unable to speak. He is conscious, his last act was...I'll say quite crafty, but not wise."

  Khetra moved to where Azrael stood, he still seem a bit conflicted by what he read on the wall. I felt I was in for a story, one I think I already knew. I turned and saw a ghostly figure behind me that whispered, "How you use that information is up to you". Great, now he's haunting me.

  "Azrael," Khetra started her tale with her chime-like voice. "Your timeline was cut short and you were raised, do you understand what that meant, have you ever understood the words spoken? The demoness gave you time." She paused to ascertain his response. Amenei is not your One. You can never love her, whatever love you think you feel, stop now........ It is Kheresket and no one else Azrael."

  Azrael looked saddened by her, he looked devastated. The archangel stood broken. Did people come here to find truths I wondered, or did she just tell him that to put him out of his misery because it seemed rather cold. "Why?" he asked finally. Khetra sighed and began to speak again. "Just as it was done to her, she made you forget, and for the realm there must always be death. The realm could not function without you, nor her."

  Khetra extended her hand and brushed it against Azrael's cheek. "Remember Azrael, remember your Mistress, your true lover. And maybe the Realm can correct it's wrongs. I wouldn't worry too much about the Masters, they will politely step aside. The Demoness does and has what she wants."

  Khetra smiled once again, she was so polite about it but it made Azrael angry, he didn't like one word. Why did she offer so much information so freely. "Why are you giving us this information, well me?" he asked. That smile of hers was becoming scary almost like... "Because I know what's in your heart, what's in your mind."

  "Stop," I had to interrupt.

  She looked back at me with her tranquilizing beauty. I suddenly felt weak, but I held out as long as I could. Who or what was Khetra? I didn't sense evil from her...just bliss. Azrael spoke again, I could feel him walk over to me. "Khetra, my issues aside, this one doesn't belong here." I could tell he was worried about me. Khetra walked over to my timeline on the wall and examined it. "Earlier she asked if she could stay...I say she would make a wonderful addition. The Princess from Amenthes - she's now wanted there Angel, you and I know. You also know why you have to take her back don't you, think about it."

  This woman was crazy but she made some good points so far. I wonder if anyone else was actively looking for me, and not trying to kill me. This also proved something else and I'm not entirely sure about it. Could I trust Azrael? At this time I needed my own allies. Malphas let me out for a reason.

  "Khetra," I spoke out.

  "Why yes Princess?"

  "How can I get my body back, or let's say my original power? I don't want to be human, and I need to speak to Malphas." That took a lot for me to say. Azrael looked at me strangely.

  I could feel Khetra's smile wash over me, and embrace me. Why she had blinded me in the first place, no clue here. "President Malphas you seek, the brother of Naberus? How did you know he could help you?" she asked.

  "I didn't," but good to know I thought.

  "I'll summon your Malphas here, but remember this existence is as neutral as any. You Amenthiens do not belong here. I allow the Amenti because they bring balance to your realm." There was more but she wasn't saying it. I thanked her and she left Azrael and I in the room. "Azrael, what does my timeline say?" I needed to know.

  "You don't want me to tell you's better that I don't." I could feel Azrael moving away from me with sadness in his heart. He couldn't love Amenei. Every second each memory came flooding back to him...he grabbed my arm and helped me from the room. I was glad to be out of this strange room of time. It was haunting, but through a human's eyes I saw a man become broken, not just an ordinary man either.

 My thoughts turned to my own circumstances. Is it strange that I couldn't wait for the possibility of seeing Malphas again. Will he help me?

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